Can Vicksburg support a fifth casino?

Riverwalk Casino, Vicksburg’s fifth, is on the verge of opening. Obviously, the owners felt that the local market could support its operation, else it would not have been built. Also evident is the fact that a county with a population of only 52,000 cannot support five casinos – there has to be an influx of gamblers from other parts of Mississippi, Louisiana, and other states. With the economy in dire straits there will have to be an intensive marketing effort for all to succeed, else one or more of the casinos may be forced to close. What’s your opinion of the future for Vicksburg’s casino industry?

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  1. I think they feed off of each other. I also don’t think that it’s Vicksburg that supports them for the most part. I think it’s Jackson (I don’t have any numbers, just guessing). I think that if they would really start to expand with golf courses and things like that…really utilize the MS River and how gorgeous it is, they could turn Vicksburg into a real place to come and play and stay.

  2. More casinos means more revenue.

    It also helps to make Vicksburg a destination. That is good for all of us.

  3. i would’ve thought the casinos would’ve drained every last dollar out of the wallets of the folks in the region by now.You know the saying,a fool and his money are soon parted.Next thing you know vicksburg will be legalizing prostitution and taxing it.At least the customer will be getting something for his money,unlike at the casinos.

  4. The customer of casino’s get entertainment and Vicksburg gets the revenue from the visitors and the money they spend.

    Robert J, let’s look for “cleaner” ways to bring revenue than prostitution. That’s not even a conversation to discuss, sir.

  5. miss bertha,i was just being sarcastic.sorry if it offended.

  6. Mrs.

  7. My condolances to you husband.

  8. Build it and they will come. The more the merrier. Thinking about Ronnie’s and Dubya’s take on capitalism, the market will shake out and get rid of the losers in ventures of this type and the winners will be succeed. Trickle down economics is a nice temporary fix for janitors and other new-hires at casinos like Riverwalk considering Mississippi’s high unemployment rate. If not successful, perhaps the casino owner cartels can apply for a bailout in Washington along with Ford, GM, and Chrysler and the others waiting in line with their hands out. BTW, the AIG…too big to allow to fail per Paulson… bailout now will cost double the first estimate of $85 billion the Bushies allocated. Our grandchildren will not appreciate this burden they will have to pay off thanks to the incompetence of the worst presidential administration in American history. It is a wonder how the printing presses at Treasury pumping out paper dollars can keep up with the demand for the all the cries of “Me Too!”. Will the new adm. under Obama keep our currency from being worth more than bathroom tissue?

  9. Obama won’t be able to do a thing about our money – the dollar is doomed. He will only hasten its death. As far as Bush’s presidency, I agree – it was the second worst in American history. Only Abraham Lincoln presided over a more disastrous term in office. But during the next four years, instead of merely the Southern states being destroyed, Obama may oversee the decimation of the entire country.

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