Monticello, MS mayor shoots, kills family dog

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This was on the news on WLBT TV. A woman supposedly a public servant in a position of trust, who uses her power over a friendly family dog and takes him to a barn instead of returning him to his home, or taking him to the city pound where his family could have rescued him, where she shoots him to death.  There is NO EXCUSE for what this woman did when Bingo followed a family friend to where his family once lived. 
Please contact the Judge and the prosecuting attorney and support this family in their effort to seek justice for Bingo.  Letters are best, and can be faxed, along with phone calls.  Efforts may be made to intimidate the family in a small town situation where the woman Mayor picked a dog up and heartlessly and cruelly shot it to death.  It is easy to wield power over a dog who is frightened, and to then shoot it to death.  This is evil personified.
WLBT NEWS    (at  
New Hebron 10/14/08
Mayor shoots, kills family dog

By Monica Hernandez
Charity and Johnny Gentry are planning to pack up and leave the New Hebron home where they’ve lived for two years. They’re shaken because the town’s mayor, Cindy Bryan, shot and killed their family dog.
“You know, he wasn’t just another dog, he was our friend, our family.   I had to watch my kids cry for two days over it,” said Johnny Gentry.
The Gentry’s said Bingo escaped and followed a former neighbor to his apartment in late September. The family said Mayor Bryan picked up the dog, claiming she was going to take him to the pound, but took him to the town barn and shot him instead.  According to the Gentry’s, they weren’t notified until the next day.
“She wasn’t an animal control officer, she had no business trying to transport a dog anyhow,”  said Johnny Gentry.
We tried to find Bryan, but she didn’t return our phone calls or answer the door to her home, and town hall was closed for the day on Tuesday.
However, she admits to shooting the dog in the Lawrence County Press. She said the dog tried to bite her while she was enforcing the town’s leash laws.
“Bingo does not bite. I’ve never even heard him growl before,” said Charity Gentry.
In the article, Bryan said the Gentry’s had been told several times that their dog was running loose and threatening others, and finally decided to take matters into her own hands.
“In the paper she said she tried to contact us on numerous occasions.  We never received anything,” said Charity Gentry.
The family filed charges against Bryan for maliciously killing their dog.  Lawrence County Justice Court officials said Bryan’s tentative court date is set for October 29.
Directory of Justice Courts in Lawrence County.  
Lawrence County Justice Court 
P.O. Box 903 
Monticello, MS.  39654 –
Phone: 601-587- 4854, 
Fax: 601-587- 0755.

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