Vicksburg’s “House of Ill Repute”

The following is a question raised by a gentleman from Houston, Texas. If you have answers, please respond.

Folks—I have a question i am hoping someone will answer. I am seeking information on the old house of ill repute once located at 15 china street. Specifically i am interested in the years of operation of the establishment. I once read of the place in a booklet titled “15 china street and other stories”,but it is obviously out of print. This ‘cat house’ was at one time,the second most famous whorehouse in the south. Strange sounding request i know,but can antyone possibly direct me to where i can find out any information? Thank you so much for your time—-robert jarmon,houston,texas

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  1. Gordon Cotton is the writer you are referring to-his book can probably be found at the Old Court House Museum in Vicksburg-if not, he is a local and is easily found

  2. I have a copy of that book, Mr. Jarmon. There may be some at the Old Courthouse Museum as well. Would you like for me to check???

  3. Thank you so much for responding leigh and malcolm.And yes ,malcolm,if you happen to be at the old courthouse museum if you would be so kind as to see if they have the book i would be very grateful.Thanks again y’all–robert

  4. Robert, I found a couple of copies of the book online – both signed by Gordon Cotton – that you can order for about $20. The websites are…

    If you’d rather not order one, I can scan a few pertinent pages for you from the copy I have.



  5. By the way… Gordon indicates in his book that 15 China operated for over a hundred years, finally succombing (apparently) around 1940. That would put the years of its operation roughly early to mid 1800s – 1940.

  6. For Gordon Cotton:

    I’m reading your Emma Balfour letters with enjoyment.

    On page 32 you mention de Maye. This may well have been Leopold de Meyer who gave several concerts in New Orleans in 1846. They were reviewed in the N.O. papers.

    Francesco Annelli was an Italian artist (1802-1873?) whose ‘End of the World” was exhibited in various places. The web provides references to him.

    Claude Weil
    Chicago, Illinois

  7. where can i find a copy of “the house of ill repute”. I seriously wanna read this. I love prostitute books.

  8. There are copies in online bookstores. Below are a couple. But you may be disappointed – only one tale of the several related is about prostitutes – and though it’s very interesting, it’s very mild.

  9. ill look inot those. Im sure theres plenty to be read worthwhile.

  10. I am trying to track down info on this brothel as well. My great grandmother owned an upholstrey shop in downtown vicksburg several years ago and the madam of the brothel dropped off two brass beds to be polished & never returned to pick them up. My grandmother sold one a while back, but the other is sitting in my guest bedroom. I would love to find some photographs or old coins with the brothels name on them to display for my guests. It’s always a great story to tell people!

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