Crime in Vicksburg – out of control?

Counting the unborn child of one of the victims, there have been seven homicides in Vicksburg this year to date – a number that matches the total for the entire last year. Guns have been the weapon of choice, with a knife used in one of the murders. One has only to read the crime section of the Vicksburg Post each day to confirm that theft, rape, domestic violence, and other crimes number into the hundreds (and many are unreported in the Post). Has the undermanned Vicksburg Police Department lost control? Can the Warren County Sheriff’s Department be called upon for help? Would a merging of the two law enforcement agencies produce a body more competent to stem the rising rate of crime? What else can be done? Your suggestions are welcomed.

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5 years for Richard Scruggs – is the sentence fair?

Richard “Dickie” Scruggs has been sentenced to five years in prison and fined $250,000 for his attempted bribery of a Circuit Court judge. Scruggs made many millions in his firm’s legal actions against the tobacco, insurance and asbestos companies. Scruggs has also been implicated in the attempted bribery of another judge. He allegedly promised the judge a federal appointment through influence with his brother in law, then Senator Trent Lott. Given the magnitude of Scrugg’s guilt, and the immense amount of money he made through litigation, do you think five years and $250,000 is a fair penalty?


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How will you cope with the rising cost of energy?

Entergy has announced that its rates will increase by 28% over the next three months due to the higher costs of natural gas. Gasoline is at $4.00 a gallon and rising. The City of Vicksburg has raised natural gas prices five times this year. Almost everything we buy today costs more than yesterday. How will you cope? What would you recommend we do to stem the rising costs of energy? Would you recommend drilling offshore and in ANWR? How about alternative energy sources – wind, solar, geothermal, etc.? Would more coal and nuclear plants help? What role does conservation play, and of what will it consist? Are you planning on purchasing a more fuel-efficient vehicle? Your input is solicited.

The Thin Red White & Blue Line

Another good article by James Macfarlane on the state of our nation – and what you can do to prepare for the future:


Vicksburg’s youngest – how will they vote?

The following is a request from Emily Henry, reporter for the Vicksburg Post. If any of you can help with her question, please respond.

I am trying to do a story on young voters in the Vicksburg Warren County area, but I can’t seem to find any organizations that support such voters. Is it possible to suggest a topic on this demographic and see if anybody knows anything? Thanks.
Emily Henry, Reporter
The Vicksburg Post
1601-F N. Frontage Rd.
Vicksburg, MS 39180
601-636-4545 ext. 135

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Alternative transportation

An excellent “letter to the editor” in Sunday’s Post suggested more walking and bicycle-riding as a partial remedy to high gasoline bills, obesity, pollution and climate change, and heart disease and stroke, and even make Vicksburg a more attractive destination for tourists and residents. The letter further suggested that Vicksburg provide more bicycle and walking paths and trails. The suggestion is obviously a good one. But can Vicksburg and Warren county afford it? Or can they afford not to?

Vicksburg’s “House of Ill Repute”

The following is a question raised by a gentleman from Houston, Texas. If you have answers, please respond.

Folks—I have a question i am hoping someone will answer. I am seeking information on the old house of ill repute once located at 15 china street. Specifically i am interested in the years of operation of the establishment. I once read of the place in a booklet titled “15 china street and other stories”,but it is obviously out of print. This ‘cat house’ was at one time,the second most famous whorehouse in the south. Strange sounding request i know,but can antyone possibly direct me to where i can find out any information? Thank you so much for your time—-robert jarmon,houston,texas

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The Confederate flag – long may it wave?

Was the Confederate cause reprehensible, or have the politically correct crowd painted an unfair picture of the South’s efforts to secede from the Union? Little stirs the emotions of some people more than the sight of the Battle Flag. Should it be banned? Does it represent slavery, or is it a symbol of a proud people fighting for freedom? Yours for discussion.

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Opinion: City/county animal control – it’s time for action

Despite efforts to the contrary, it appears that a consolidation of the city and county animal control programs will not happen. As a result, a common, state-of-the-art shelter is no longer considered probable.

At the present time, animal control in our county is handled as follows: Since the county supervisors donate about $100,000 per year to the Vicksburg Warren Humane Society, the humane society has made a decision to serve only residents outside the city limits (even though city residents pay the bulk of county taxes).  The VWHS shelter is filled; most of its occupants will be killed. The city controls and shelters animals at its small facility off North Washington Street. At the present time the city shelter is filled to overflowing with kittens and dogs, most of which, despite the efforts of the shelter manager and Southern Paws Rescue, will be killed. An effective county-wide spay and neuter program is not in practice.

The city has indicated it will go forward with construction or purchase of another shelter, and will endorse a spay and neuter program for animals within the city limits. The VWHS plans to build a new shelter on its property on Highway 61S.

Opinion: It is reprehensible that a county-wide spay and neuter policy is not in place. Baring a last-minute agreement with the county board, it is time for the city to place the policy in force, and to build or buy a new or replacement shelter. The county board should likewise place a strong spay and neuter program in effect, and should remind the VWHS that city residents are county taxpayers, and deserve the same level of service given non-city residents.

Your opinions are invited.

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The Board of Supervisors – what’s your opinion?

The supervisors have been inflicted some fairly severe criticism within another post on this blog. But if they’re to improve their performance, what do they have to do? Where are they failing? What would you do if you were one of them?

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Vicksburg’s issues and challenges

We face many in the years to come. But progress has been and is being made in our city and county. From your viewpoint, what are our greatest accomplishments? What are our biggest challenges? What improvements in city/county government would you recommend? Higher/lower taxes? Timely notification of changes in property tax? Bigger/smaller government? More/less regulations? Code changes? Subsidies to lower fuel costs? More bond issues for further capital improvements? More/fewer casinos? Inventory tax elimination? Merging of additional city/county functions? Changes in law enforcement, including merging city police with sheriff’s department? Full staffing of the VPD? More emphasis on recycling? Changes to our public school system? More attention to illegal immigration? A new movie house? Better reporting of crimes and more attention to their prevention? More mass transit (rail)? Additional recreational facilities? More variety in our restaurants? Jail all the lawyers? Legalize marijuana? Mufflers for the horns on KCS’ trains? Impoundment of any vehicle rattling to the beat of boom-boom rap and other vulgar “music?” Make permanent the downtown post office? Bigger flower beds in Washington Street? More/less trees/plants/other esthetics?

Home foreclosures – how fares Warren County?

The rate of home foreclosures in Warren County has not, to our knowledge, been publicized. Thus, it would be of interest for a realtor or others familiar with conditions here to share the statistics. Have you, your friends, or your relatives been affected by foreclosures? If so, is alternate financing being considered? Has the govenment “bailout” been of help? Are alternate quarters available for those who are now “homeless?”

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Club XXL – 2321 Washington St., Vicksburg, MS

Vicksburg Speaks has obtained a small “flyer” advertising a new adult club here in Vicksburg  -Club XXL, located at 2321 Washington Street. City officials apparently have no knowledge of this new establishment. The building at 2321 Washington Street appears innocuous at present. Is the club operating incognito? See the following website for photos of the flyer.

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Vicksburg’s best Internet, TV, and telephone services

The major choices here in Vicksburg are…

Internet                      Cablelynx, AT&T

Telephone (land)      AT&T, Cablelynx

Cell phone                 AT&T, Cellular South

Television                 Cablelynx, DirecTV, Dish

There may be others, so chime in if you would recommend them. The question is, what has been your experience with the various services, and which can you recommend? Which would you avoid? Which are the most economical? Consider such performance issues as internet outages, download/upload speed, cell phone dropped calls, message notification and retrieval and text messaging ability, quality of TV picture and number of channels, also number of HD channels, outages, customer service, etc.

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Vicksburg’s favorite restaurant

Some have opened, some have closed since our last survey. What’s your favorite nowadays? Which are the most/least expensive? Which have the best/worst food and service? What kind of new restaurants does Vicksburg need? Where? You may want to use an alias to comment on this one.