Ron Paul and media lies

For a revealing look at how much the media controls coverage of political candidates, see

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Fundraiser to cover medical expenses of rescue animals

Southern Paws Rescue is having a fundraiser to help defray expenses associated with caring for rescue animals. The event will take place Saturday May 17, 2008, from 9am to 1pm, at Warrenton Farm and Garden Center, Hwy 61 South. The following are offered:
DOG WASH  $5.00
DIP             $5.00
A free toenail clip is included.
Your participation will be gratefully acknowledged. All proceeds will go toward medical expenses of Warren County’s abandoned and neglected animals.
For more information, please call Debbie Lowery at Southern Paws Rescue – 601-661-0502.
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Entergy’s plan to raise our rates

The PSC has apparently endorsed Entergy’s proposal to bill us for new power plants before they’re ever built. They claim this will save money in the long run. But suppose the plants are never built? And is Entergy trustworthy? What’s your opinion?

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Crime: are we making headway?

With a new DA who vows to send criminals to jail, and a chief of police who claims the force is growing in numbers, the crime rate in Vicksburg should be measureably reduced. A glance at the lengthy “Crime, Fire, and Accident” section of the Vicksburg Post might tempt one to form a different conclusion. What’s your opinion of the situation in Vicksburg? Are you safer on the streets, in your car, or in the parking lots at the malls?

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The Trevillion brothers are in the news again

The four Trevillion brothers and one other man are due to stand trial for a murder that occurred last June 17. Two of the brothers were indicted for murder 12 years ago, for which they served aggravated assault charges. DA Ricky Smith will prosecute the five, while Attorney Jerry Campbell will defend them.

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The flood’s effect on animals

The Vicksburg Post has had several articles and photos depicting the plight of both wild and domesticated animals during the Mississippi’s current rampage. From deer, alligators, and other wild animals fleeing to higher ground, to dogs attempting to escape the water while chained to automobiles, the flood has changed the lives of local animals. Comment, if you like, on what you and others can do to help the animals in their current period of stress.

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Is there a robot in your future?

We are apparently very close to being able to duplicate the intelligence of an insect. Within a decade we will probably have reproduced the intelligence of a mammal, perhaps a rat. And by the end of the next decade, we will have succeeded in duplicating the intellect of a human being.
The “Big Dog” robot is a step along the way. The thing is almost scary…

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Tax time!

State and federal income tax reports are due the 15th. How did you fare this year? While it’s fresh on your mind, what changes to the taxation system would you recommend?

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DA Ricky Smith’s first case

35 years in prison for the man whose shots threatened a child. That’s the result of our new DA’s first Warren County trial. What’s your reaction to that case, and to the DA’s performance in general to date?

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Vicksburg’s emergency warning system

No sirens were heard before the storm struck on Friday. Why not?

If Gingrich is worried, shouldn’t you be?

For your viewing and discussion…

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The church of Oprah

Youtube video clips and discussion of Oprah’s “church” for your viewing and discussion…

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