615,166 of your dollars for Mayersville Internet service

That’s correct. Congressman Bennie Thompson has proudly announced that he has secured a $615,166 federal grant to provide broadband Internet service to some of Mayersville’s 800 residents. Eight community organizations will get two years service free. Assuming that all 800 residents eventually are served, that’s an expenditure of $768.96 of your tax dollars for each resident. But why Mayersville? Is politics involved? Is such a grant even lawful under our constitution? If so, why not provide broadband for every resident of Mississippi? Better yet, why not just can the project and help cut the budget deficit and save the dollar? Your comments are invited.

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Ole Miss: No. 2 party school

Ole Miss has been voted the number 2 party school in the country by the Princeton Review. Good? Bad? Indifferent? Is partying the goal we set for our sons and daughters when we send them off to college? What’s your opinion?

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Ban trans fats?

California has become the first state to ban “trans fats” from restaurant food. Trans fat is the common name for a type of unsaturated fat with trans-isomer fatty acid(s). Should Mississippi, the “fattest” state in the union, follow suit?


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Spaying and neutering is the first step…

As a nation, we claim to love cats and dogs. Millions of households have pets, and billions of dollars are spent yearly on pet supplies and food. But as a nation, we should take a hard, sobering look at a different annual statistic: the millions of dogs and cats given up to shelters or left to die on the streets. And the numbers tell only half the story.

Every cat or dog who dies as a result of pet overpopulation—whether humanely in a shelter or by injury, disease, or neglect—is an animal who, more often than not, would have made a wonderful companion, if given the chance. Tremendous as the problem of pet overpopulation is, it can be solved if each of us takes just one small step, starting with not allowing our animals to breed. Here’s information about this crisis and why spaying and neutering is the first step to a solution. -HSUS

VS note: If you are an animal lover, this video will be difficult to watch. If you are not an animal lover, please take time to watch it, and become one.


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Obama’s “civilian national security force”

According to Obama,

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

Does this sound like something Hitler might have said? Take a look…


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Entergy expects increased profits

So read the headline in the Vicksburg Post. While Mississippians are being forced to pay much more for their electric service, Entergy’s profits are soaring. Is this fair to consumers? What’s your opinion?

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Kroger gas – will it affect gasoline prices in Warren County?

Kroger’s gas pumps are scheduled for initial operation this October. Are area gas station operators cringing at the thought? Or will Kroger fall in line with them and hit our wallets with similar prices? What do you think?

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Let the executions begin…

The Supreme Court decision permitting death row executions has spawned a flurry of such executions across the country. Mississippi will execute Dale Leo Bishop on July 23. How do you feel about capital punishment?

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The Second Amendment

Only by the slimmest of majorities did our Supreme Court uphold the right of residents of the District of Columbia to possess handguns. The next president of this country, through appointment of new Supreme Court justices, will determine whether or not the Second Amendment continues to mean what its framers intended. Where do you stand on this vital part of our constitutional law?

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Drill, drill, drill…

What’s your opinion?

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Submission request: Dr. Russell witch-hunt

Following submission request received July 20.

Clarion-ledger Doctor witch-hunt two Sunday front pages I accidently posted after my Jeff Bower story you have a great forum keep it up AP Submission.

David Hampton and Jean Harris asked permission and printed defense of second doctor but have not printed this yet in Ledger. Dr. Russell is the most famous doctor in the state and deserves a defense. Thank you this is already printed accidentally in sports section, you have permission to post in appropriate section if you choose. Thank you  They attacked him two times on Sunday front page and it is a big and important story on mebtal health statewide. Thanking you sincerely, Dale Crowson

Subject: Jackson Dr. Russell witch-hunt from a voice in the wilderness: defense case against Clarion-ledger articles
The recent Clarion-Ledger biased article on Dr. Stanley Russell, filled with hear-say, is a one-sided prosecution without defense. No one wants to hear the defense counsel before rendering a verdict. I have known him for 36 years and that was a witch-hunt. Care to hear the truth? For over 50 years he traveled Mississippi, providing the only mental health care to tens of thousands, working 5, 6 days weekly, even holidays. With passion, he has treated prisoners, low- income, severe and unwanted patients, as an expert in mental and physical illness. We house millions of mentally ill in jails and many less in mental facilities. The Hippocratic oath, “First do no harm”, includes ease of suffering. Mental and physical pain trigger each other. Families commonly interfere with mental care. Statements from parents of grown adults are questionable. Doctors may not breech confidentiality. Quotes from persons with no knowledge of health care and unsubstantiated “guesses” could be explained by many things; other doctors, suicide, etc. A doctor can treat, not follow patients home. One lies, abuses and 9 improve, many saved. Who will judge? Where’s the article on illicit drugs, associated crime, and the worst drug in America, Alcohol? A few alleged infractions mentioned, but what of thousands helped? Dr. Russell treats every patient based on his faith and skill. There are explanations for the things Russell was cited for. 1 in 4 Mississippians will be diagnosed with severe mental illness. Think hard before jumping on this bandwagon driving the Dr. Russells away; doctors unafraid to use years of skill easing human suffering. In 2007, after 20 years, he left his Jackson office because some of his patients had tatoos, and looked different, scaring off higher income well-insured patients. Remember; “They who are well need not a physician, but rather those who are sick.” What of 20-year patients dependant on him, insurance or not? Is it poss ible he met a few until he could find an office? Is charging a small fee to treat the poor in return for treatment and a receipt wrong. A question was asked; “… is the public sufficiently protected?” Region 8, the best mental health region in the state, feels safe, and so should you. Ask thousands he has helped; prisoners, low-income, unwanted and severe cases. Has he ever made a mistake? You who’ve dedicated long lives in loving service to your fellow man without a mistake… you toss that first rock……….                              , Dale Crowson 410 Forest Lake Rd. #3D Brandon, Ms . 39042 601-825-5046 Simbora@bellsouth.net

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Vicksburg mayoral contest: Leyens vs. Winfield?

Assuming Alderman Mayfield or others do not enter the race, this year’s mayoral battle could well come down to a choice between Mayor Laurence Leyens and Board of Supervisor’s attorney Paul Winfield. Leyens has accomplished much for the city since his election to the office, but his frequent conflicts with others have earned him few friends. Winfield has apparently performed tolerably as Board attorney, but rumors of conflicts with business partners that have resulted in legal action may affect his candidacy. Your opinions of the two, pro and con, are invited.

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Entergy’s “rate increase”

The headlines indicate Entergy is increasing rates by 28%. But, is it a “rate increase,” or a fuel adjustment? Fuel adjustments are already approved by the PSC. Rate increases are not. So, why the big announcement? Beware. Entergy executives, like those of other large US corporations, have only two goals in mind: 1) Line their own pockets, and 2) Line the pockets of their shareholders. The state of your finances is of no concern at all. Watch carefully the hearings ongoing at the PSC; call and give them your opinion if you may. Rate increase or fuel adjustment, your finances will be substantially affected.

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Parents, please talk to your children…

There is probably no greater pain than that experienced by a parent who loses a child. Mrs. Michel Townsend of Vicksburg faced just such a loss last year when her 14-year-old son, Tyler, died, apparently a victim of “huffing.” Mrs. Townsend posted a memorial to Tyler on the website “drugfree.org” wherein she described her devastating ordeal. It may be accessed at http://www.drugfree.org/Memorials/Tyler_Aubrey_Townsend.

Mrs. Townsend’s grief was worsened when she read the Vicksburg Post’s report on the tragedy. She forwarded us the following email, which she has given permission for us to share with you:

The Vicksburg Post only prints what they want or whatever it takes to make the story interesting and eye-catching. I lost my youngest son last year and they printed a story telling what they “thought” had happened. They suggested and printed that my son was home alone and was found in my yard by someone passing by.  The truth was that I was home with my child and he went out to take our 2 dogs to their pen .  My brother in law called to speak to him and I went outside to take him the phone – he had only been outside for maybe 8 minutes – I found him lying face down and began doing CPR or what I knew about CPR on him while also dialing 911. My brother in law was there at the scene within 5 minutes or less because he was near our house when he called. He took over CPR and it took over 45 minutes to an hour for the rescue/ ambulance to arrive.  We lived about 10 minutes from the airport – why did it take them so long????? That’s another issue !!  They also refused to give me a copy of the 911 recording.
  Anyway , if you want to know the full story you can go to my sons memorial site –
The post printed another story about his death and I also called them and gave them some of the facts – of course they still printed pretty much what they wanted to. I was and still am devastated over his death , but the paper had no sympathy and  we all know they are in business to sell papers . They  picked and choose “parts” of the story I told them .

It is very unfortunate that the Post’s reports intensified the grief of Mrs. Townsend and her family. Common sense and respect for the family’s feelings should have dictated the utmost diligence by the newspaper.

One has only to read Mrs. Townsend’s description of Tyler’s death and its aftermath to appreciate its terrible consequences. In her words, “A parent should never outlive their child.” She shares a message for teens who are considering huffing: “Think about your family and friends – it would hurt them so bad to lose you.” And another for the parents: “Parents, please talk to your children. I am one of those parents who thought this could never happen to my child. There can’t be any greater pain than losing a child.”

Our condolences go out to Mrs. Townsend and her family.

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Little dog lost

I lost my dog Friday night. Attached (below) is the flyer I have been passing out. Could you please keep an eye open for him?


Stormy Boyett

Building Inspections

City of Vicksburg





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