Progress being made in combining efforts of VWHS, city & county

The previous topic on this subject (Combine VWHS and the City pound – is now the time?) has become too long for convenient posting; a new topic concerned with the same subject is offered here. To summarize:

Preliminary agreement has been reached to form an advisory council to explore the possibility of combining most functions and facilities of the city and county. Through a united approach it is felt that we can 1) Build (or renovate) a world-class animal control/rescue facility, manned by capable and caring personnel, of which we can all be proud, 2) Eliminate the friction and lack of cooperation that exists between VWHS, the city animal shelter, and the rescue groups, 3) Abate the needless euthanizing and suffering of hundreds or thousands of dogs, cats and other animals, and rescue many to new homes, 4) Oversee a county-wide spay/neuter program, and 5) Promote and utilize the efforts of the hundreds of volunteers in our community who donate their time to improving the lot of animals.

Following is a summary of progress and concerns at present:

1)All three city leaders have expressed agreement with the consolidation effort. Supervisor Flanders is also in agreement, and Supervisor McDonald appears to be in agreement as well. Supervisor Richard George has an open ear and seems willing to back as much consolidation as possible. Supervisors Banks and Selmon have not responded to requests to support the effort (as far as we know). Officials of VWHS have made no comment.

2)An “advisory council” or committee that would investigate all aspects of the possible consolidation and formulate recommendations is presently being considered by city and county leaders. Officials of VWHS have offered no comment.

3)Since they have failed to voice support for the effort at consolidation, the position of VWHS is uncertain. Additionally, some readers of VS have voiced concern that money donated to VWHS is not to be used as intended by the donor, and that it has not taken advantage of the offer a low-cost spay/neuter mobile unit. The VWHS is probably the most necessary component of any consolidation, as city and county funds will probably be directed to it for operation of any future combined facility. Their involvement is mandatory.

Your further comments and recommendations are invited.

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  1. One would think that the VWHS would be thrilled to know that both the City and County would be in agreement to offer support and build an even larger and more adequate facility and funds to hire professionals to care for and maintain it. I know, as one of the earliest members of the society, it has been a dream that we have always had. VWHS should be jumping for joy!

    We started the humane society with nothing. No building, no cages, no money and no help. Just a few people who loved animals and wanted to care for them. We took them into our homes, built cages for them and did the best we could with our own money. Some of the veterinarians helped us as much as possible. Gradually, but very slowly, we grew. Money was always an issue. We got a few donations and had fund raisers. The city and county leaders at that time were not interested in helping. Some of the local businesses did. Very slowly, we grew from nothing to what we have today.

    Finally, we have a chance to have a facility we can all be proud of, one that can have vet technicians to administer proper medical care, a full time manager who can keep adequate records, a staff to handle both city and county animal problems and yet the President and the Board of the Vicksburg Warren Humane Society has made no effort, to my knowledge, to contact neither the city nor the county to enter into these discussions.

    Does anyone else, other than me, find this strange?

  2. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  3. New (continuation) topic will be added. Thanks!

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