Why do we put up with KCS’ noisy trains?

Yes, the horns are loud – about 140 db, someone said – enough to cause permanent damage to the ears, and certainly enough to make sleeping a miserable experience. KCS doesn’t care – it’s obvious from their actions and their statements. Everything that’s been tried with them has failed. Perhaps it’s time for picket signs and a camp out on the railroad tracks. What’s your opinion?

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McDonalds, Banks, Selmon, Flanders, and George

Are they performing the way you want them to? Speak your mind here.

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Use any post to suggest discussion items

This forum is open to all subjects pertaining to Vicksburg and Warren County. Use the comments link below any of the posts to suggest subjects you would like to discuss.

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Why close the downtown post office?

The USPS decision to close the downtown post office has a number of downtowners – who use the services of this post office literally every day – upset. It is apparent the USPS has not considered such consequences as damage to the environment, lost manhours, and the cost of additional fuel (and the danger of accidents) when the downtown folk begin having to drive to the crowded and long-lined Pemberton Mall PO to take care of business. USPS says it will have a “contract PO” somewhere downtown, but doesn’t elaborate on what services will be available. How do you feel about the closure of the downtown post office?

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Why flower beds IN Washington Street?

The latest effort at beautification of downtown Vicksburg is flower beds installed on both sides of Washington Street just south of the downtown area – actually, the beds are IN the street. Some have commented that it’s foolish and a waste of taxpayer dollars, others that it’s an impediment to traffic. The new vegetation is no doubt attractive, but is also a never-ending maintenance item. What do you think of the new flower beds?

Flower beds

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Who will be Vicksburg’s next mayor?

Who will be Vicksburg’s next mayor? Mayor Lawrence Leyens will probably run again, but many think the man is personality-challenged, an issue that has probably alienated many a voter. It’s rumored that Alderman Charles Mayfield will run, but his stint as Alderman has revealed little capability to lead this city. Alderman Sid Beauman is likewise very low-key, and has indicated no intention of being a candidate. Then there are former mayors Joe Loviza and Robert Walker, either of whom may decide to try it again. Some have mentioned Rep. George Flaggs’ as a possible contender. Should we seek additional candidates? Or should we be content with the field of aforementioned politicians?

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Shouldn’t Vicksburg be recycling?

You can hardly find a newspaper in which the environment isn’t in the news. “Green” has become such a popular topic that it is almost cliche’. One important aspect of being “green” and earth-friendly involves recycling plastics, metals, paper, etc. At one time (best I recall) paper recycling was tried in Vicksburg, but was abandoned for some reason. Regardless, shouldn’t Vicksburgers be doing more to save the environment, with recycling being one facet that we should easily achieve?

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Express yourself, Vicksburg

In Vicksburg and Warren County, we have only one practical means of publicly expressing our thoughts and concerns, our gripes and our graditude – and that’s the Vicksburg Post’s “Letters to the Editor” section. And while Charlie Mitchell does a great job printing many of them, there are many that are either edited or deleted at the wim of Charlie or his bosses. The Internet has done away with such censorship. By using a “blog” such as this one, anyone with access to a computer can comment on any aspect of our city or county. Properly utilized, the blog can be a powerful instrument for enlightenment. So, Vicksburg and Warren County, express yourself!

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