Inventory tax – has it cost us jobs?

The CEO of Simpson Dura-Vent, Stephen Eberhard, just announced the closing of its plant located in the Ceres Research & Industrial Interplex at Flowers – and blamed the county’s inventory tax in part for the decision. 170 local jobs have been lost because of the closure. Isn’t it time to repeal this punishing tax?

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Another “F” for Chief Moffett

Friday’s Vicksburg Post featured a story wherein it was stated that the VPD needs two weeks to furnish individuals with reports of vehicle accidents. These are required before insurance companies can process claims. Chief Moffett blames new technology, the ReportBeam automated system required by the state. Moffett has refused to use the system for the past two years. Only when state grants were threatened did he have his officers begin reporting through the computerized system. Now, according to him, reports are not available for “several days.” Sheriff Martin Pace, however, has been using the system since its inception, and claims it is very efficient; claims reports are available the day after an accident. What about it, Chief? Why can’t your folks be as efficient as Sheriff Pace’s?

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