Professor Igor Panarin said in an interview with the respected daily IZVESTIA that the USA will break apart into six separate nations. He even claims Russia has the right to take back Alaska. Read the story here:

Is it time to secede?

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  1. OH NO WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? I better plan another trip to Juno. Do you think this means no more Salmon fishing?

  2. The Russians aren’t the only ones predicting dire consequences for the US. A leading European “think tank” projects the US will default on its debts next year. Take a look!-Phase-IV-of-the-Global-Systemic-crisis-Breakdown-of-the-Global-Monetary-System-by-summer-2009_a2435.html

    Costa Rica is looking better all the time.

  3. Oh, well… Try this and click on the first article. Maybe it’ll work

  4. It is alledged to be true that russia only long termed leased alaska to the u.s..But the american politicians who wanted alaska made everybody think we bought alaska,as there was much opposition to spending the money at the time.It was easier to sell the public on spending the money if they thought it was for a purchase and not a lease.Supossedly anyway.Russia still has claims to part of the western u.s.,about down to the san francisco area.And they do have a contingent of soldiers in mexico,and military equipment in canada.Makes one wonder why.

  5. sorry about the poor spelling.Just got thru eating thanksgiving dinner,so the blood is in the tummy and not the brain right now,lol

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