Vicksburg Post vs. Beacon Hill Institute

The Beacon Hill Institute of Boston rated Mississippi dead last among the 50 states in terms of competitiveness when attempting to attract new businesses. The Vicksburg Post in a Sunday editorial took issue, claiming the study was a “hoax.” In a Letter-to-the-Editor printed in Wednesday’s Post, David G. Tuerck, Executive Director of BHI, challenged the Post to disprove its findings, saying “…I’m sure that you’ll want to expose our little hoax in detail. You’ll want to tell us just how we rigged the data to get our preconceived results. If not, then I’m also sure you’ll want to print a retraction. That is, unless respect for the truth no longer commands the respect that it once did down your way.”

It will be quite interesting to watch the Post for its reaction, for its defense of its charge, or a retraction thereof.

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  1. I found this quite interesting that Post would do this. But I wonder if the Beacon Hill Institute could be right on this one. What are certain editors of the post jealous that that those in the Northeast have maybe figured them out?

  2. Misrepresentations in our local paper!? (why yes, that is sarcasm)

    Vicksburg Speaks was all over this a long time ago…right around the 2007 elections if memory serves me correctly.

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