Armond Trevillion found guilty of murder

Trevillion was sentenced to life in prison, the second of four brothers to be sentenced to life for the killing of Justin Harris in 2007. The entire story may be read on the Post’s site at

New DA Ricky Smith has 10 convictions in 12 cases thus far. Your comments welcome.

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“Tammy’s Club” to open Hwy 61S

“Tammy’s Place,” formerly “Club Extreme,” will open Friday night at its location at 4303 Highway 61S. Tammy Smith, owner, was granted a special exception by the city zoning board. Other attempts to open nightclubs at 3961 North Washington Street by Tyrone King, and 2321 and 2624 Washington Street by Anthony Chiplin, have in the past been denied, primarily because they were located near residential areas.

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Speed Street apartments vacated – will it reduce crime?

The old Speed Street School building, located at 901 Speed Street, and long ago renovated for apartment dwelling, has been declared unfit for habitation. Thirty residents have been given thirty days to vacate their apartments. The area around these apartments has been the scene of numerous crimes over the past year or more, though no resident (to our knowledge) of the apartments has been accused of any crimes. Will the crime rate in the area be affected by the dislocations? What’s your opinion?

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Are any members of the VPD online?

If there are any present or former members of the Vicksburg police force who read or contribute to this blog online, we would like to hear your opinions about the operations of the Vicksburg Police Department. We do not want character assassinations, rumors, persons with an ax to grind, etc., just facts or well-thought-out opinions and recommendations. If you prefer not to use your true identity, pick a screen ID; your identity will never be revealed to others unless you want it revealed.


The people of Vicksburg read the words of the Chief or Assistant Chief of Police regularly in the Vicksburg Post, but never hear from those in the ranks. Enlighten us. For example, the Holmans, who just decided to move from their house on Oak Street due to criminal activity, charged that the police were slow to respond and unconcerned about their welfare. Is that true? What can be done about the crime in the Oak/Speed Street area? The force has only 57 members out of an approved number of over ninety. Why? Why is there such a tremendous personnel turnover? Is it true that there has been over a 100% turnover in the ranks in the past year? Why all the resignations? How do you feel about the sheriff’s department? Would combining police and sheriff’s department improve law enforcement? Are you using the automated crime reporting system effectively? How can the public help you to better do your job? What would you like to say to the public?


Your comments will contribute to a better understanding of the problems facing the department, and to an appreciation for the job that you are doing. Your input is sincerely requested. Others who wish to thank the VPD for its work, or who have another message or recommendation for them, are also invited to comment.

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Oak Street homeowners leaving town

Nate Holman and Nonie Jones, who bought their “dream home” in the 2500 block of Oak Street back in 2006, are packing to leave after gunshots outside their home late Sunday evening. The couple had been featured on the front page of the Vicksburg Post’s Sunday morning edition in a story regarding their love of the house, and their fear of the neighborhood. They accuse the police of being slow to respond to their calls (200 911 calls over the past year), and unconcerned about their predicament, though others in the area have praise for the police. Several factors contribute to the high incidence of crime in the area, and to the VPD’s failure to control it. Give us your opinion: Why is crime so rife along Oak and Speed Streets? What can be done to make the areas safe?

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Club XXL closed for good?

“We’re operating as a kids’ nightclub. Well, I wouldn’t say it was a kids’ nightclub…” So said Anthony Chiplin, operator of “Family Entertainment Center,” better known through its fliers as “Club XXL.” Chiplin has ten days to file an appeal to the zoning board’s decision to deny him an exemption.

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Vicksburg is a safe place to live?

VS received this email from a lady in Illinois today:

Please understand that I do want to offend anyone. I would like to know how safe Vicksburg really is? My husband and I are both white and we are being transferred to Vicksburg. We would like to stay at a campground in the area. After reading about the racial tension in  Vicksburg on the Internet I am scared to death to leave the small town in IL that I am from.
Sincerely, IL Country Girl

Vicksburg Speaks responded with reassurance that Vicksburg is as safe a place to live as most other small towns, and that the races here generally get along well together. We do have occasional “tensions,” but racial bias, and certainly violence related to racial differences, is relatively rare. Can you add your views?