Campaign contributions reveal candidates’ support

A reader has posted the following concern:


“I read with interest the article of Arledge donated $1,000 to Supervisor Selmon on page A6 of the Vicksburg Post dated 10.12.07 concerning candidates for District 3 and District 5 Supervisors.  I am disappointed that any candidate would accept a contribution (regardless of being undated) from anyone who is under federal indictment and who has been convicted on seven counts of conspiracy, mail and wire fraud.  It is of further interest that Mr. Selmon is showing a deficit in his campaign funding.  How does the budget for District 3 stand?  I am more disappointed to read that Mayor Leyens made a $1,500 contribution to Mr. Robert Hubbard, candidate for District 5 Supervisor.  I would have believed that Mr. Leyens would have remained impartial as the Mayor and the Supervisor of District 5 share the same area of concern.  Mr. Leyens’ contribution gives me reason to ponder the support of Mr. Hubbard.”


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  1. I am not surprised Mr. Selmon is remaining silent on this one. I am surprised the people of Vicksburg are remaining silent.

    If it looks like a duck, hangs around with ducks and accepts money from ducks, it might be a duck.

    Mr. Selmon, do you have a response?

  2. I am amazed that the citizens of District 5 are not aware of the “policial arena” of who is providing campaign funds to whom. If Mr. Hubbard wins this race who will have District 5 in their pocket? Think District 5, think! I would also like to read a response from Mr. Selmon concerning the contribution from a felon (who by law cannot cast a vote). Is anybody out there who cares?

  3. Believe me, Bewildered, there are a lot of us who are watching that race. Hubbard is not capable of being a decent supervisor; he’s just not smart enough and he does not have the background. The whole problem is we can’t get qualified people to run for office. Look at Selmon as a example. That guy is about the same intelligence and education level as Hubbard, and no one is running against him. And don’t expect an answer from him to your question. It’s a shame. But things won’t get better until we somehow elect better leaders.

  4. Thanks for your comment Bert. If there are a lot of us watching the race why aren’t we out there cheering for whom ever we believe is the best choice for the job? In my opinion, the Democrate and Republican candidates are (as you said) not capable of being a decent supervisor. That leaves the three Incumbents and Mr. George does little for the district. I’m sure that the end result will surprise and bewilder me.

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