Vicksburg’s other “high gas price” dilemma

During the winter of 2006-7, while the national spot market price for natural gas ranged from $6 – $8 per mcf (thousand cubic feet), the City of Vicksburg charged its customers $17 – $20 per mcf. Transportation, of course, must be added to the market price in order to determine a final cost to the customer, but in no way could transportation account for the difference in price charged to customers in Vicksburg. The city indicated that some sort of purchasing blunder had occurred, and promised that things would improve in the future. Let us hope so. The city’s outrageous gasoline prices are bad enough; the possibility that we will once again pay some of the highest prices for natural gas in the entire state will be more unwelcome news. By the way, natural gas is trading on the open market at $8 per mcf this morning.

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  1. Purchasing blunder? Listen over almost a year ago a blunder happened to some of the residents who were charged high prices over nautral gas. Also why isn’t this port’s nautral gas privatize? At the time the price of nautral had dropped and yet the city felt it had the right to go against the market.

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