Grading scale for Vicksburg schools altered

The old:

A – 93-100, B – 85-92, C – 75-84, D – 65-69, F – 64 and below

And the new:

A – 90-100, B – 80-89, C – 70-79, D – 65-69, F – 64 and below

What are the benefits of the change to the students? Will the change result in improvements to their education? While foreign powers seek education excellence, is the USA seeking to candy-coat the educational process in an attempt to deny its failures? Your opinions welcomed.

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Opinion: City/county animal control – it’s time for action

Despite efforts to the contrary, it appears that a consolidation of the city and county animal control programs will not happen. As a result, a common, state-of-the-art shelter is no longer considered probable.

At the present time, animal control in our county is handled as follows: Since the county supervisors donate about $100,000 per year to the Vicksburg Warren Humane Society, the humane society has made a decision to serve only residents outside the city limits (even though city residents pay the bulk of county taxes).  The VWHS shelter is filled; most of its occupants will be killed. The city controls and shelters animals at its small facility off North Washington Street. At the present time the city shelter is filled to overflowing with kittens and dogs, most of which, despite the efforts of the shelter manager and Southern Paws Rescue, will be killed. An effective county-wide spay and neuter program is not in practice.

The city has indicated it will go forward with construction or purchase of another shelter, and will endorse a spay and neuter program for animals within the city limits. The VWHS plans to build a new shelter on its property on Highway 61S.

Opinion: It is reprehensible that a county-wide spay and neuter policy is not in place. Baring a last-minute agreement with the county board, it is time for the city to place the policy in force, and to build or buy a new or replacement shelter. The county board should likewise place a strong spay and neuter program in effect, and should remind the VWHS that city residents are county taxpayers, and deserve the same level of service given non-city residents.

Your opinions are invited.

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Mayor Laurence Leyens speaks

Vicksburg Speaks received an email from Mayor Laurence Leyens, and with his permission is posting it here. The mayor makes some critical and perhaps valid observations regarding the site, as well as some suggestions for improvement. Please read it and respond as you like. Mayor Leyens:

Please remove me from your distribution.

 I can not believe how you critize the Post and then produce an even worse communication.  Most of your topics come from the Post.    You quote it as if its the final word…. And then complain about its quaility.   Its amazing how misinformation can become so fictional.   Seems like a waste of time to me.  This site could be a free press concept but should insist on factual verified information and then tolerate and encourage all opinions.  What good is it when absolute lies are stated and then to have dialogue around incorrect information?  Entertainment?

 I sure would like to hear from this community to insure that they are well represented.  But your forum is flawed and is distructive because it promotes and perpetuates non truths simply to accomplish what?

  Maybe if you had a reporter to ask real questions and investigate the truth this site may have a real value to this community.  Government is well documented and open to the public.  Some comments are so cynical and uninformed that it really makes me wonder how someone could write “their” opinion with a straight face and actually put their name on the blog.  

The truth is a constant fact, find it….  Then express your dissatisfaction if you feel the need. 

Mayor Leyens

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Trent Lott and the Fairness Doctrine

Conservative radio talk show helped bury the immigration bill; our own Senator Trent Lott was infuriated. After a pummeling by the radio show hosts, he complained that “talk radio is running America.” And he suggested a remedy – bring back the Fairness Doctrine, which would force broadcasters to provide more political balance on the nation’s airwaves. His comments were quickly branded “absurd” by conservative talk show hosts. They made the point that if liberal talk worked, it would be on the air, and point to failure of Air America and other liberal talk shows.

“Unfortunately, talk radio is overwhelmingly one way,” California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein said on a recent Sunday television talk show.

But talk show hosts have found plenty of friends in Washington. Sen. Jon Kyl, an Arizona Republican, said any attempt to revive the Fairness Doctrine “ought to be dead on arrival.” “Some Democrats may not like talk radio, but that does not give them the right to use the heavy hand of government to regulate it,” he said

Republican Rep. Todd Tiahrt of Kansas said the Fairness Doctrine would “effectively and dangerously mandate what can and cannot be said.”

Connie Mack of Florida called it “a left-wing idea that only the likes of self-proclaimed communist Hugo Chavez could love. Just as we’ve seen the systematic elimination of a free and independent media in Chavez’s Venezuela, some Democrats in Congress want to impose their own type of `check’ on our free and independent media in the Untied States.”

Unlike the old days when the Fairness Doctrine was deemed necessary, the public now has access to a broad array of choices to get other political views, including the Internet, cable television, satellite radio and newspapers.

Interesting views regarding the debate include those in Worldnetdaily, a Chris Wallace interview, and Maggie’s Notes.

With his stand on the immigration bill and his support for the Fairness Doctrine, Senator Lott has alienated many Mississippi voters. How do you feel about it?

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Our Convention Center – beauties plus

We can be proud of our Convention Center, the brainchild of former mayor Joe Loviza. Inside and out, it’s a thing of beauty and utility, especially now that it’s filled with lovely young ladies. Jeff Richardson’s landscaping crew has done an outstanding job in preparing the flower gardens and landscape for the Miss Mississippi pageant. Most people only see the CC from the front; however, if you take a walk along the street on the river side of the building, you’ll see some of the most gorgeous landscaping in the state. Congratulations, Jeff and crew.

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