Cameras to enforce Vicksburg traffic laws?

The City of Vicksburg is considering the installation of cameras at the intersections of Halls Ferry Road/Pemberton Boulevard and Mission 66/Clay Street to finger drivers who disregard the traffic signals installed there. Natchez and other cities across the country have already approved such installations. At no cost to the city, the company that provides the cameras makes its profit by splitting traffic fines collected as a result of the apprehension of lawbreakers. The VPD supports the project, but there are many people across the country who have decried such installations as an infringement upon their rights. How do feel about such?

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  1. We live in the county, but work in the City. I like the idea of cameras at certain traffic lights. At least once per week, I have to delay driving out of the ERDC entrance on a green light because someone runs the red light on Halls Ferry Road. Not yellow, but red, and not a changing light that doesn’t allow them enough time to stop.

    I have even seen south bound vehicles so brazen as to move into the left turn lane and run the red light, continuing south on Halls Ferry. I wouldn’t be surprised if the City could generate a thousand dollars or more per day just at that traffic light alone, plus make it much safer.

    Our daughter lives near Kingsport, TN and they have installed these cameras at lights. One intersection there is said to have landed the City more than $20,000 in fines the first weekend. After seeing how local drivers there run red lights, I can see why Kingsport installed them.

  2. It might be advisible to read Charlie Mitchell’s column in yesterday’s Vicksburg Post and then examine Will Grigg’s piece on

    There are enforcement issues of a constitutional nature here, to be sure, but it is definitely about the money.

  3. Here in houston we are now awashed with red light cameras.And they give out a lot of tickets.Sure it’s touted as a safety matter,and it makes a lot of money for the city.But there are still lots of drivers who run the lights,fine or no fine,and endanger other drivers.Also i’ve been in the situation where everyone ahead of me suddenly stops,leaving me in the intersectio while the light turns red.So far no ticket,but you never know till you go to the mailbox.

  4. Leyens says he’s backing off the camera installation due to negative input. I believe this is the first time he’s ever listened to the public. The mayoral election must be drawing near.

  5. Love your blog, cant stand the thought of more cameras watching us

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