Voter ID – what’s your opinion?

Mississippi has been ordered by a federal judge to implement voter ID in future elections. Much has been said pro and con regarding the subject, and no decision has been made final. In Indiana, opponents of that state’s voter ID law were disappointed when on May 6, the democratic primary election went off without a hitch:

On May 6th, opponents to the law were left disappointed. Indiana experienced one of its highest turnouts ever for a primary election. Turnout increased from 21 percent in the 2004 primary to around 40 percent for the 2008 primary. Presumably, the hotly contested Democratic presidential primary brought scores of new voters to the polls. Nearly 76 percent of the participants took part in the Democratic primary. By comparison, in 2004, only 40 percent of those who participated voted in the Democratic primary.

Simply put, Indiana voters showed up by the hundreds of thousands to fulfill their civic duty with a photo ID in hand. According to our figures, the number showing up to vote without ID continues to be miniscule, dropping slightly even from previous elections when the rate has been two-tenths of a percentile. In fact, opponents of the concept of having a voter identify his or herself still cannot produce one voter who has experienced a violation of his or her rights. 

The entire article may be read here:

Mississippi is a different state with different demographics. But wouldn’t you expect a similar outcome here? What’s your opinion?



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What can you and I do to save our country?

The United States is in its most precarious position since the days of the Revolutionary War. One could go on and on enumerating the reasons we have reached such a perilous condition, but most of the blame can be laid squarely upon our leadership – our congress, our president, and our judicial system. Unfortunately, these three pillars of our government merely reflect the sentiments of the electorate.


The popularity of presidential candidates Clinton and Obama is a good indication of just how little the populace understands the reasons the United States grew to be a world power, and how far our government has strayed from the constitution. If present trends continue, the USA will become a socialist nation headed down the path of hyperinflation and a much lower standard of living for its citizens. One noted writer feels the pendulum has swung too far, and that there is nothing that can be done to save the country from its downward spiral:


This writer hopes that it is not too late, that the people have the power to change this country’s direction. The question, then, becomes:


What can you and I do to save our country?

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Animals up for adoption at Vicksburg City shelter

The shelter has a large number of adoptable pets. Take a look at

With the help of Southern Paws Rescue, Vicksburg channel 23, and many volunteers, a number of pound cats and dogs have been rescued and adopted over the past several months. If you or your friends are aware of anyone wanting to save one of these lovable animals from almost certain death, please send them to the above website or to the pound, located just off north Warrenton road behind the fire station. You may also contact Southern Paws Rescue at

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Vicksburg’s high gasoline prices

One of our readers just checked prices here in Vicksburg versus other nearby towns and cities. The comparison is revealing:

Things haven’t changed much, have they?

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Another four year term for Leyens?

Mayor Laurence Leyens made clear this week that he will run for a third term as mayor of Vicksburg. “Whether you like me or not, you can’t deny progress,” he said. “I don’t feel like we’ve completely gotten there. I feel obligated to give (developers) an opportunity to invest and get the outcomes they’re expecting.” He went on to describe the progress made so far, particularly downtown, and to discuss the improvements to be made with the money obtained through the bond issue for the Oak Street Corridor project.

In your opinion, should Leyens be given another four-year term? Has he performed his duties in his first two terms to your satisfaction? Will you vote for him next year? Is there any advice you would give him? Who do you think will run against him? Would you recommend anyone?

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“Click It or Ticket” campaign – how do you feel about it?

The Mississippi Highway Patrol, The Vicksburg Police Department, and other cities across Mississippi have embarked upon a “Click It or Ticket” campaign designed to ensure that drivers and their passengers are wearing seat belts. They apparently feel that the threat of a warrant will have a positive enforcement effect. Is the effort a worthy one, or merely an easy way to rack up citations? Should our law enforcement agencies be spending their time on more worthwhile endeavors? Is the seat belt law an infringement upon our liberties? Does the law save lives? How would you react to being given such a citation that might  cost you a hundred dollars or more?

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Mural, mural, on the (flood) wall…

…who’s the fairest of you all?

They’re all gorgeous, and represent many events in the history of our city. The remaining murals are probably already planned. However, if you had a say, what additional subjects or events would you add?

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Home auctions in Vicksburg – are they successful?

Having noticed another Vicksburg home that is about to be sold to the highest bidder, one reader has posed that question:
Another high-priced Vicksburg home is now listed to be auctioned.  The Ridges home at the corner or Cherry and Belmont is the most recent one I noticed.  Today the sign went up and it is to be auctioned June 28th by Head Auction Company.  The same auction company that is representing the Balfour house on June 21st.  Are auctioning homes a new trend?  What type of success do they bring?  Is this something new to Vicksburg?
Your response is solicited.
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Ban smoking in Vicksburg?

Other cities and states are banning smoking in public places. Why not Vicksburg?

The attack on Christianity

With the media and many celebrities expressing or promoting organizations or individuals with anti-Christian views, Christians have been on the defensive for several years. Vicksburg is home to Christians of many different denominations, and although there has apparently been little such defamation here, our churches may be experiencing what appears to be a national trend – a reduction in the numbers of people attending church. Comment from those closely involved with church affairs would be appreciated.

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Why will you vote for McCain/Clinton/Obama?

With the presidential election nearer every day, choices must soon be made. On the Democrat side, Obama or Clinton will be the nominee. On the Republican side, McCain appears to have a lock on the nomination. Who will you vote for, and why?

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Opinion – how the city & county can improve your car’s mileage

With gasoline over $3.50 a gallon, your vehicle’s efficiency has a pronounced effect on your wallet. Some of you may have to make a choice between buying groceries and drugs versus taking a trip to see mother on Mother’s Day. Any improvement in your car or truck’s mileage means less will be spent on gasoline. So, how can you make that improvement?

Obviously, changing the way you drive will help. Reducing your speed and acceleration, anticipating stops ahead and “coasting” instead of braking hard, maintaining the proper pressure in your tires, taking the shortest route to your destination, and avoiding those routes that involve stop and go traffic will all help. For those of you who frequent the streets and roads in Vicksburg and Warren County, however, there is much the mayor/aldermen/supervisors can do to reduce your expenditures for gasoline – and reduce air pollution as well.

Each time you apply the brakes on your vehicle you, in effect, negate the energy required to bring the vehicle up to speed. As you accelerate after braking or stopping, that energy (in the form of burning gasoline) is required to once again bring your vehicle up to speed. So, additional gasoline is burned, and additional pollutants are spewed into our air (a vehicle is least efficient when accelerating, making the problem that much worse).

An example will serve to illustrate: Suppose you were traveling Washington Street from just south of the old Mississippi River bridge with the intersection at Clay Street as your destination. Further, suppose you are forced to stop at every traffic light and stop sign along the way (which is too often the actual case). In the process you would have been stopped at eight traffic lights and three four-way stop signs. Now, suppose there were no stops required along this same route. The difference? Better mileage and less air pollution when no stops are required. How much? Perhaps 25% or more.

Obviously, not all the traffic lights and stop signs can be removed. But there are many whose elimination would improve traffic flow at a very minor inconvenience to vehicles entering from the affected intersections. There are traffic lights and four-way stops all across Vicksburg and, to a lesser extent, Warren County, that can be replaced with simple two-way stops. Additionally, there are inefficient “left-turn protected” traffic lights that can be replaced with simpler “stop or go” lights to improve traffic flow; the inconvenience to travelers would be minimal.

Naysayers would argue that the risk of accidents would be increased by removing these impediments to traffic. However, it is a proven fact that many more people are sickened or killed by air pollution than traffic accidents, so wouldn’t an improvement in the quality of our air more than offset additional accidents (even though the assumption of more accidents is dubious)?

Many of these traffic controls would never have been installed if engineering analyses had been performed to determine the effects not only on traffic flow and safety, but to balance against them the detrimental effects on automobile efficiency and air pollution. Only due to apathy, and perhaps ignorance, do they remain.

1) Your opinion is invited. 2) If you concur, which traffic controls would you remove?

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Recycling – how can Vicksburg do more?

Vicksburg and Warren County have no official recycling policies (to our knowledge). Yet, in this age of spiraling commodity prices, isn’t the recycling of metals, paper, etc., a good idea? Additionally, recycling food wastes into compost can create a superb gardening fertilizer. One reader is already doing his part. He writes:

We recycle paper products and plastic “now” to the outlet mall recycling center. Aluminum products and tin-cans can go to (i.e.:) Keys. I have no idea about glass. Metal products can go to Keys. We don’t yet have a compost bin yet I have taken the class to learn how it is done.  I did learn there are lots of people here who compost.

What’s your opinion? What can the city and county do to support recycling?