Our congressman, Bennie Thompson

Rep. Bennie Thompson made the morning news shows this morning after advising congressional aides to get immunizations against several communicable diseases — including hepatitis, diphtheria, tetanus and influenza — before traveling to look at preparations being made by local first responders for hypothetical scenarios at the tracks in Talladega, Ala., and Concord, N.C. Thompson, head of the House Homeland Security Committee, called it standard procedure, but the congressman representing Concord was offended. Republican Rep. Robin Hayes said, “We thought it was silly that you needed to get a vaccination to come to Concord to go to the NASCAR races. This is the greatest sport on Earth today and you sure don’t need a shot to come down here.” Hayes said the vaccination orders left a biased impression that somehow NASCAR fans or Southerners are more likely to spread disease.

During the trip to North Carolina, staffers were to visit a medical facility with patients at the Lowe’s Motor Speedway. They were also set to inspect an empty mobile hospital. After the House physician told Republican staffers that shots were not necessary to go to North Carolina, they didn’t get them. Democratic staffers apparently did.

Fox News interviewed the two congressmen. The difference in appearance between the two was stark: While Hayes was jovial, laughing at what he considered an utterly silly affair, Thompson’s sour demeanor would have been more appropriate to a report that a terrorist had just blown up the White House.

Thompson has never carried the vote in Warren County. On the other hand, many citizens here and in neighboring counties support Thompson, possibly because he is a Democrat in every sense of the word.

Feel free to share your opinion of the manner in which Rep. Bennie Thompson represents your voice.

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  1. I have to admit… The scariest headline I’ve ever read was:

    Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson to head Committee on Homeland Security.

  2. It shook me up a good bit, too. I do have to admit though, that each time I have contacted Thompson, he has responded which is more than I can say for a lot of them. I never understood how he became so powerful in the democratic party.

    Did he ever give an explanation as to why he suggested the vaccinations other than standard protocol? Standard protocol for what?

    As for his sour demeanor, I think that is his standard look.

  3. All I have to say about Rep Bennie Thompson all the fans in Nascar are laughing at him as a big fool. He made a major mistake and even the Mayor of Charolotte laughed at him and said he’s so naive about Nascar. He deserves to have commentors of Speed TV to rake him over the coals for such a stupid statement.

  4. Another statement in the press that will make Mississippi look bad. Thanks, Bennie!!

  5. I wonder if the govenor’s office got flooded with calls by NASCAR Fans in and outside the state. But none of the Democaratic canidates for president never went to a Nascar race at all. By the way during the presidental season this port never got visits from the candiates from either party. But Bennie only showed his ignorance on the issue.

  6. Several years ago I was eating at Garfield’s. Bennie Thompson and a group of either his family or friends were eating there. They gave the young waitress at their table such a hard time she was crying before they left. They also didn’t leave a tip after all the harrassment. I thought it was pretty sorry.

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