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In Vicksburg and Warren County, we have only one practical means of publicly expressing our thoughts and concerns, our gripes and our graditude – and that’s the Vicksburg Post’s “Letters to the Editor” section. And while Charlie Mitchell does a great job printing many of them, there are many that are either edited or deleted at the wim of Charlie or his bosses. The Internet has done away with such censorship. By using a “blog” such as this one, anyone with access to a computer can comment on any aspect of our city or county. Properly utilized, the blog can be a powerful instrument for enlightenment. So, Vicksburg and Warren County, express yourself!

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  1. I had occasion to go to the city building permit office on Crawford St. the other day and wondered why the front door opens to the inside. Doesn’t the city require local businesses to have their front doors open to the outside…?chw

  2. It cost me about $1000 last year to install a NEW door and change opening direction on another one in order to satisfy the City’s access requirements. That’s beside the high cost of obtaining permits – which brings up the question, why do we have to pay for permits? Seems like the City should be paying US for improving our properties and increasing the tax base. As far as the door you mentioned, it does seem like they need to adhere to their own regulations. Should we report them to the proper authorities?

  3. Malcolm, this is a great venue for Vicksburg…”Being in the internet business” I understand the power this form of modern communication has…Look at the number of post to this “blog” and most of your questions will be answered…APATHY…chw

  4. Yes, CH, you are correct. But it’s not just the people in Vicksburg – it’s typical of the citizenry in this country. That’s why we’re in the hell-of-a-mess we’re in. By the way, if you know of anyone else who might be interested in commenting in this blog, please let me have their email address (if they don’t mind) and I’ll add them to the distribution list. Thanks, CH. Malcolm

  5. WOW…city does not own “riverfront at floodwall”…this is as bizarre as David Ellis representing BOTH Harrah’s and the city at the same time on their contracts with the city…I wonder what else bubba one and two gave away…David took his $400,000 a year for multiple years and “retired”…chw

  6. Anyone who trusts government – of any flavor – is due for an awakening. It must be a natural phenomenon that public office corrupts people. We’ve always been told that our republic/capitalistic system is the best form of government, but after 60+ years of observation, I wonder if ANY form of government is immune to corruption. We’re going the way of the Roman Empire. It’s merely a matter of time now.

  7. Mickey,

    Thanks so much for the praise. Being in these businesses (Attic Gallery & 61 Coffeehouse) is all about being part of the community. As downtown develops, and as more people move there to live, it feels more and more like a neighborhood,and that is a good feeling.

  8. I haven’t heard anything lately about Sid Beaumans dream of a gold course along the MS. river lately. I surely hope that means it is dead.
    Besides gold being a rich mans sport and limiting the area to those who can’t afford to play.
    Did anyone think about all the pestisides that have to go on a course to get that beautiful grass growing? And where will those pestisides end up running into?
    The MS. river! Besides the chemicals that will have to be in the air to fight the mosquitos. I think the gold course is a ridiculous idea.
    Why don’t we leave some area as a natural preserve for the wildlife?
    When I first heard of the old MS.RiverBridge becoming a park, I thought great.
    Then I read a great letter to the editor by a Ms. Giles that changed my mind real quick. She seems to have thought that park idea better than the people that were hired to check it out. For emergencies, it would be more appropriate for the bridge to be fixed for cars and bikes to get across the river.
    It seems like so much is being done in this city for the tourist and downtown. I know this is what this website is about. But there are a lot more tax payers that live elsewhere. Why. don’t we go ahead and just start putting more gaudy gambling boats on land? Yippee. I know the city would have much more affordable places to eat, diners and such if the gambling boats weren’t there.
    And possibly less crime.
    The mayor says having another gambling boat will help wages go up. I guess he has not ever washed dishes or worked in a kitchen. It is only the management the the wages might go up. We are getting cheaper labor every day. It will never go up. There will always be someone just wanting a job and working for the minimum cause these are hard times.
    I know someone who had plenty of experience and went down to see about a job on the boat. She could have cooked with her eyes closed and done all the ordering. But she was self taught and did not have a degree from a cooking school. Having a degree from a cooking school doesn’t usually mean the person is the best for the job. They are usually green, it’s the people that have worked their way up in the business that sometimes make the best employees.
    With all these fake boats on the water… it makes me feel like Vicksburg is in a Simpson’s episode. How we have changed in 30 years. It used to be so nice to go eat at a Ruby’s are Glass Kitchen. Those places are long gone because of the boats. I hear they do our town so much good though but their is always the other side of the coin.

  9. to start with mickey one work “goldies” only good one left sit at the bar and see tiff at lunch.On wed. they have the best beef tips and rice. i love this site i saved it and commented on this lil ceaser mayor we have and hope i am welcomed back my email is –

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