Election Day is one week away

VOTE! Next Tuesday is the day. When Wednesday morning rolls around, we should have a good idea as to who our next leaders will be. Anyone care to make a few predictions? And another thing: There are about 4 million of those plastic “vote for me” signs scattered about the city and county that will become obsolete Tuesday night. Has anyone come up with a good use for them?

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  1. The candidates need to go around and collect their signs the day after the election. Don’t leave them there to mar the holiday season! But, I will be so happy when the election is over, because I am so sick of the mudslinging ads that run continually on television. If you believe the ads, NO ONE is worthy of any office. Hmmm. That just might be the problem, though.
    Anyway, BE GONE election!!

  2. Well, I hope McAlister takes the office in district 55 over Flaggs. I know where Flaggs has lived since 2004. He even has homestead exemption there and it is outside his district. I could care less if he was republican/democrat, white or black. If you do not live in your district you should not be allowed to represent it. In fact, the Attorney General should be involved in these type political stunts by incumbents. Mr. Flaggs is a good man but he does not live in his represented District. If your gonna run aleast be Honest with the people.

  3. Barbour, Bryant, Hood, Cheney, Hall, Hobson, Flaggs, Hoseman, Monsour.

    I hope Ricky Smith takes the DA’s office. With the Democratic support he might do it this time.

    Mr. George will retain his seat.

    I hope Mr. Flanders keeps his, but it will be close. While he has his faults he is the only one trying to change things.

    Ms. Gilmer might unseat Mr. McDonald, it will be close.

    Banks and Selmon of course.

    Of all the races there are four that will have the most local impact. DA, Supervisor Districts 5, 4 and 1. The county board is long overdue for new leadership. I sincerely hope the anti-incumbency mood hits districts 5 and 1. With new leadership the county might actually start doing something and join the city in making progress and economic development instead of this perpetual mundane and minimal mindset.
    Mr. George and Mr. McDonald are good men but they insist on doing little to move the county forward. Mr. Flanders, with a new board, can actually get things done. Hopefully he won’t burn all the bridges this time around.

    The DA’s race is the reason I keep this name. There is just too much repeat crime, questionable alliances and mudslinging from that office. I know Mr. Martin was effective at one time, but it appears that time has passed. He has not personally prosecuted a case in a long time. He is known to fall asleep during meetings and the plea bargaining is excessive – more accurately it is embarrassing. Mr. Martin is well heeled in the good ole boy network and his support stems from there. Anyone taking an objective look at the DA’s office will see the obvious.

    The best known example of the DA’s ineffectiveness is the case of the gentleman in Sid Beaumans’ neighborhood. This gentleman was finally arrested for drug crimes with a wealth of evidence against him. This gentleman was back on the street in no time and allowed to continue his way of life. ENOUGH.

    Enough of the repeat offenders, enough of the blame the police game. Enough of allowing drug sellers and kingpins to continue their way of life. Enough of the questionable alliances. Enough of Grand Jury’s allowing negligent parents to go free. Enough of arresting and convicting someone 7 times only to plea bargain them back on the street.

    We need new energy and commitment in the DA’s office.

    Vicksburg, pay attention to the facts in this race. Aren’t you tired of seeing increases in the crime rate ? The repeat offenders plea-bargained from the DA’s office is the reason. Get a new DA who will not trade your safety for a more manageable work load for his office. Get a DA who will forge a good working relationship with law enforcement. Get a DA who is not entrenched in the good ole boy network.

    We deserve better.

  4. Rudy Warnock should be given a chance for Transportation Comm…Highway 61 So. project…I-20 Restructure…Port Road to 61 No. By-Pass…South frontage rd. past Watkins to Outlet Mall…Nothing on these and other Projects but 20yrs. of talk…What has Dick Hall done for Vicksburg?…chw

  5. I heard Supe David McDonald could be on his way out.

  6. AOMG & CH, I agree with your recs, but have reservations about some. Hood, for one. The Hopkins ads make him out to be a 1st-class crook. Why, AOMG, will you vote for a crook? Or is Hopkins lying?

    I’d MUCH prefer McDonald to Gilmer; anyone who knows Gilmer has a very poor opinion of her, me included, twice over.

    I’m for Flanders & Ricky Smith, too. It’s definitly time for a change in the DA’s office, and Smith’s the man.

    AOMG, your assessment is eloquently stated; maybe YOU should be running for office!

    CH, I don’t know much about Hall or Warnock. Can you be a little more specific???

  7. Ricky Smith is the man for the job!!!!!! Flanders definitely needs to stay in.
    Gilmer?? I am wondering about all those back taxes?? Does anyone know???
    Vicksburg needs to wake up !!!!!

  8. Anne, I agree with you that Ricky is the man for the job as well as Flanders. Please don’t second guess “back taxes”. Who knows what the IRS has in its pocket? The V’Burg Post prints only half of the story. I believe that Gilmer will do a good job as Supervisor. My concern is the Supervisor of District 5 race. In personally knowing the history of those in the race if Sharp does not win I would rather see George repeat another four years. All others in the race of District 5 seem to have a hidden agenda or possibly “help?” from elsewhere. Have you attended any of the forums presented at the City Auditorium? What a farce!!

  9. Good assessment AOMG. The only areas I have concern are the Supervisors and DA’s race. We agree that Mr. George and Mr. McDonald are good men. I am not sure there are qualified candidates challenging them. The tax issue with Ms. Gilmer is a concern, but I don’t know her personally. I do know the IRS has hit our business with back taxes only to revoke them once we gave proof, so the IRS is not infallible.

    I would like to see the county move forward and improve relations with the city. If that means a change in Districts 1 & 5 then it is best for the county.

    I like Ricky Smith. Having spoke to both gentlemen in the race Mr. Smith has impressed me more. Mr. Martin has been in office for 16 years and things are not better, they are worse. The questionable alliances and number of plea-bargains vs. prosecutions concerns me. AOMG hit the nail on the head with the comment: “a…DA who will not trade your safety for a more manageable work load for his office.” Mr. Martin seems like a nice man, but maybe it is time for him to move on.

  10. Once again I would ask everyone with some strong beliefs about the supervisors’ races to consider this: Mr. George was on the board that took Warren County out of the bushes and set up a business like government, with departmental accountability for every budget presented. Until the 1991-95 board was elected, there was no accountability and the county budget was a joke. Mr. George, as president of that board for most of that time, led the county to a new day…. the allocation of casino tax collections (not property taxes) was set up to pay for capital improvements only, no operating expenses, so that if the casinos left one night while we were sleeping, the county would not suffer in loss the means to operate day to day.
    This policy allowed us to begin implementing the new road maintenance and upgrade plan that had been develiped by this same board. At the time of the entry of gaming to this county, very few roads, especially in district one had been overlaid in years, our bridges were falling apart. No new roads had been been paved. By changing from the beat system to the unit system of government in the terms just before ours, the management of funds went to where they were needed most not to where any one supervisor wanted it in their own district and District One began seeing significant improvement in their roads, bridges and other areas. What many voters do not realize is that in order to do anything under the unit system, there must be THREE votes to do it. No one supervisor can get something for his own district on special request unless at least two other supervisors agree. Mr. McDonald has been unfairly criticized for not doing things that he had no legal ability to do in district one. I do not address the matter of Ms. Gilmer’s situation with the IRS… that is a matter of public record and it is for all voters to determine their vote any way they want.
    When Mr. McDonald became supervisor, he continued the business based leadership of the county as did Mr. George. Unfortunately, over the past four years, I have observed a serious deterioration of quality of leadership from the board of supervisors. That deterioration comes from the fact that three votes are placing the county in areas where they have no business at all. When one of the commentators states that Mr. George and Mr. McDonald are hindering progress, my experience and observations tell me that they are simply trying to keep the board and county out of trouble that three supervisors seem determined to lead us into.
    When a supervisor is elected under the unit system, his responsibility is to the good of the whole county. He/she must be far-sighted enough to put personal politics and agendas aside and do for the good of the whole county INCLUDING THEIR OWN DISTRICT! Both Mr. George and Mr. McDonald have done that and Mr. Lauderdale did so on the 1992-1995 board. I have no issues with any of the candidates running in district 1,4, and 5, but I would caution voters to think long and hard about that they may be throwing the baby out with the bath water if they don’t do their homework first…. Warren County needs supervisors with a solid grasp of the LIMITATIONS of their authority, business experience, and an ability to work with others in good faith for the good of the whole, not just a few.
    The 1992-1995 board went down in history as the most progressive, business minded board ever…. the voters chose to remove four of them from office at the end of that term…. the voters got what they thought they wanted and have been paying for it ever since….

  11. I agree that the Board of Supervisors made great progress 15 years ago.

    15 years later we are in the same place. Move forward, enough time has passed to see the lack of vision to take us to the next step. No one can take away Mr. George’s achievements in the 1990’s. The issue has become the lack of achievement this century.

  12. Here’s a news item that the voters on David McDonald I don’t think haven’t forgotten. Last year when Carl Flanders wanted a summit on why gas prices were high here and he wanted a townhall meeting on the subject; David McDonald was in Houston,Texas where the pump price was way below 2.00. The Post phoned him and he commented “not so unique about Vicksburg.” Which had an indifference tone about it. Now the real question why did the other supes strike down Carl Flander’s idea; but Flanders called it on them on a public meeting and he embarrassed them.

  13. I remember it well, Chuck. I thought the other supervisors were wrong in not going ahead with the idea. Flanders has had a lot of good ideas – maybe they’re a bit too “progressive” for the others on the board.

  14. I sure hope Carl stays in office. He is too progressive for the other supervisors but not for me. Unfortunately, with the same supervisors back in office he will be shot down every time he does something that would help us.

  15. I concur with AOMG: Barbour, Bryant, Hood, Cheney, Hall, Hobson, Flaggs, Hoseman, Monsour. I would like to see Flaggs go down because I think his residence is a crock of bull.

    McDonald will probably retain his seat because Gilmer and Ford most likely will split John Arnold’s votes from the primary. George will probably retain his seat since all the voters who don’t like him will separate their votes between four other candidates. Banks will easily defeat Rawlings. Selmon will go back in. I hope all the folks who were so irritated at Lauderdale before, will remember just how irritated they were of him and put Flanders back in office. This young man has a lot of energy and is doing a lot for the public. He has a lot to learn, but he is sincere in his efforts.

    The DA’s office is a catch 22. I think it’s anyone’s ballgame. I do know that many of the problems with the police department are well founded because working for a large corporation, I have had the same problems with them. I don’t know Mr. Smith at all. I do know many of the attorneys in Vicksburg are backing him and that concerns me. Who will he be obligated to in court cases?
    I have no first hand knowledge of Gil Martin sleeping through meeting, however if he is letting criminals off with plea bargaining and they are back on the streets, then it is time for him to go. That is large part of the problems in this country now..we slap people on the wrists for breaking the laws instead of giving stiff punishment. We need to change the laws and start getting tough and a lot of the crime would stop!

  16. I agree with Smitty !! It is time for a change I know Ricky Smith and he is the man for the job. Flanders is a person with vision and should be given time to prove it with supervisors that will move forward and progress!!!.
    Everyone get out and vote!!!!!!!!

  17. Ask your politician what they plan to do about domestic violence in Vicksburg. Why wouldn’t our justice court have a higher bond for beating a kidnapping charges against Ronnie Lampkin? Domestic violences victems have the no protection or support from the judiciary system in Vicksburg, Ms. Have you seen what this man did to his wife. This is very similar to the Hoseman case. Beware Mississippi we are not offering protection to our victims but aiding our offenders to do the crime without punishment.

  18. As an attorney who represents domestic violence victims on a regular basis, I support Ricky Smith (no relation) for DA… there have been few if any prosecutions to conviction for violent or felony crimes against domestic violence victims, the elderly and those that involve families. It took me over a year to get a client divorced because the criminal charges were not being prosecuted. I ended up being the one to negotiate a plea bargain to reduce the kidnapping,rape, and attempted murder charges so that the woman could get resolution. Most of the attorneys supporting Mr. Smith just want the justice system to work as it was designed.

  19. “Beware Mississippi we are not offering protection to our victims but aiding our offenders to do the crime without punishment.”

    Very well said! I’m tired of criminals having more rights than we honest folks have. But, we have to change our laws and attorney’s have got to stop being so greedy and defending people they know are guilty for in order to receive big fees. Money is the name of the game.

    Our laws protect the criminals better than they protect the victims. The District Attorney and the Judges can’t do anymore than the laws allow. These laws are made by our politicians. Our laws need to be overhauled and rewritten to protect the “innocent and victims” and not the criminals. Let’s put the blame where it needs to be placed…not on the District Attorney or Judges.

  20. Gee, I thought this topic was about the plastic signs posted all around the county and an idea for the use of them after the election. We’ve gone from apples to grapes to lemons! How about we get back on track here? I suggest that each candidate gather up all his/her signs and have a bondfire (sort of like going up in a blaze of glory)win or lose.

  21. That is a very strong statement Petesy is made and she is absloutley right!!!. Ricky Smith has my vote…
    You go Petsey!!!!
    Forget the signs, they are not of importance at this point but Tuesdays election is!!!
    Vote for Ricky Smith!!!!! We need a change.

  22. I guess the Vicksburg Post let us know they want Carl Flanders out. See the lead story in Sunday’s paper. I hate the way the Post tries to sway the public to their political agenda. They should be fair and unbiased. How dare they run Carl down the Sunday before the election.

  23. Linda, I too read the article and was amazed that the Post would print those comments. I will be voting for Carl come Tuesday. Carl has been shot down by the other Supervisors because he is a new comer with progressive ideas. Bill Lauderdale is one of the “good ole boys” wanting to make a comeback and then not doing what is best for District 4. How can this District have such a short meormy? Hey, did you see J. Wooley’s ad stating that that Post was in error and that he did not accuse R. George of “paying votes” in District 5 as related to road paving during an election year? Mr. Wooley most certainly did make that statement — I was as that Forum and heard the comment first hand. If Wooley wins wonder how many “I did not say” he will have during his tenure?

  24. Linda, I too read the article and was amazed that the Post would print those comments. I will be voting for Carl come Tuesday. Carl has been shot down by the other Supervisors because he is a new comer with progressive ideas. Bill Lauderdale is one of the “good ole boys” wanting to make a comeback and then not doing what is best for District 4. How can this District have such a short memory? Hey, did you see J. Wooley’s ad stating that the Post was in error and that he did not accuse R. George of “paying votes” in District 5 as related to road paving during an election year? Mr. Wooley most certainly did make that statement — I was at that Forum and heard the comment first hand. If Wooley wins wonder how many “I did not say” he will have during his tenure?

  25. After reading Gil Martin’s large ad in today’s paper, I think I’ll vote for Ricky Smith. If eleven cases in four years is all he has achieved, that record doesn’t sound very good at all! I was straddling the fence but after seeing that, it made up my mind. I think he made a big mistake putting that in there.

  26. Good thinking Smitty!!! Vote for Ricky

  27. The Post is always one sided. Notice the pictures in Sunday’s paper? They made Gil Martin look good and Ricky Smith’s photo actually looked bad. Rickey is a handsome man, he has asked them to use another photo repeatedly, but you can see how the paper works. Also Gil’s ad was in the front section, nicely placed. Were you able to find Rickey’s two ads?

    We need a second paper to teach the good old boys at the Post a lesson.

    Gil is in the race of his life this time around. All the nasty deals, sleeping on the job and poor performance has finally caught up with him.

    The following is a rumor, hearsay, but can anyone verify it? Does Gil have houses he rents out? The rumor(again, it is a rumor, hearsay) is that the homes are in poor repair, poor part of town and rented by those with criminal records. I cleaned it up best I could. Anyone know anything about that? The houses are just east off Halls’ Ferry/Cherry in Marcus Bottom according to the source.

  28. Regarding Carl Flanders. He has irritated others on the board, that is a fact. One of the Board members won’t even speak to him, take his calls or emails. Printing that in the paper just before election should tell you all you need to know about how the Post feels and operates.

    We need another paper, maybe an online edition. Anyone want to front the money?

  29. Exactly how has Flanders irritated others on the Board?
    I imagine they all get irritated when someone disagrees with them, regardless of who it is. Flanders just isn’t a good ole boy. He wants to try new avenues, get the public involved and I see nothing wrong with that. Maybe the others just aren’t doing their jobs well enough and are a tad jealous. Politicians have a bad habit of saying what they will do until they get in office and then never letting the public know anything afterwards. Flanders tries to let us know and I think that’s how it should be. Maybe the others should get off their cans and do the same. He certainly responds to phone calls and emails and the others either don’t or they take 2 weeks to do it. Eveeryone was sick and tired of Lauderdale doing nothing and that’s how Flanders got in, remember?

  30. Smitty, Flanders has burned bridges with his fellow supervisors. Ask him directly, he is the one who told me.

    My point was the paper printing that information just prior to the election.

  31. I have just read the many notes from the past week…
    1. Supervisors have NO authority to set gasoline prices and to keep chewing on that bone will give one splinters. At last look, we were a democracy with prices based on the law of supply and demand, not governmental controls.

    2. While Mr. Flanders is well intentioned, his lack of businees based thinking skills and continued attempts to place the county in unauthorized areas of responsibility are dangerous. For quite some time after he was elected, serious attempts were made to educate him on the LIMITATIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES of supervisors…. I would urge those that think he’s a victim, please look at some of the issues he’s brought before the board…. there are many interlocal agreements between the county and city. they work well because each entity worked in good faith to do what was best for the whole. There are other future agreements in the works, however, the wheels of government grind exceedingly slow….. several of Mr. Flanders’ “visions” seem good, however, the method of his implementation will not work.

    3. In the newspaper’s articles from district one supervisors regarding the need for new buildings…. please understand that the Board of supervisors did NOT build the empty building at Ceres…. The Port Commission did, by requesting bonds to do it…. the Board of Supervisors provided a means to do the funding. The port commission had plenty of income to pay the notes, however statute requires that a bond must be floated… that is the ONLY input the Board had in that deal.

    4. The magic number is three. the magic goal is to exercise those responsibilities as outlined in the statutes under the limitations outlined. The Board of Supervisors do not do direct economic development, the port commission does. Taxes, roads, and infrastructure, and law enforcement protection cover the vast majority of those responsibilities…. any supervisor wanting to venture into other areas, must tread very carefully.

  32. Any idea where to get election results online?

  33. Anon, I know of no place online to get the results. I’ve been listening to 105.5 FM – they’ve had good coverage. Ricky Smith won, David McDonald won, Carl Flanders/Bill Lauderdale is too close to call, Richard George won, etc.

  34. Thanks, I listened to the same station until I got out of range. . .the Warren County website says they will post results through the night BUT they are August results!

  35. http://www.co.warren.ms.us/CircuitClerk/Elections/7Nov07.pdf

    Election results are posted on the county website now.

  36. Petesy says gas prices are a matter of supply and demand. That’s true….I just want another supplier! I want the same supplier Clinton has. Who is the supplier for Vicksburg and how do we get another?

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