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  1. Maybe a crazy thing I’ve been wondering, but I’m going to post it here anyway. With all the children’s toys recalled due to lead paint, could our dinnerware that is made in China also have lead? Yesterday as I was about to microwave lunch in a new “made in China” bowl, I decided to switch to good old Corningware instead. I read somewhere that the British have been much more vigilant about the quality of goods coming across their borders. I know the primary responsibility lies with the manufacturers, but what department in the government isn’t inspecting these things??

  2. Anon, haven’t you heard? All governmental organizations are either now or soon will be corrupt and inefficient – and each organization will grow rapidly as its members seek more power. Look at FDA, welfare dept., etc., etc. If you want protection from lead paint, you’ll have to be your own research scientist.

  3. Here’s a question that is driving my husband crazier every day – what do the gold crowns painted on the streets mean? We Vicksburgers are royalty? We need to drink more Crown? Or does it mean we need to buy Imperial Margarine? Does anyone know? If they are just there for no specific reason, why not paint clowns? Or birds? Or, ooh, ooh, I know, CATS AND DOGS!! I would truly like to see that!!!!
    Just wonderin’…….
    Oh, and where is autumn? Does anybody know?

  4. I haven’t seen the gold crowns. Where are they???

  5. There is one at the intersection on Halls Ferry Road, when you turn onto the Frontage Road heading toward the Vicksburg Hospital. I know we have seen others, but that is the one that we see just about every day. It’s just weird.

  6. Are the crowns on the street signs or actually down on the streets? If on the streets, are they in the middle or on the side of the streets? I don’t remember seeing any crowns either. Are they at the beginning of the street or spaced down the streets? How large are they?

    I will be going down that street tonight to teach dog obedience classes at the pavilion and I WILL be looking for gold crowns!

  7. The crowns were painted on the street for the Miss Missippi pageant. Right?? I think so!!!

  8. The Gold Crowns were painted on the streets for the 50th Miss Mississippi pageant. A nice touch I thought.

  9. I have been working out of town a good bit and haven’t been able to follow all the newspaper articles on the proposed new sports complex, so I was surprised to read that the Halls Ferry LAND is being transferred to a private group? Just wondering how that happens and how this group was chosen?

  10. Aquila has been working on this deal for a long while. Tammy Davenport heads it up. And I wouldn’t worry about the land; knowing the city of Vkbg, there are all sorts of strings attached.

  11. Does anybody know why the Vicksburg Post cannot be accessed on line today? I am a subscriber but read it online when I am out of town.

  12. I heard someone else today complain that they couldn’t access the Post’s site. I suspect it’s just a temporary glitch, though.

  13. Check your tax bills. I got mine this week and it shows a significant increase over last years.

  14. i’m just shocked that washington street, our highway 61, the whole city can no longer have any bars….that means, no blue room type again. what if morgan freeman came to vicksburg and said he would like to start another blues club?
    would he be denied? it’s like the city wants people to go down to the freaking boats for their entertainment. i don’t apologize for feeling like this, but the boats make me sick. the cigarette smell the bright lights, ukkkkkkkk.
    but they do not disturb our new downtown that has decided to be a bedroom instead of a downtown. if people want quiet, they usually don’t go to a downtown to live. i don’t get it?

  15. ilovedogs, just noticed your post about no more bars on washington street or highway 61 and the whole city can no longer have any bars??????? Where did you hear this? When did you hear this?

  16. I wrote a letter to the Mayor to discuss his comment about the mall and what I think we should do with it or some other property that is large enough. I would your feed back on my idea as well as other ways we can pursue this idea.


    Mayor Leyens,

    I wanted to take a moment and talk to you regarding your comments in the paper yesterday regarding your thoughts or ideas for the Pemberton Mall. I think you had a great idea about the anchor stores remaining as individual stores and demolishing the rest to make room for other possibilities. One possibility I would like to see at that location would be for a new movie theater as well as some kind of entertainment park for families. The location already has adequate parking space as well as being right there in the heart of the fast food restaurants. The city of Vicksburg really does not have that much to offer families or our teenagers. I would like to see something that contained miniature golf, laser tag, batting cages, go carts or something like that. It is shame that we have to drive to Jackson to find entertainment. Our city is large enough that I think it would be great if we could offer something of this nature. I feel as if you would be willing to support something like this since you were behind the Catfish Row Park which is a wonderful addition to our city, however, it is something that can only be used in the warmer months.

    I believe that bringing something like this to our city might help reduce the amount of trouble that our teenagers get in to. I think it might help keep them from hanging out in parking lots.

    I understand that this possible location is a very slim possibility but I do think that this city needs something like this here. There are several other empty buildings that this idea would be ideal for.

    I would really appreciate it if you would take some time to speak with me about this.

    Please give me a call at XXX-XXX-XXXX ext. XXX or reply back to me. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts or comments on this.


    Thank you for taking the time to send me your ideas and thoughts for some alternate uses of the Pemberton Mall property. I will certainly pass along your ideas to the owners of this property. As you know, the City of Vicksburg does not own the Pemberton Mall property. Therefore, we do not have input as to how the owners choose to change or develop it, as long as they keep the buildings and grounds up to building and inspection codes.

    We have however, had several conversations and meetings with the owners about what was needed here and offered as many incentives as legally allowed, along with support, to help them redevelop the property. To date nothing has taken place. We are consistently working with the Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Foundation and other entities to try and recruit new industry and businesses to come and invest and build in Vicksburg. That is one reason we have worked so hard to make our City as attractive as possible. However, in the end, it is up to private companies to make the decision of whether or not they want to invest in Vicksburg. We can only recruit, offer incentives and whatever resources we have, to make their plans come to fruition. We also think Vicksburg is a great City and has so much to offer. We will continue to recruit new businesses, help the existing businesses expand or redevelop, and send the message to potential investors that Vicksburg is the place they want to be.

    Thank you again for taking the time to write me. I always appreciate hearing suggestions and ideas from our citizens. I will try to call you next week and we can discuss things further.


    Laurence Leyens


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