Alternative transportation

An excellent “letter to the editor” in Sunday’s Post suggested more walking and bicycle-riding as a partial remedy to high gasoline bills, obesity, pollution and climate change, and heart disease and stroke, and even make Vicksburg a more attractive destination for tourists and residents. The letter further suggested that Vicksburg provide more bicycle and walking paths and trails. The suggestion is obviously a good one. But can Vicksburg and Warren county afford it? Or can they afford not to?


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  1. I found the leter appealing and made plenty of sense. What leaped was the fact that some are grumbling about this. Who are they and what’s the beef about it? Madison is ahead of the curve on the bike and walking trail issue. Now with high fuel costs how are the local politicians dealing with it? How about being silent and not expression creative new ideas. Here is where they can called upon it? Why hasn’t mayor leyens added more buses to the adequate mass transit fleet? Why aren’t more routes established? As for walking trails and bike trails it only shows that some here don’t want to do this and they’re afraid of real change. Real change to make things better.

  2. There are public safety issues with any biking and walking trail as well as the specifics of where such vias should be located. I suppose the idea to is to cut down on the use of large motorized vehicles. Perhaps designating times when certain streets would be restricted for the use of bicycles and golf cart-styled transportation, or even segways etc. particularly between the hours of 7-9 a.m. and 3-5 p.m.

  3. Here’s another trend that shaping. On Fox News,about two weeks ago,the city of Birmingham,Ala are now on the four day work week. City employees,especially in the Chamber of Commerce,which was the center of the report.
    Question: why hasn’t the city and county look into this to solve thier problems. Especially when gas is eating into your budget of vehicles use etc. But Birmingham isn’t the only city doing this? This should be explored in my opioin.

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