Christmas at the city animal shelter

It will be another great Christmas for the dogs and cats at the city animal shelter this year as Debbie Lowery (Southern Paws) and Eldridge Springer (city animal control officer) renew their annual drive to comfort and save the many adoptable animals housed there. Please help with your donations of cat, kitten, dog and puppy food, dog  and puppy treats and  toys, cat treats and toys, chew bones, flea spray, and other necessities that can make life easier for these abandoned animals. Contact Debbie at Southern Paws (601 661 0502) or Eldridge (601 636 6982) if you would like to help. Drop off donations at the following locations:
Warrenton Farm and garden
Southern Paws
Hometown medical
City Animal Shelter
Lorelei Book store
Adolph Rose Antiques

Thanks for your help in making Christmas a special time for our animal friends.

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Update on Michael Vick

Vick’s problems just keep on mounting, and deservedly so. Read the story here:

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Monticello, MS mayor shoots, kills family dog

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This was on the news on WLBT TV. A woman supposedly a public servant in a position of trust, who uses her power over a friendly family dog and takes him to a barn instead of returning him to his home, or taking him to the city pound where his family could have rescued him, where she shoots him to death.  There is NO EXCUSE for what this woman did when Bingo followed a family friend to where his family once lived. 
Please contact the Judge and the prosecuting attorney and support this family in their effort to seek justice for Bingo.  Letters are best, and can be faxed, along with phone calls.  Efforts may be made to intimidate the family in a small town situation where the woman Mayor picked a dog up and heartlessly and cruelly shot it to death.  It is easy to wield power over a dog who is frightened, and to then shoot it to death.  This is evil personified.
WLBT NEWS    (at  
New Hebron 10/14/08
Mayor shoots, kills family dog

By Monica Hernandez
Charity and Johnny Gentry are planning to pack up and leave the New Hebron home where they’ve lived for two years. They’re shaken because the town’s mayor, Cindy Bryan, shot and killed their family dog.
“You know, he wasn’t just another dog, he was our friend, our family.   I had to watch my kids cry for two days over it,” said Johnny Gentry.
The Gentry’s said Bingo escaped and followed a former neighbor to his apartment in late September. The family said Mayor Bryan picked up the dog, claiming she was going to take him to the pound, but took him to the town barn and shot him instead.  According to the Gentry’s, they weren’t notified until the next day.
“She wasn’t an animal control officer, she had no business trying to transport a dog anyhow,”  said Johnny Gentry.
We tried to find Bryan, but she didn’t return our phone calls or answer the door to her home, and town hall was closed for the day on Tuesday.
However, she admits to shooting the dog in the Lawrence County Press. She said the dog tried to bite her while she was enforcing the town’s leash laws.
“Bingo does not bite. I’ve never even heard him growl before,” said Charity Gentry.
In the article, Bryan said the Gentry’s had been told several times that their dog was running loose and threatening others, and finally decided to take matters into her own hands.
“In the paper she said she tried to contact us on numerous occasions.  We never received anything,” said Charity Gentry.
The family filed charges against Bryan for maliciously killing their dog.  Lawrence County Justice Court officials said Bryan’s tentative court date is set for October 29.
Directory of Justice Courts in Lawrence County.  
Lawrence County Justice Court 
P.O. Box 903 
Monticello, MS.  39654 –
Phone: 601-587- 4854, 
Fax: 601-587- 0755.

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Dog & cat foods – which is best for your pet?

The links below are just two of many that review the bewildering number of dry and canned dog and cat foods available to consumers. Ordered by USPS or UPS shipment, however, the costs can be prohibitive. Share your opinion, with special emphasis upon foods that can be purchased locally in Vicksburg.

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Rummage sale to benefit animal rescue

Southern Paws Rescue, a local animal rescue organization, will have its annual rummage sale beginning at 7AM on Saturday, September 6, 2008, at its shelter location at 1200 Openwood Street. In order to help them in their continuing effort to save abused and unwanted animals, please consider donating salable items to them. They are accepting goods Wednesday through Friday between the hours of 9AM and 5PM at the Openwood location. Please plan on attending the sale and help to save our companions, who cannot save themselves. All proceeds will go toward medical care for the animals. For more information, call Debbie at 601-661-0502.

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Oak Street homeowners leaving town

Nate Holman and Nonie Jones, who bought their “dream home” in the 2500 block of Oak Street back in 2006, are packing to leave after gunshots outside their home late Sunday evening. The couple had been featured on the front page of the Vicksburg Post’s Sunday morning edition in a story regarding their love of the house, and their fear of the neighborhood. They accuse the police of being slow to respond to their calls (200 911 calls over the past year), and unconcerned about their predicament, though others in the area have praise for the police. Several factors contribute to the high incidence of crime in the area, and to the VPD’s failure to control it. Give us your opinion: Why is crime so rife along Oak and Speed Streets? What can be done to make the areas safe?

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Spaying and neutering is the first step…

As a nation, we claim to love cats and dogs. Millions of households have pets, and billions of dollars are spent yearly on pet supplies and food. But as a nation, we should take a hard, sobering look at a different annual statistic: the millions of dogs and cats given up to shelters or left to die on the streets. And the numbers tell only half the story.

Every cat or dog who dies as a result of pet overpopulation—whether humanely in a shelter or by injury, disease, or neglect—is an animal who, more often than not, would have made a wonderful companion, if given the chance. Tremendous as the problem of pet overpopulation is, it can be solved if each of us takes just one small step, starting with not allowing our animals to breed. Here’s information about this crisis and why spaying and neutering is the first step to a solution. -HSUS

VS note: If you are an animal lover, this video will be difficult to watch. If you are not an animal lover, please take time to watch it, and become one.

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Little dog lost

I lost my dog Friday night. Attached (below) is the flyer I have been passing out. Could you please keep an eye open for him?


Stormy Boyett

Building Inspections

City of Vicksburg



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Animals up for adoption at Vicksburg City shelter

The shelter has a large number of adoptable pets. Take a look at

With the help of Southern Paws Rescue, Vicksburg channel 23, and many volunteers, a number of pound cats and dogs have been rescued and adopted over the past several months. If you or your friends are aware of anyone wanting to save one of these lovable animals from almost certain death, please send them to the above website or to the pound, located just off north Warrenton road behind the fire station. You may also contact Southern Paws Rescue at

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Fundraiser to cover medical expenses of rescue animals

Southern Paws Rescue is having a fundraiser to help defray expenses associated with caring for rescue animals. The event will take place Saturday May 17, 2008, from 9am to 1pm, at Warrenton Farm and Garden Center, Hwy 61 South. The following are offered:
DOG WASH  $5.00
DIP             $5.00
A free toenail clip is included.
Your participation will be gratefully acknowledged. All proceeds will go toward medical expenses of Warren County’s abandoned and neglected animals.
For more information, please call Debbie Lowery at Southern Paws Rescue – 601-661-0502.
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The flood’s effect on animals

The Vicksburg Post has had several articles and photos depicting the plight of both wild and domesticated animals during the Mississippi’s current rampage. From deer, alligators, and other wild animals fleeing to higher ground, to dogs attempting to escape the water while chained to automobiles, the flood has changed the lives of local animals. Comment, if you like, on what you and others can do to help the animals in their current period of stress.

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Are we eating our pets?

Apparently, we are. Take a look…

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Some legislatures in California are trying to pass a law making it mandatory that everyone has to spay/neuter their pets by four months of age. If that law passes in California, it may start passing everywhere. Pro: Fewer abandoned animals. Con: One more right will be taken away from the people.

Note: There were a number of comments made on the alternate site; you may wish to repeat them here.

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Topic continued – combine VWHS/City/County efforts

At the request of reader Maximus, this topic is once again being brought to the forefront for further comments.

As indicated last, a number of worthy goals may be achieved by combining the shelter/rescue efforts of the city, county, and the VWHS: 1) Build (or renovate) a world-class animal control/rescue facility, manned by capable and caring personnel, 2) Eliminate the lack of cooperation that sometimes exists between VWHS, the city animal shelter, and the rescue groups, 3) Abate the needless euthanizing and suffering of hundreds or thousands of dogs, cats and other animals, and rescue many to new homes, 4) Oversee a county-wide spay/neuter program, 5) Save tax dollars, and 6) Promote and utilize the efforts of the hundreds of volunteers in our community who donate their time to improving the lot of animals.

It has been proposed that these goals be reached by 1) Formation of an advisory council to study the possible union and offer recommendations, 2) Gaining agreement of VWHS, city, and county leaders to consider and act on any suggestions made, and 3) Consideration of other options that may be used to attain these goals.

City leaders are positive toward the combination. Supervisors Richard George and David McDonald as well appear to be warm toward the proposal. Former Supervisor Carl Flanders had been in agreement with these efforts; his replacement, Bill Lauderdale, has not indicated a stand; he will be contacted to ascertain his position. Supervisors Selmon and Banks have not commented publicly, but will be polled. The position of the leadership of the VWHS is apparently negative; however, efforts will be made to persuade the VWHS to get behind the project, or explain the reasons for their objection to it.

With the Christmas/New Year holidays upon us, time devoted to the effort will be limited. However, with the coming of the new year and a “new” Board of Supervisors, these worthy goals will be addressed and, hopefully, attained.

Your suggestions are invited.

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Christmas at the City Pound!

Southern Paws (Debbie Lowery) is sponsoring a new celebration this year – “Christmas at the City Pound.” The objective is to give all the puppies, kittens, dogs and cats at the City Pound a month of Christmas – something that has never been done before.  Debbie is asking for donations of canned cat food for kittens and adult cats, canned dog food for puppies and adult dogs, chew bones, cat and dog treats, and toys for cats and dogs. If you would prefer to make a cash contribution, Debbie will buy the items needed.  Food and treats, or your donation, may be dropped off at any of three different locations – Southern Paws, at 1200 Openwood St., Hometown Medical, at 814 Belmont St., or Atwood Chevrolet, on N. Frontage Road. If you prefer to mail a donation, send to “Christmas at the City Pound,” c/o Southern Paws, 1200 Openwood St., Vicksburg, MS 39183.


Vicksburg’s Channel 23 is cooperating in this effort by soliciting donations; their help is indispensible, and greatly appreciated.


Visit a few of the animals at the city pound website:


Most if not all of these animals have only a few days to live. Help make their last hours a happy experience by helping with “Christmas at the City Pound.” Better yet, consider saving one of them through adoption.

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