New TV Station features locally produced shows!

Paige Caldwell, fresh from Mississippi State with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, and her new husband, Steve, a local entrepreneur with family roots deep in Vicksburg, will soon bring commercial TV to Vicksburg.

Their first show is planned to focus on local real estate and is to soon be followed a regular interview format where local civic, business, government, church and social leaders will be invited to inform Vicksburg Video cable subscribers on their organizations or projects.

YLTV (Your Local TV) Vicksburg, the local ID for the shows on channel 88, is part of an expanding Mississippi network of StogMedia, a Jackson, Ms. based national cable network focusing on local ‘cable-captive’ TV stations. Others in Mississippi are Natchez, Brookhaven/McComb, Hattesburg/Laurel, Gulfport, Biloxi, Meridian and Jackson metro.

The company has affiliates coast to coast.

Charlie Stogner, StogMedia CEO, says he is elated a young couple fresh from college will be pioneering in establishing the equivalent of a commercial TV station at Vicksburg.

He says Paige’s recent college training combined with Steve’s computer and networking background will enable them to be on the leading edge of using new technology to bring local commercial TV to Vicksburg.

Stogner reports StogMedia is considered a pioneer in the use of Internet technology in the delivery of local TV to cable providers instead of satellite. He says even with low bandwidth YLTV/Vicksburg will soon be able to air ‘live’ events.

Paige says she’s eager to get started and expects to have other local shows developing as soon as the real estate show gets underway. She is originally from Gautier, Ms.

The first episode of “The Vicksburg Home Show” is set to air November 8^th at 9:00 AM with a repeat at 2:00 PM. For more information email <> or call 662-312-9202.


Steve Caldwell
C3 Technologies

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  1. There is an elephant in the room.

  2. Nat-


  3. Just to explain a little more, YLTV Vicksburg is here to provide low cost cable access to businesses, churches, schools, government, or individual producers.

    We use leased access programming, which differs from traditional public access in that we can air commercial programming.

    Any local producer who wants to get involved in creating content on the channel has potential to bring home substantial profits from ad sales.

    While my wife Paige and I are producing a real estate show at the moment, we do not anticipate being the producers for the majority of the content that airs.

    Some other show thoughts include creating a Casino show, local tourism information, B&B tours, live Church services,a car dealership showcase…

    The low cost of airtime will make it very easy for businesses to no longer rely solely on 30 second spots…they can run 15 or 30 minute ‘documercials’ that captivate the audience and provide a human interest side of their business.

    I’m looking for people who are interested in collaborating on new local show ideas. We hope to air a daily news show on 88 in the coming months.

    Right now there is a lot of potential, but we need HELP! We are looking for people who are truly interested in the big stories happening in this town. Together we can have success in creating Vicksburg’s first truly local TV channel supported by local businesses.

    If you’ve got any ideas, or would like to get involved, you can reach me at

  4. Steve, do you know David Hughes? David Day? Either of those two might be of help to you. Hughes has collaborated with Morgan Freeman and others to produce TV shows on the blues connection to Mississippi – he’s quite talented. David Day hosts the local Klondyke radio show, and is likewise a very talented individual.

  5. I’ll look up David Hughes, thanks so much. I do know David Day and we have spoken briefly about potential shows…

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