Grading scale for Vicksburg schools altered

The old:

A – 93-100, B – 85-92, C – 75-84, D – 65-69, F – 64 and below

And the new:

A – 90-100, B – 80-89, C – 70-79, D – 65-69, F – 64 and below

What are the benefits of the change to the students? Will the change result in improvements to their education? While foreign powers seek education excellence, is the USA seeking to candy-coat the educational process in an attempt to deny its failures? Your opinions welcomed.

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  1. I didn’t attend school in vicksburg,but at the other schools i went to,they used the 90-100 for an “A” system. I’m under the impression most schools use the 90-100 in grading,so i think it would be fair to bring vicksburg in line,at least from the students perspective. Of course just changing the grading scale won’t actually make any students smarter.But for those who try at school,and just quite can’t seem to get that “C”,or”B”,maybe now they can and feel better about themselves when they eke out the higher grade.

  2. This change will help our students obtain scholarships. Under the old system, our student with a 90 average got a B. Another student, from a district with a 10 point system, got an A for the same grade. Academic scholarships go to students with the highest GPA. We need to seek level playing fields for our students!

  3. I don’t have an opinion yet on the grading system. I will need to do some research. I do believe it’s important to have a good mentoring program to teach spelling, math, etc…

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