Vicksburg Post vs. Beacon Hill Institute

The Beacon Hill Institute of Boston rated Mississippi dead last among the 50 states in terms of competitiveness when attempting to attract new businesses. The Vicksburg Post in a Sunday editorial took issue, claiming the study was a “hoax.” In a Letter-to-the-Editor printed in Wednesday’s Post, David G. Tuerck, Executive Director of BHI, challenged the Post to disprove its findings, saying “…I’m sure that you’ll want to expose our little hoax in detail. You’ll want to tell us just how we rigged the data to get our preconceived results. If not, then I’m also sure you’ll want to print a retraction. That is, unless respect for the truth no longer commands the respect that it once did down your way.”

It will be quite interesting to watch the Post for its reaction, for its defense of its charge, or a retraction thereof.

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Email to VS – Parents for Public Schools

On November 4, voters in Vicksburg’s Districts 3 and 4 will make an
important decision impacting our children’s education.

Parents for Public Schools seek to inform the candidates and the greater
community about some of the concerns from parents. The attachment was
designed to assist voters in asking meaningful questions of candidates
surrounding those concerns.

Monica Cannon
Parent Coordinator
Parents for Public Schools

School Board Election Informational Flyer

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Entergy blocking access to fuel costs

A story in the Vicksburg Post Friday indicated that Entergy is refusing to disclose to Attorney General Jim Hood information related to its fuel purchase operations, fuel price adjustments, and fuel cost recovery practices. Since this information is the basis for the fuel adjustments that have been responsible for higher bills, what do you suppose Entergy is hiding? Do you wonder if a part of those higher profits that Entergy has been bragging about may be a result of their “fuel adjustments?”

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Mississippi unemployment rate hits 7.9%

Have you been laid off? If not, how secure is your job? Are any local companies hiring? Firing? Comments please.

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615,166 of your dollars for Mayersville Internet service

That’s correct. Congressman Bennie Thompson has proudly announced that he has secured a $615,166 federal grant to provide broadband Internet service to some of Mayersville’s 800 residents. Eight community organizations will get two years service free. Assuming that all 800 residents eventually are served, that’s an expenditure of $768.96 of your tax dollars for each resident. But why Mayersville? Is politics involved? Is such a grant even lawful under our constitution? If so, why not provide broadband for every resident of Mississippi? Better yet, why not just can the project and help cut the budget deficit and save the dollar? Your comments are invited.

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Ban trans fats?

California has become the first state to ban “trans fats” from restaurant food. Trans fat is the common name for a type of unsaturated fat with trans-isomer fatty acid(s). Should Mississippi, the “fattest” state in the union, follow suit?


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Let the executions begin…

The Supreme Court decision permitting death row executions has spawned a flurry of such executions across the country. Mississippi will execute Dale Leo Bishop on July 23. How do you feel about capital punishment?

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Submission request: Dr. Russell witch-hunt

Following submission request received July 20.

Clarion-ledger Doctor witch-hunt two Sunday front pages I accidently posted after my Jeff Bower story you have a great forum keep it up AP Submission.

David Hampton and Jean Harris asked permission and printed defense of second doctor but have not printed this yet in Ledger. Dr. Russell is the most famous doctor in the state and deserves a defense. Thank you this is already printed accidentally in sports section, you have permission to post in appropriate section if you choose. Thank you  They attacked him two times on Sunday front page and it is a big and important story on mebtal health statewide. Thanking you sincerely, Dale Crowson

Subject: Jackson Dr. Russell witch-hunt from a voice in the wilderness: defense case against Clarion-ledger articles
The recent Clarion-Ledger biased article on Dr. Stanley Russell, filled with hear-say, is a one-sided prosecution without defense. No one wants to hear the defense counsel before rendering a verdict. I have known him for 36 years and that was a witch-hunt. Care to hear the truth? For over 50 years he traveled Mississippi, providing the only mental health care to tens of thousands, working 5, 6 days weekly, even holidays. With passion, he has treated prisoners, low- income, severe and unwanted patients, as an expert in mental and physical illness. We house millions of mentally ill in jails and many less in mental facilities. The Hippocratic oath, “First do no harm”, includes ease of suffering. Mental and physical pain trigger each other. Families commonly interfere with mental care. Statements from parents of grown adults are questionable. Doctors may not breech confidentiality. Quotes from persons with no knowledge of health care and unsubstantiated “guesses” could be explained by many things; other doctors, suicide, etc. A doctor can treat, not follow patients home. One lies, abuses and 9 improve, many saved. Who will judge? Where’s the article on illicit drugs, associated crime, and the worst drug in America, Alcohol? A few alleged infractions mentioned, but what of thousands helped? Dr. Russell treats every patient based on his faith and skill. There are explanations for the things Russell was cited for. 1 in 4 Mississippians will be diagnosed with severe mental illness. Think hard before jumping on this bandwagon driving the Dr. Russells away; doctors unafraid to use years of skill easing human suffering. In 2007, after 20 years, he left his Jackson office because some of his patients had tatoos, and looked different, scaring off higher income well-insured patients. Remember; “They who are well need not a physician, but rather those who are sick.” What of 20-year patients dependant on him, insurance or not? Is it poss ible he met a few until he could find an office? Is charging a small fee to treat the poor in return for treatment and a receipt wrong. A question was asked; “… is the public sufficiently protected?” Region 8, the best mental health region in the state, feels safe, and so should you. Ask thousands he has helped; prisoners, low-income, unwanted and severe cases. Has he ever made a mistake? You who’ve dedicated long lives in loving service to your fellow man without a mistake… you toss that first rock……….                              , Dale Crowson 410 Forest Lake Rd. #3D Brandon, Ms . 39042 601-825-5046

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Entergy’s “rate increase”

The headlines indicate Entergy is increasing rates by 28%. But, is it a “rate increase,” or a fuel adjustment? Fuel adjustments are already approved by the PSC. Rate increases are not. So, why the big announcement? Beware. Entergy executives, like those of other large US corporations, have only two goals in mind: 1) Line their own pockets, and 2) Line the pockets of their shareholders. The state of your finances is of no concern at all. Watch carefully the hearings ongoing at the PSC; call and give them your opinion if you may. Rate increase or fuel adjustment, your finances will be substantially affected.

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The Confederate flag – long may it wave?

Was the Confederate cause reprehensible, or have the politically correct crowd painted an unfair picture of the South’s efforts to secede from the Union? Little stirs the emotions of some people more than the sight of the Battle Flag. Should it be banned? Does it represent slavery, or is it a symbol of a proud people fighting for freedom? Yours for discussion.

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Voter ID – what’s your opinion?

Mississippi has been ordered by a federal judge to implement voter ID in future elections. Much has been said pro and con regarding the subject, and no decision has been made final. In Indiana, opponents of that state’s voter ID law were disappointed when on May 6, the democratic primary election went off without a hitch:

On May 6th, opponents to the law were left disappointed. Indiana experienced one of its highest turnouts ever for a primary election. Turnout increased from 21 percent in the 2004 primary to around 40 percent for the 2008 primary. Presumably, the hotly contested Democratic presidential primary brought scores of new voters to the polls. Nearly 76 percent of the participants took part in the Democratic primary. By comparison, in 2004, only 40 percent of those who participated voted in the Democratic primary.

Simply put, Indiana voters showed up by the hundreds of thousands to fulfill their civic duty with a photo ID in hand. According to our figures, the number showing up to vote without ID continues to be miniscule, dropping slightly even from previous elections when the rate has been two-tenths of a percentile. In fact, opponents of the concept of having a voter identify his or herself still cannot produce one voter who has experienced a violation of his or her rights. 

The entire article may be read here:

Mississippi is a different state with different demographics. But wouldn’t you expect a similar outcome here? What’s your opinion?



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Entergy’s plan to raise our rates

The PSC has apparently endorsed Entergy’s proposal to bill us for new power plants before they’re ever built. They claim this will save money in the long run. But suppose the plants are never built? And is Entergy trustworthy? What’s your opinion?

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Should students be required to pledge allegiance to the flag?

Your thoughts?

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Is government welfare destroying the middle class?

This story happened right here in Vicksburg: A lady in business for herself needed help to meet the demands of her customers. She has hired five different helpers during the past year; each has, after varying lengths of time, simply not shown up for work. The latest hire, who showed the most promise, was given a Christmas bonus and a Christmas gift, after which she never returned. Each of these employees was, in general, poorly educated and receiving, in one form or another, monthly handouts from the state or federal government. There was, therefore, little need for them to hold down a job.


This story is repeated millions of times each year all across this country, and it’s not getting better. The state and federal welfare establishments have no incentive to improve conditions. Rather, in order to increase their power and assure their future employment, they use all means available to ensure a public perception of worsening poverty.


It is doubtful that our politicians have the will to make the corrections needed. The problem will more than likely be approached from a “humane” perspective, i.e., increased welfare assistance for the “poverty stricken.”


Is the USA headed toward total socialism? Have you had similar experiences as that described above with your employees? Is the welfare system gradually destroying the middle class? What can be done to rectify the situation? Your comments are welcomed.

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Should we all be carrying guns?

Mississippi law allows its citizens to carry concealed weapons once they obtain a license that includes background checks to assure licenses are not issued to felons or other disreputable persons. Gun advocates claim (and statistics seem to bear out) that such a law reduces crime. There are no reliable statistics on the number of crimes prevented due to weapons possession, but the number is probably substantial. That said, given that education in firearm use and safety is essential, shouldn’t we all be carrying guns?


VS takes no position on the matter. However, if you are interested in obtaining a firearms license, the Mississippi Highway Patrol is in charge of issuing same. Their office, located near the intersection of Woodrow Wilson and I-55 North in Jackson, processes applicants for the Vicksburg area. There is a $100.00 initial fee plus a charge for fingerprinting services. For more information, see their website at


How do you feel? Should we all be carrying guns?