Your taxes paying for non-city deadbeats

The Vicksburg Post reported Tuesday that county supervisors are paying delinquent customer garbage pickup bills with your tax dollars. You can read the article here:

What’s your reaction?

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  1. All is not always as it appears to first sight. I look forward to hearing more research and how this would be handled in addition to a cost analysis of the research cost “vs” just picking up the trash to keep our city clean.

  2. If the law enforcement agencies would start ticketing these low-life litterers, the city and county payrolls could be reduced.

  3. Do you have examples?

  4. Examples? You mean all those beer bottles and cans that are strewn on the sidewalks and streets each evening? Yeah, I got examples. And I’ll bet there hasn’t been a ticket written for littering in 6 months.

  5. I don’t know where you are speaking of yet I do know my children and I pick up trash as we walk and hope you do too instead of just complaining about it. The city does an excellent job of community service in keeping our city clean for which I thank the mayor, Malcolm Carson, and all involved. Do you pick up after yourself and your dogs?

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