Topic Request – Fawm 2009 – Open Music Writing Community Challenge

FAWM stands for February Album Writing Month. Can you write 14 songs in 28 days? What are you waiting for… inspiration?
“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”
— Jack London
Each February, FAWM.ORG forges a collaborative community where musicians of all walks and skill levels write an album’s worth of material in the shortest month of the year (roughly one tune every other day). So-called “fawmers” are a motley mix of music professionals, students, homemakers, and folks who work dayjobs but rock nightclubs. Join us for the sixth annual FAWM in 2009!
As far as I know, I’m the only Fawmer in the region, definitely the only one in the city. I invite any local musicians to join us in this very fun, very community oriented, song writing challenge. Your songs will have the opportunity to make onto a compilation cd of the best tracks from the challenge, which is sold world wide.

I’ll be more than happy to assist in song writing/recording/editing/etc. This challenge is extremely fun.

Just email me,, if you have questions. Fawm starts Feb 1st, so register soon!

P.S. It’s all free to participate!

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Bank safe deposit boxes: Not so “safe?”

This from a local source, quoting a blog:

You might want to reconsider what you keep in your Safety Deposit box at your bank. This note is from a news blog, which I am passing on to you fyi.
“A family member from Irvine, CA (who’s a branch manager at Bank of America) told us two weeks ago that her bank held a “workshop” where the last two days were dedicated to discussing their bank’s new security measures. During these last two days, the workshop included members from the Homeland Security Office who instructed them on how to field calls from customers and what they are to tell them in the event of a national disaster. She said they were told how only agents from Homeland Security (during such an event) would be in charge of opening safe deposit boxes and determining what items would be given to bank customers.At this point they were told that no weapons, cash, gold, or silver will be allowed to leave the bank – only various paperwork will be given to its owners. After discussing the matter with them at length, she and the other employees were then told not to discuss the subject with anyone.”
Read the entire article at:

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America is trying to operate on a failed business model

The financial crisis currently facing the USA is just a pimple to what our children and grandchildren are facing.  The video linked below, IOUSA, is a prophetic message for the 21st century:

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