Election Day is one week away

VOTE! Next Tuesday is the day. When Wednesday morning rolls around, we should have a good idea as to who our next leaders will be. Anyone care to make a few predictions? And another thing: There are about 4 million of those plastic “vote for me” signs scattered about the city and county that will become obsolete Tuesday night. Has anyone come up with a good use for them?

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Vicksburg’s other “high gas price” dilemma

During the winter of 2006-7, while the national spot market price for natural gas ranged from $6 – $8 per mcf (thousand cubic feet), the City of Vicksburg charged its customers $17 – $20 per mcf. Transportation, of course, must be added to the market price in order to determine a final cost to the customer, but in no way could transportation account for the difference in price charged to customers in Vicksburg. The city indicated that some sort of purchasing blunder had occurred, and promised that things would improve in the future. Let us hope so. The city’s outrageous gasoline prices are bad enough; the possibility that we will once again pay some of the highest prices for natural gas in the entire state will be more unwelcome news. By the way, natural gas is trading on the open market at $8 per mcf this morning.

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Is a “North American Union” in our future?

Will the United States be merged with Canada and Mexico to form a “North American Union?” We haven’t been told of such a plan by our Congressional representatives or our president. But does that mean there is no plan? Rumors of a NAU have circulated for some months or years. Now one of our readers has brought to our attention two internet sites that you may wish to visit. The first discusses the new “Amero” coin and includes two videos that should be watched, while the other describes the inclusion of a hologram of the NAU on North Carolina driver licenses.



Your comments after visiting the sites are invited.

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Progress being made in combining efforts of VWHS, city & county

The previous topic on this subject (Combine VWHS and the City pound – is now the time?) has become too long for convenient posting; a new topic concerned with the same subject is offered here. To summarize:

Preliminary agreement has been reached to form an advisory council to explore the possibility of combining most functions and facilities of the city and county. Through a united approach it is felt that we can 1) Build (or renovate) a world-class animal control/rescue facility, manned by capable and caring personnel, of which we can all be proud, 2) Eliminate the friction and lack of cooperation that exists between VWHS, the city animal shelter, and the rescue groups, 3) Abate the needless euthanizing and suffering of hundreds or thousands of dogs, cats and other animals, and rescue many to new homes, 4) Oversee a county-wide spay/neuter program, and 5) Promote and utilize the efforts of the hundreds of volunteers in our community who donate their time to improving the lot of animals.

Following is a summary of progress and concerns at present:

1)All three city leaders have expressed agreement with the consolidation effort. Supervisor Flanders is also in agreement, and Supervisor McDonald appears to be in agreement as well. Supervisor Richard George has an open ear and seems willing to back as much consolidation as possible. Supervisors Banks and Selmon have not responded to requests to support the effort (as far as we know). Officials of VWHS have made no comment.

2)An “advisory council” or committee that would investigate all aspects of the possible consolidation and formulate recommendations is presently being considered by city and county leaders. Officials of VWHS have offered no comment.

3)Since they have failed to voice support for the effort at consolidation, the position of VWHS is uncertain. Additionally, some readers of VS have voiced concern that money donated to VWHS is not to be used as intended by the donor, and that it has not taken advantage of the offer a low-cost spay/neuter mobile unit. The VWHS is probably the most necessary component of any consolidation, as city and county funds will probably be directed to it for operation of any future combined facility. Their involvement is mandatory.

Your further comments and recommendations are invited.

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Another amnesty bill?

The Senate is apparently trying once again to ram through an amnesty bill for illegal aliens (The Dream Act). This (old) new one must have been reincarnated in almost total secrecy, as today was the first heard of it on national news. If you wish to have your opinion on the proposed bill heard by your congressional representatives, you had best hurry. More information here…



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Our school board – gone nuts?

This is hearsay, but it came from a teacher in the public school system, so one has to give it some credence, to wit: The local school board has decided to recognize the “culture” of local public school students by taking into account the way they have been raised. The most blatant example of this acceptance of familial or peer background, or “culture,” as described by this teacher, is this: If a student gets in a teacher’s face and calls her a “MF,” the teacher merely accepts it as a product of that student’s “culture.”


We hope this hearsay is untrue. Any of you who have direct knowledge of the school board’s position are invited to comment.


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Campaign contributions reveal candidates’ support

A reader has posted the following concern:


“I read with interest the article of Arledge donated $1,000 to Supervisor Selmon on page A6 of the Vicksburg Post dated 10.12.07 concerning candidates for District 3 and District 5 Supervisors.  I am disappointed that any candidate would accept a contribution (regardless of being undated) from anyone who is under federal indictment and who has been convicted on seven counts of conspiracy, mail and wire fraud.  It is of further interest that Mr. Selmon is showing a deficit in his campaign funding.  How does the budget for District 3 stand?  I am more disappointed to read that Mayor Leyens made a $1,500 contribution to Mr. Robert Hubbard, candidate for District 5 Supervisor.  I would have believed that Mr. Leyens would have remained impartial as the Mayor and the Supervisor of District 5 share the same area of concern.  Mr. Leyens’ contribution gives me reason to ponder the support of Mr. Hubbard.”


Your comments are invited.


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The survival of the Republic is at stake…

“America is no longer the economic powerhouse; its empire has begun to fall inearnest, just like all past great empires, including the Roman and British empires.” So says The Grandich Letter today, which may be accessed by clicking the link. The letter also recommends viewing an 11 minute video wherein US Comptroller General David Walker describes the formidable problems facing our country due to our government’s fiscal irresponsibility. You may access it here if you are concerned about the future of our country, our state, and our city: http://www.grandich.com/video/60min.162mb.wvx .  

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A visit to the city pound…

This writer had the “opportunity” to visit the city animal shelter this morning; unless unusual circumstances prevail, it will be my last time to visit that place of pending death. I left there after viewing those sad-eyed animals with the need to go home, bury my head in a pillow, and cry. I found that there were about 25 dogs of many different breeds and cross breeds housed in cages alongside the shelter. Some of the dogs were downcast, silent, apparently resigned to their imprisonment, while others were happily wagging their tails and grinning, oblivious to the fate that awaits them. For, unless some compassionate persons come along and rescue these dogs, they will, within a few days, take a one-way trip to Jackson, where they will be killed. 

It’s obvious that not all “abandoned” animals can be saved. But with the help of those who care enough, many can be. The leaders and the citizens of Vicksburg and Warren County can do much more to prevent the suffering and needless euthanizing of hundreds, even thousands, of dogs, cats and other animals each year; a new animal control/rescue facility with competent and compassionate management will go a long way towards that end.

Some photos available at http://photosmisc.blogspot.com/

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No Work Permit at the Valley?

Unsubstantiated rumor has it that the old Valley building, owned by members of the Leyens family for years, has been sold. Whether the rumor is true or not, repair of the rear exterior of the building seems to be in progress. City ordinances require that a Work Permit be obtained and be prominently displayed during renovation or construction of this type. None is evident at the Valley. So, are the new owners unaware of the code requirement, or is the mayor up to more of his shenanigans?

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Our congressman, Bennie Thompson

Rep. Bennie Thompson made the morning news shows this morning after advising congressional aides to get immunizations against several communicable diseases — including hepatitis, diphtheria, tetanus and influenza — before traveling to look at preparations being made by local first responders for hypothetical scenarios at the tracks in Talladega, Ala., and Concord, N.C. Thompson, head of the House Homeland Security Committee, called it standard procedure, but the congressman representing Concord was offended. Republican Rep. Robin Hayes said, “We thought it was silly that you needed to get a vaccination to come to Concord to go to the NASCAR races. This is the greatest sport on Earth today and you sure don’t need a shot to come down here.” Hayes said the vaccination orders left a biased impression that somehow NASCAR fans or Southerners are more likely to spread disease.

During the trip to North Carolina, staffers were to visit a medical facility with patients at the Lowe’s Motor Speedway. They were also set to inspect an empty mobile hospital. After the House physician told Republican staffers that shots were not necessary to go to North Carolina, they didn’t get them. Democratic staffers apparently did.

Fox News interviewed the two congressmen. The difference in appearance between the two was stark: While Hayes was jovial, laughing at what he considered an utterly silly affair, Thompson’s sour demeanor would have been more appropriate to a report that a terrorist had just blown up the White House.

Thompson has never carried the vote in Warren County. On the other hand, many citizens here and in neighboring counties support Thompson, possibly because he is a Democrat in every sense of the word.

Feel free to share your opinion of the manner in which Rep. Bennie Thompson represents your voice.

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Combine VWHS and the City pound – is now the time?

The nearly $50,000 donation just received by the Vicksburg-Warren Humane Society “couldn’t have come at a better time” in the words of VWHS President Georgia Lynn. We agree. The society is now just $147,500 short of its monetary goal for the construction of a new facility.


Much has been said on this site regarding the type of facility that could be built if the hardheads in city and county government could just come to terms on the construction of a new city-county facility that could be the best in this state, one that we could all be proud of. But it will not happen unless pressure comes to bear on our leaders. With county elections less than a month away, now may be the time to act.


If the public and particularly the leaders and members of the local shelter and rescue organizations demand in enough numbers that such a facility be built, it will happen. It’s up to you.

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High gasoline prices revisited

This past week gasoline could be purchased on Highway 49 south of Jackson for $2.53/gal., while in Vicksburg the price was $2.78 at the cheapest service stations The price in Clinton is almost always 8 to 15 cents cheaper than in Vicksburg. No valid reason for the higher prices in Vicksburg has ever been offered. So why is it? And what can we do about it? Why hasn’t the Post done an investigation? Who determines the prices anyway? Your thoughts and suggestions are sought.

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This post is added to allow for discussion of that medley of topics unrelated to published posts. Use it anyway you like – for serious discussion, or to just shoot the bull. Should topics of wide-spread interest be identified here, specific posts will be added to address them.

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Combine the Sheriff’s Dept and the VPD?

If you count the number of stories that make the Vicksburg Post, the Warren County Sheriff’s Department seldom experiences the personnel and criminal investigation problems that seem to plague the VPD. The latter includes suspensions for sexual harassment, suspensions for erroneous firing of weapons, accusations of rape, sex with teenage girls, failure to adequately prepare the investigative material necessary for use by the DA’s office for prosecutions, use of police vehicles for personal use, frequent contentious arguments regarding personnel before the Civil Service Commission, failure to enforce the laws, and charges of favoritism within the ranks of the police officers. In addition the VPD remains understaffed, resulting in undermanned patrols, increased overtime pay, and even “prioritizing” of emergency calls by the 911 staff. The Sheriff’s Department seems to have a good working relationship with the DA’s office, whereas the Chief of Police and the District Attorney are constantly at each other’s throats. There can be little doubt that the ability of the VPD to protect the public is adversely affected by these internal and external distractions.

So why not just combine the two, with the eventual goal of eliminating the VPD? Is it possible?

What’s your opinion?