Vicksburg’s best Internet, TV, and telephone services

The major choices here in Vicksburg are…

Internet                      Cablelynx, AT&T

Telephone (land)      AT&T, Cablelynx

Cell phone                 AT&T, Cellular South

Television                 Cablelynx, DirecTV, Dish

There may be others, so chime in if you would recommend them. The question is, what has been your experience with the various services, and which can you recommend? Which would you avoid? Which are the most economical? Consider such performance issues as internet outages, download/upload speed, cell phone dropped calls, message notification and retrieval and text messaging ability, quality of TV picture and number of channels, also number of HD channels, outages, customer service, etc.

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  1. When Vicksburg Video offered phone, Internet, and TV service for $99.95 a month late last year, I decided to give it a try. Since then, I have been very disappointed by the company’s performance. I have written the manager of Vicksburg Video twice, attaching a long list of the problems I have experienced, and I have hopes that the company will address the issues and correct them. Very briefly, here are the major deficiencies:

    1. Internet download speed is fine in the mornings (7500kbps) but decreases throughout the day; by evening, speed has fallen by 75% – 85% (1000-2000kbps).
    2. Internet and telephone service fail frequently; I am unaware that we no longer have telephone or Internet service until I try to use one or the other. A cell phone call to a tech at the 800 number will generally get the problem resolved.
    3. TV picture and sound are unsynchronized on certain channels (37-39 usually) and completely disappear at times. Some channels are okay one day, and snowy the next. Sometimes the sounds are “doubled,” or repetitious.

    Back in April after the major storm blew through we were without cable service (telephone, Internet, TV) for five days. During that period Bellsouth telephone service and DirecTV television service in our area were working fine. Our calls to Vicksburg Video were generally answered by an answering service, which had no idea when service would be restored.

    I feel sure that in other parts of town the service offered by Vicksburg Video is of better quality than that which I have experienced. I trust, too, that the company will ultimately bring our level of service up to an acceptable level.

  2. We have ATT and are thrilled. I would like to see Sprint come to Vicksburg though. Someone at Sprint corporate told me they are looking into servicing more of Mississippi. I hope it is true.

  3. I heard that Sprint is near bankruptcy, Drew. My daughter has Sprint; the service leaves a lot to be desired. I’d guess that either Sprint/Nextel goes under, or they merge with another company.

  4. Malcolm, I have not hear that? Where did you get your information? Also, we have always been pleased with our service from Sprint. I am shocked to hear this news.

  5. Bankruptcy is not definite, of course, but apparently something along those lines is coming.

  6. Malcolm, you can never worry much about this type of news. I thnk this is more “2007 news” though. I expect their new president will assure more layoffs and cut-backs yet Sprint has always been a strong company.

  7. Since I moved to Flowers, I have ATT High Speed Internet thru them, Land Line and Cingular Wireless plus a reduction on Direct TV with the packaged deal. Much cheaper and better service than I ever had with Cable in Vicksburg. I rarely lose service out here and I constantly lost service in town and couldn’t even get
    high speed internet in town due to living at the bottom of a hill across from WES.

  8. I have had quite the pleasant experience with Vicksburg Video. They are always very nice when I need their help and accomodating. I have my phone, internet, and cable through them. About the storm in April, we had our cable on within a few days, actually the same day Entergy came out to fix the power lines. There was no need to get same day service to get my tv working when there wasn’t any power to begin with. Overall, my experience with them has always been pleasant and wouldn’t trade them for Dish at any cost!

  9. I hope, Amanda, that they can cure my problems. I would much rather deal with a local company. BTW, the Vicksburg Video tech people are always very nice, and always call back to be sure my problem has been “fixed.”

  10. Vicksburg cable, in a word, sucks. DSL via AT&T is the only way to go in this town. This is a shame as cable is a better platform to run ethernet on.

  11. Just want to chime in on Vicksburg Video, when i moved to Vicksburg in Aug 2005, because DSL was not available in my area I had no choice to get Vicksburg Video’s cablelynx service. I was very disappointed in their service when it came to the cable channels as well as the internet, I did not experience any outages when I had them but I was only with them a short time. When DSL was available in my area I discontinued Vicksburg Video and got DirecTV as well as ATT DSL and haven’t had any issues out of them, when power was restored in my house I had my satellite and my DSL waiting for me to use the internet. If Vicksburg Video offered more channels like Satellite I probably never would have left but the response times and the fact that if the cable goes down your phone and internet goes down, if my satellite goes down all I have to do is push the reset button or watch television on the internet because it is rare that AT&T ever goes down unless they are working on the poles.

    In Vicksburg, AT&T DSL and DirecTV are the way to go.

  12. I just today (10/13/08) completed transfer of all my internet, phone and TV services from Vicksburg Video to AT&T and Dish. The reliabilty and quality were absolutely terrible – For example, we never knew when the telephone would quit – our shop security system could have tried to call during the night, and we would not have been notified of an intruder. Other times we wouldn’t know we were without phone service until we picked up the phone and had no dial tone. We operate several businesses and a stock trading account over the internet, so the many interruptions in internet service caused havoc. The television signal quality was not only poor, but some channels were chronically affected – either out intermittently or entirely, or sound/picture were not synchronized. Many times when we had problems the telephone at VV had a continuous busy signal – like they had the phone off the hook. Some outages after storms were days in length, while AT&T and Dish/DirecTV were hardly affected. I wrote VV twice and asked to have the quality of service improved, but only once did I get a phone call from them in response – though their technical support people in Arkansas were nearly always available. There’s more that I could relate about their service, but enough has been said. I feel badly that I can’t utilize a company that employs local people, but it’s really their own fault. As an additional note – the quality of Dish Network’s TV programming is awesome – a thousand times better than cable.

  13. It seems AT&T rules…. but not on Mississippi, because they have the Telephone Systems Northeast Mississippi

  14. The service from Vicksburg Video and is criminal. They advertise 10MbPS and deliver 170-400k low dial up service at a 119 bucks a month.It on ly takes 5 people to do a class action in the state of MS what the heck are we waiting for .? I have been being ripped off by this company for a very long time and i am fed UP!!!!!! They do LIE with a smile though and that is so much better than crooks with bad attitudes. Thety can’t control thier own internal security either as i have received numerous phishing and malware emails from within the service itself. Some one has access to the servers and is reaking havoc among the users.

  15. I agree-VV sucks. I tried them for awhile, but after problem after problem, dumped them for ATT. ATT has problems, too, but nothing compared to VV.

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