The Board of Supervisors – what’s your opinion?

The supervisors have been inflicted some fairly severe criticism within another post on this blog. But if they’re to improve their performance, what do they have to do? Where are they failing? What would you do if you were one of them?

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  1. The county supervisors and the city board should at least be able to sit down at the table and work out unresolved issues and move forward!!! They can not do the job to their best ability if they can not get along or be in the same room together !!!
    Granted some people do not like Mayor Leyens, but he has broght great change to the city of Vicksburg. I am home grown and have never seen the City look so good and clean. There are other issues I think the mayor needs to make improvements on and I hope it is coming!
    The supervisors seem to be in the good old boy rut. all politics and heels dug in!!!

  2. I like this topic.

    The Board of Supervisors are good men, I find no character or personal fault with any of them. What they lack is vision.

    The ability to foresee the long term needs of Warren County is what is needed.

    1.) Create an environment that caters to business. More business mean more jobs and that means more tax income.

    2.) Look for areas to reduce spending via investment in new technology. For example the city has reduced their vehicle gas bill and improved the efficiency of city services by installing location devices on their vehicles. The spay/neuter program is another, it is more cost effective to reduce the population via births than it is to fetch, house, care for and then kill stray animals.

    3.) Protect us from lawsuits from within. The county handbook is severely outdated. Without a clear and current written agreement with county employees it is just a matter of time until a very expensive discrimination lawsuit is put upon the county.

    4.) Provide quality services to county residents. The recent fire one mile away from a city fire station has brought this issue to the front. Do whatever we need to do to protect our county residents. County residents pay higher insurance rates because of the poor quality services the county offers – in effect a higher tax because of the counties inability to mend fences with the city. Heck, let the city run the services out to the county, the city does a good job.

    5.) Provide services to city residents, they pay the bulk of the counties tax

    6.) Keep the current county attorney and county manager, good men who do their jobs well.

    7.) Combine with the city to have one government in Warren County. One fire department, one police force, one animal shelter, one administration. Yeah, I’m dreaming.

    8.) Put out or get out. Gentlemen on the country board the people of Vicksburg are suddenly informed and aware. You need to step up your game or get out of the way and let those can.

  3. Just sayin, you should run for office. mayor , supervisor !!!!

  4. Just Sayin
    Those are terrific talking points. Bill O’Reilly would be proud of u dude.

  5. How does one create the funds to overcome a Charles Selmon in his district or a George Banks in his district ? How does one convince others not to run so that it can be a one on one race with a true chance at defeating one of the entrenched Lauderdales, McDonalds or Georges?

    How does one compete with a local newspaper that runs two pictures on two separate days that say “Carl Flanders does not play well with others” just before election day?

    When I see 1500 signatures that say ‘Just Sayin’ for supervisor I will do it, until then I will just express my humble opinion on Vicksburg Speaks.

  6. Well Justsayin lets see what we can do to help you. We do need change and new blood..

  7. Just Sayin for supervisor!

  8. One thing I would love to see this Board do is have a written code for the installation of manufactured homes. It needs to require the HUD/VA installation guidelines. It would cost about $2000.00 more to install by these requirements but the advantage of doing so could save the home buyer the difference between a 6% interest rate and a 10% rate. When the buyer of the manufactured home tries to sell the home they run into a big road block. Banks and mortgage companies will not loan money to a second owner. If they have perfect credit and a 15% downpayment a local bank might loan the money. If home is installed and built by HUD guidelines it is possible to get a loan at the current FHA rate for 30 years. Look at the foreclosures in Warren County. Some of these could have been sold before foreclosure. The way its done now they have zero chance of selling it. I really don’t see how the supervisors could lose votes for taking this small step to protect the buyers of these homes.

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