Vicksburg’s City Pound – Death Row?

Animal rescue groups abound across the country, the state, and even in our hometown of Vicksburg, where private groups do their utmost to save and care for every animal they receive, and then find each a good foster or “forever” home. Critics, however, point to our city pound with dismay, citing deplorable conditions there, the lack of an adoption policy or a spay/neuter program, and poor communication with local rescue groups. Instead, most animals receive a one-way trip to Jackson and the Mississippi Animal Rescue League – a “high-kill” facility where they are euthanized. Many people cringe at the thought of destroying an animal, and to some it is a heinous crime. Surely Vicksburg’s leaders can develop procedures to cooperate with the local rescue groups and save many of these innocent but unwanted dogs and cats. Your comments and recommendations are welcome – click the “comments” tab below.

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  1. There definitely needs to be changes made at the City Pound. There is no adoption policy in place that promotes spay and neuter. Anyone can go to the pound and get a dog or cat for $20.00 I am not saying that some of the animals do not get good homes, probably some do, very few of them. .I would think that for 20.00 some are probably used for bait. This would not surprise me.
    The City Pound without an adoption program is just keeping itself in business. Owners can reclaim their animal for a small fee, thus allowing the animal to go back out and reproduce. Keeping the cycle going.
    Most of the animals at the pound face a certain fate and that is euthanasia. They are taken to MARL in Jackson to be put to sleep.
    I have been to the pound and have rescued animals from there and they were treated for illnesses spay/neuterd and placed in good screened homes. All dogs at the City pound are not adoptable but some are. I have rescued dogs from this pound that were pure bred, Pekingnese, Basset hound ,Scottish terrier, cocker spaniels GSD’S beagles, rat terrier and other breeds, some mixes also. One City pound dog a Papillion mix went to Florida to a wonderful family. So my point in this is to let everyone know there are many adoptable dogs at the pound.
    The lady that used to work there would call me every week wanting to help the dogs and cats. Since she left we do not get any calls from the pound to help those animals there. Our norm is to be contacted by shelters and pound to help. .There is no effort made by the City Pound to help any of the animals there. There are rescue groups locally and in other states that will be happy to help.
    For all that the City Pound lacks, the animals must have a place to go to for some sort of safe haven. The City Pound provides shelter, food and water nothing more. It provides certain death .
    All animals cannot be saved, there are too many and the numbers continue to grow.
    I know that there has been talk of a merger between the City Pound and the VWHS. There has been no agreement made on either side. Politics and control come to play.
    Some City Pounds have grant money that they use to spay netuer, vaccinate and get those animals to rescue. Caddo parish is a prime example. The animals are fully vetted before rescue ever pulls them. With no pulling charge

    The resources are out there and Vicksburg Officials just need to step up to the plate and stop putting animals on the bottom of the list. These are living breathing creatures that deserve a chance. I am realistic about the animal population and know every animal can not be saved or helped. But the fact is clear, that changes need to be made immediately.

  2. Publicity. That is one of the most needed things in the plight of animals at the city pound.Very few folks even know where the city pound is. Another is a working together between the city and various rescue groups as well as the Humane Society. How we care for or fail to care for abandoned animals in our community reflects on us as a whole. We must realize that all life is precious.

  3. […] has been one post in Vicksburg Speaks regarding the Vicksburg Animal Shelter (City Pound) (Vicksburg’s City Pound – Death Row?) wherein the argument was made that the shelter has no adoption policy, no spay/neuter program, and […]

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