The Confederate flag – long may it wave?

Was the Confederate cause reprehensible, or have the politically correct crowd painted an unfair picture of the South’s efforts to secede from the Union? Little stirs the emotions of some people more than the sight of the Battle Flag. Should it be banned? Does it represent slavery, or is it a symbol of a proud people fighting for freedom? Yours for discussion.

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  1. The flag should remain flying regardless of ultra left political correct attitudes. Why? The flag is part of American history and it shouldn’t be removed. The political correct need real history lessons on the whys the civil war was fought instead of pointing fingers on why it should be removed from flag poles. History is history regardless.

  2. During the Civil War: There were 4 flags representing Confederate states, 4 flags representing United States, and 4 naval flags.

    Confederate States:
    Bonnie Blue
    First National (1861-1863)
    Second National (1863-1865)
    Third National 1865

    United States of America
    33-Star Flag (1859-1861)
    34-Star Flag (1861-1863)
    35-Star Flag (1863-1865)
    36-Star Flag (1865-1867)

    It isn’t the flag that is the issue. It’s how it’s flown and the reason it’s flown.

    Salt is great on food but not on a wound.

  3. The Bonnie Blue flag, although adopted by Mississippi when it seceded, was used only a short time when it was raised over the capital dome in 1861. The Bonnie Blue was not a flag of the Confederate States of America.

  4. The Confederate flags – all of ’em – are symbols of the cause that my ancesters fought for – and I’m darned proud of them. In their determination to continue their dominace of the the South, the New England and northern states ignored the constitution and entered into an invasion that cost the lives, cities and homes of many in the southern states. Reconstruction was a horror – the grip of corruption in southern governmnts was ended (or a least lessened) finally by the determined resistence of secret orgs such as… yep, the Ku Klux Klan (not to be confused with the present day org). Yes, slavery was wrong, just as a war fought to end it was wrong. Had the Confederacy won, I don’t know what would have happened to slavry – but it would have had to end sometime soon. And one thing could be said for the Confederacy – its leaders were constitutionlists (spelled right?). If it was around today, the southern states would not be in the economic mess the present USA is in. So I say let the flags wave, and wave proudly. Reb.

  5. our mississippi flag represent nothing to me as a black man.rednecks embrace the fact that their ancestors enslaved and oppressed my people.the state flag to me represents HATE AND INJUSTICE NOT PRIDE.

  6. Malcolm, as you are aware, the song, Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag, was a popular tune amongst the Confederate faithful. The first state flag had the Bonnie Blue within its upper left corner. While the history of the Bonnie Blue can be traced back to the flag of West Florida, well prior to the late unpleasantness, the flag deserves a rightful place among the flags of the Confederacy even if its use was limited to the beginning of the conflict.

  7. It is also the one that has the most respect.

  8. Rev., I love the Bonnie Blue Flag, and wish Mississippi had retained some symbol of it in the state flag. But it was never a national Confederate States of America flag. If you were ask President Davis or General Lee about it, they would agree. There are hundreds of other state and unit flags of the Confederacy, but none of them, either, were considered official national flags of the CSA.

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