Vicksburg’s City Pound – Death Row?

Animal rescue groups abound across the country, the state, and even in our hometown of Vicksburg, where private groups do their utmost to save and care for every animal they receive, and then find each a good foster or “forever” home. Critics, however, point to our city pound with dismay, citing deplorable conditions there, the lack of an adoption policy or a spay/neuter program, and poor communication with local rescue groups. Instead, most animals receive a one-way trip to Jackson and the Mississippi Animal Rescue League – a “high-kill” facility where they are euthanized. Many people cringe at the thought of destroying an animal, and to some it is a heinous crime. Surely Vicksburg’s leaders can develop procedures to cooperate with the local rescue groups and save many of these innocent but unwanted dogs and cats. Your comments and recommendations are welcome – click the “comments” tab below.

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Local talk radio show to debut Monday, June 25

A collaboration between Larry Gawronski, David Day, and Mark Jones of radio station 1490AM will bring talk radio to Vicksburg. Planned for an hour each weekday morning from 8:00AM – 9:00AM, the show will be anchored by Gawronski and will be broadcast from Day’s “Klondike” location on Washington Street. Subject matter will be that of interest to residents of Vicksburg and Warren County, and will initially feature local officials and citizens. A telephone number for call-in questions will be provided.

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Downtown crime – Is it on the rise?

A murder after a fight at the New Orleans Cafe on Grove Street. Muggings. The absence of foot patrols by police. Problems with 911 service. Is crime downtown and in our neighborhoods on the rise? Can we depend on the VPD to prevent crime, or to respond when we need them? Describe your experiences and give us your opinion in the “comments” thread below.

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Lou Dobbs on the amnesty bill

Lou Dobbs commented recently on provisions of the immigration bill being pushed by Bush and some Democrats and Republicans, including Mississippi’s own two senators. The comments are quite revealing, and may be viewed here…

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Immigration bill dead; Mississippi senator upset

Our own Senator Trent Lott was a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party (Ted Kennedy) and White House-backed immigration reform bill, a measure which has been apparently killed tonight by the failure of the vote to limit debate on the bill (and thus ensure its passage). Members of both parties indicated pressure from the public had been key in its defeat. Though this is a national issue, the effect of this bill’s passage would have been keenly felt in our own town of Vicksburg. How do you feel about Senator Lott’s backing of the immigration reform bill?

Senator Trent Lott

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