New Vicksburg Speaks website

A new website has been developed that will allow for insertion of photos and which is capable of several innovations not available in WordPress. Take a look at Hopefully this site will not experience the problem with pornographic material that occured last year on another site. Your comments on the new site are welcome.

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  2. Does anyone know who to call to get help with drugs in neighborhood? We are close neighbors to the meth lab just closed down on Lovers lane.
    Said neighbors think we called police and are harrassing us. we did not make the call as we did not know . The homeowners small child was in the home while daddy was cooking the meth.
    Today all the kids are back at home and mommy is not being charged because she wasn’t home at the time the meth was being made.
    One of the guys busted is her kids dad,the other is her brother. both have been charged with making meth before.
    Would you leave your babies with ethier of them?

    Somebody is covering mama”s back. She was never hostile to us until a week before the bust. That week she accused us of watching her house. Previously she was friendly. Didn’t know what was going on? Of course she did.
    Seems she has friends in high places.
    Called drug agency after the bust because we we worried about health issues here. No one called back.

    Any thoughts?

    • First off, please tell me you are not posting your real name on here for those offending neighbors to see. Next, contact detectives. Document EVERYTHING.

  3. Surely the police will help. If I were you, I would talk to the new Chief Armstrong. I have no idea how the man will run the department, but this is a chance for you to find out. Good luck.

  4. gee i just finished listening to radio 1490 this morning. their topic? who to blame for the federal deficit…and guess what its the poor…they don’t have enough problems now they have the federal deficit to be blame for..its it great to live in a country where you have scapegoats to blame all the ills of society on…shame on you your guests and the church you attend….shame shame shame….

  5. pleas reply thank you…chuck…..

  6. no comment thank you

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  8. […] New Vicksburg Speaks website […]

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