Vicksburg’s Memorial Day parade – what’s the problem?

The annual parade to celebrate Memorial Day is a tribute to the patriotism of the men and women in our armed forces who have sacrificed their lives in defense of our country. The event in Vicksburg, however, attracts only small numbers of participants. This past Sunday’s parade consisted of a few automobiles with placards on their doors along with the usual cadre of city police cars and a fire truck. The crowd could not have numbered over 200, a turnout that can be no source of pride for a city and county of 52,000 citizens. Why is there no more interest shown in the parade, and how can it better honor our fallen heroes?

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Senator Cochran: Big pharma “yes,” American people “no?”

Our Senate was recently considering S. 1082, the FDA reauthorization bill, within which was a provision that would have allowed US citizens to buy prescription drugs from other countries – and at a much lower price, it should be noted. Senator Cochran introduced amendment # 1010, subsequently approved, that effectively killed the provision and blocks import of drugs from other countries unless Health and Human Services can certify to Congress that such imports “pose no additional risk to the public’s health and safety.” HHS predictably will have no interest in jeopardizing the profits of the big drug companies. Thus, free market access to prescription drugs has been denied the American public, a move that prevents the savings of billions of dollars in drug costs and provides “big pharma” – Pfizer, GlaskoSmithKline, Schering-Plough, Bristol-Myers Squibb, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Merck, Abbott Labs, etc., with another big win. Read the “News Target” report on the bill’s outcome here and here.

Perhaps Senator Cochran acted “To protect the health and safety of the public,” perhaps he had other motives. What do you think?

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Illegal aliens, amnesty, and Warren County

With many Democrats and Republicans now backing a bill to grant de facto citizenship to illegals and their families, our country could be about to experience change as it’s never seen before. Though California, and perhaps Texas, would be most affected, Mississippi and Warren County would experience its effects as well. Is this bill a positive or a negative for Vicksburg and Warren County? If the latter, what can we do to prevent the bill from becoming law? Should it be voted into law, what do we need to do to prepare for the changes it will engender?

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Real estate – bust or boom in Warren County?

Real estate values in most states of the USA have suffered a decline in recent months. Some local realtors claim that Vicksburg and Warren County never fully participated in the boom that preceded the present decline, so property values locally will not be so affected. There are many “For Sale” signs on local properties, though a significant number have been recently sold, and new construction continues. What’s the future for real estate in Vicksburg and Warren County?

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Convention Center Chaos?

From one crisis to another, the Vicksburg Convention & Visitors Bureau (if that remains the proper name) has experienced a year of turmoil. The latest upheavals include the announcement by Board Chairwoman Nelda Sampey of the  hiring of a new director, Bill Seratt, and the severing of ties with Compass Facility Management and Larry Gawronski. Many consider Gawronski one of the key driving forces behind the progress that has been made in this arena. Seratt, however, is reputedly an experienced and capable manager. As he sets goals for the future, what suggestions would you give him?

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Vicksburg-Warren schools – No child left behind?

It’s generally accepted among our citizenry that our schools are a cut above those of surrounding counties and states. Supt. James Price is held in high esteem by educators and parents alike. There are, however, those who object to the cost of education in our county. The school system’s share of our local property taxes is large and ever-growing, and their budget is under control of the school board alone; the board may increase the amount property owners pay via property taxes at will. Now Rep. George Flaggs has suggested the county Board of Supervisors be given veto power over the schools’ budget. Do you think this is proper and fair?

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The VPD – No complaints?

Chief Moffett hasn’t been in the news lately, other than in coverage of his efforts to fire some of his employees. The police force has experienced chronic understaffing since Moffett became chief, though apparently law enforcement has suffered very little if at all. Should Moffett make it a primary goal to bring department staffing up to budgeted levels? Are there other actions he can take to improve law enforcement in the City of Vicksburg?

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