Vicksburg’s favorite restaurant

Some have opened, some have closed since our last survey. What’s your favorite nowadays? Which are the most/least expensive? Which have the best/worst food and service? What kind of new restaurants does Vicksburg need? Where? You may want to use an alias to comment on this one.


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  1. Goldies Express is consistant with the food. and you get what you order..I have not eaten at any of the cassinos in a very long time. Not much on the buffets..
    There are a few very good restaurants here locally owned.I do wish we had more choices..

  2. Well, dear me, I was surfing the web, and lo and behold, here I’ve come across this little local site that I never knew was up and running. Imagine! Here I can raise Cain with the mayor and poke fun at Bill Lauderdale and chat with you local boys, and maybe build a new relationship of some kind with one or two of you sweet things (if you know what I mean). Oh, dear me! Life is so good!

    Now, the restaurants. Dear friends, there’s only one eating place here in the hilly city that’s anywhere near par with Nick’s, Schimmel’s, Del Sol’s… and that’s Rusty’s on Washington Street. The rest of the locals are… how should I put this… de’classe’? execrable? And the casinos… heinous! The only attraction at the casinos is the blackjack table, with the chairs packed so tightly together that you have to force yourself between those hot, sweaty bodies… Oh! I must go and place a bet! Ta Ta!

  3. Rusty’s? Sho nuff… and you smells like the place fo hrs after you leave tto…….

  4. What about ANCHUCA and MAIN STREET MARKET? Not only do they have “incredible” food, the service is “always outstanding!”

  5. Betty Bullards place is great..

  6. I have to agree with the comments about Betty Bullard’s place – the service and food are wonderful.

  7. Anchuca and Main Street market on Monday nights are two of our local favorites. For whatever reason we have never really taken to Rusty’s. I know it is popular and packed, but just doesn’t fit me. On the other hand their Hawaiian chicken sandwich is excellent.

    For daily lunch HorseFace Harry’s can’t be beat, a lot of food for the money and fast too. I also like the fact they don’t use salt, makes my doctor happy. The weekend evening buffet at Ameristar is very good. The WareHouse Sports Bar has excellent wings.

    Favorite upscale restaurant over all is Anchuca, but Main Street Market on Monday nights is on the same level.

    Favorite daily lunch is HorseFace Harry’s, by far.

    Favorite buffet is Ameristar on Friday nights.

    Favorite chain restaurant is McAllisters.

    Restaurant I hope to see come to town? Newks. They have one in Clinton that we frequent, kind of a upscale McAllisters with top quality food and atmosphere.

  8. It would be nice to see someone like Jacques move to Washington Street. I bet it would bring more people down there.

  9. I keep hearing rumors about Jacques son doing a restaurant downtown with the Ware House people. If you have been downtown lately it is doing fine. Most of the places are packed on the weekends and parking is already a problem….gotta love it.

    There was also a rumor about Monsours going into the Old Biscuit Company location, a rumor about HFHarrys going where that BBQ place used to be. Anyone hear anything about those?

  10. What BBQ place?

  11. The one just south of the antique auction place. Used to Amandas, then it was the BBQ place.

  12. I thought Jauque wuz movin into the trusmark building?

  13. Check out Unique Impressions on Washington Street right beside Dykes Furniture. They have great lunches.

  14. We need some more eating places here in Vicksburg!!!! We have all of these hotels coming up but no new places to feed all of these people!! Where are all of these people that stay in these hotels going to eat???? My family goes out to eat every Sunday after church & there is only so many places we can go, ya know?

  15. Let’s face it downtown is dead in the evenings and weekends. The people that run those business have no desire to make money when they are supplemented by other parties. Quick example on dead: The ware house is losing money by the sec. looks nice but what a business nightmare. and if the Biscuit Company comes back say good by to the freaks up the street. Rusty’s is the only place really doing well.
    Let’s face it the china buffet or the mexican place makes more then all the downtown restaurants combined. It’s a great country. If you want to make a bad business decision move your restaurant downtown.
    I’m so sick of people saying we need more restaurants. Why not go open a Ryan’s, Red Lobster, or a Movie Theater. Most of your ideas are just like these.

  16. We had a couple from New Orleans in the antique shop yesterday who had just eaten at Rusty’s. The gentleman said the seafood gumbo was excellent, as good as anything he could get in NO.

  17. I have done my time as a patron and employee of several Vicksburg eating establishments. I run my own buisness and play as a touring musician so when im on the road i try the local variety of food and i have to say my stomach belongs to Vicksburg.

    heres a quick rundown.

    On of my favorite places to eat with friends is El Sombrero. Believe it or not folks they have an excellent cheeseburger and i would highly recommend thatto anyone.

    For a hot 5 dollar lunch plate I love the catfsih and spaghetti at Unique Impressions on Fridays.
    and also I highly recommend the plate lunches at the Jubilee gas station on 61 south. They have terrific greens and Spaghetti.

    for Drive Thru im a loyal Goldies Express fan.

    I never took to Rustys myself and think they are a little over hyped in this town but people seem to like them so they must be doing something right and i am good friends with a couple of the waitresses so im confident in their wait staff.

    I dont really do the casinos. not my cup.

    Krogers deli has some fantastic food and plate lunches.

    no thanks on the fast food but if i have to im gonna go with Subway or taco bell,.

    I cant believe Walnut Hills has no mention here yet. One of the greatest. ROUND TABLE!

    Sports bar food. The Warehouse has it on lock as far as a place to get a Southern Pecan draft and some hot wings with your buds.

    If we could get anything here Id love to have a Raising Cains chicken place.

    Eat Up.

  18. Keon…

    this is why i always pick my nose….

  19. Alysha…

    an interesting take on a interesting topic….

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