Is Obama really a US citizen?

If he’s not, he’s not eligible to run for the office of the presidency. One viewer writes, in another post on this blog,


Do you agree?

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  1. they cant produce a real birth certificate. why dont the media talk about that! I also hear that he just went back to Hawaii not to see his sick granny (shes fakin) but to try and get a REAL birth certificate and thats the REAL reason she was in the hospital. I bet you she was all up in there trying to help him forge one.

  2. Frank Davis may be the hidden reason.

    Baracks’ mother was pregnant when she married Obama Sr. If you look at photos of Obama Sr there is very little or no resemblance to Obama Jr. There is a strong resemblance to Frank Davis.

    Either way it doesn’t address the place of his birth.

  3. I made the ridiculous comment above thinking people would realize just how STUPID people can be. Do you really think that if he were not eligeable to vote, that SOMEBODY…..ANYBODY would have figured it out by now? You are an absolute idiot. Maybe I need to go back and talk “stupid” as I did in my post on “Is Obama the anti-christ” so that YOU will be able to understand. I shore wanna thank you for a provin my point.

  4. and by the way, Just Sayin you aint gonna believe better sit down. My cousin Berdie Mae just called and told me that John McCain aint no natural-born citizen either. She said he was born in Panama. Its a good thing he’s got Palin coverin his back. some say shes not the sharpest tool in the shed, bless her heart, my daddy always said you can judge a good woman by her cornbread and children. I aint never heard about her cornbread cookin but they say she makes mean moose stew. Let me tell you,any woman who can take care of 5 childrens while keepin an eye on Russia. heck it wouldnt take no rocket scientest to figure out how to vote”

    You make me ashamed to admit I live in Vicksburg.

  5. The bona fides of Senator McCain as to nature of his birth are a matter of public record. He was born in the sovereign U.S. territory of the Panama Canal Zone to parents with U.S. citizenship. While the Canal Zone was given back to Panama in 1999, such does not invalidate the senator’s citizenship and eligibility to become our president.

    On the other hand, Senator Barrack Hussein Obama has not been as forthcoming with his records of where he was born. This whole matter could be cleared up in a mirco-second should he permit his records to be reviewed.

    The questions regarding his eligibility to become the president are not a partisan issue. We have a requirement in our Constitution which states that only a natural-born citizen can assume that office.

    If the Senator Barrack Hussein Obama had been born in Kenya, or if his mother had renounced his citizenship so he could attend an Indonesian school, then he would be ineligible to become our president. These and other questions can be answered only when the senator from Illinois produces those records.

  6. U know Senator Obama has a realitive in Kenya he hasn’t acknowledged?

  7. Chuck, check out what a missionary to Uganda says…

    On October 16, 2008 at 4:07 am Scott M. (Missionary to Uganda) Said:
    You have got to be kidding me. On September 6, 2008 at 8:19 pm robert j Said: “Here are a few facts concerning obama: 1)He said his grandmother has always been a christian.Yet she says her morning salat prayers daily. 2)obama is 50% caucasin,6.25% african black,and 43.75% arabic.Though his father was from kenya,he was 87.5% arabic. 3)obama’s kenyan cousin,Odinga,has created mass violence in kenya trying to overthrow the government”
    First, Obama is mixed, yes. But his father is Luo, a tribe that has a long history of being proudly AFRICAN. He is mixed between AFRICAN and WHITE AMERICAN. I cannot believe that somebody as ignorant as Mr. J, would even dare post something like this. It exposes his racist hear to the core. Secondly, the word cousin is used very loosely here in Africa. Everyone is EVERYONE’S COUSIN. Period. End of conversation. The current president of Kenya is so corrupt it isnt even funny. Odinga, coming from the same tribe as Obama is a Christian you idot. He didnt try and overthrow the government, he tried to get what he rightfully won, but was denied, because of the corruption of Kenya. There was so much voter fraud it wasnt even funny. He is now the prime minister with the current and same president. If he tried to overthrow the government, then why is he serving in that same government??? The violence in Kenya had nothing to do with trying to overthrow, or kill christians. It was purely ethnic and tribal. It was CHRISTIANS KILLING CHRISTIANS.
    If you are going to post something at least sound intelligent and get your facts straight!

  8. Rev. Dabney, are you a pastor of a church?
    With the nation focused on the November elections, we thought a post on politics might be appropriate. The point of this article is not that we should abstain from any participation in the political process, but rather that we must keep our priorities straight as Christians. After all, the gospel, not politics, is the only true solution to our nation’s moral crisis.

    We can’t protect or expand the cause of Christ by human political and social activism, no matter how great or sincere the efforts. Ours is a spiritual battle waged against worldly ideologies and dogmas arrayed against God, and we achieve victory over them only with the weapon of Scripture. The apostle Paul writes: “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ” (2 Cor. 10:3-5).

    We must reject all that is ungodly and false and never compromise God’s standards of righteousness. We can do that in part by desiring the improvement of society’s moral standards and by approving of measures that would conform government more toward righteousness. We do grieve over the rampant indecency, vulgarity, lack of courtesy and respect for others, deceitfulness, self-indulgent materialism, and violence that is corroding society. But in our efforts to support what is good and wholesome, reject what is evil and corrupt, and make a profoundly positive impact on our culture, we must use God’s methods and maintain scriptural priorities.

    God is not calling us to wage a culture war that would seek to transform our countries into “Christian nations.” To devote all, or even most, of our time, energy, money, and strategy to putting a façade of morality on the world or over our governmental and political institutions is to badly

  9. misunderstand our roles as Christians in a spiritually lost world.

    God has above all else called the church to bring sinful people to salvation through Jesus Christ. Even as the apostle Paul described his mission to unbelievers, so it is the primary task of all Christians to reach out to the lost “to open their eyes, in order to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are sanctified by faith in Me [Christ]” (Acts 26:18; cf. Ex. 19:6; 1 Pet. 2:5, 9).

    If we do not evangelize the lost and make disciples of new converts, nothing else we do for people—no matter how beneficial it seems—is of any eternal consequence. Whether a person is an atheist or a theist, a criminal or a model citizen, sexually promiscuous and perverse or strictly moral and virtuous, a greedy materialist or a gracious philanthropist—if he does not have a saving relationship to Christ, he is going to hell. It makes no difference if an unsaved person is for or against abortion, a political liberal or a conservative, a prostitute or a police officer, he will spend eternity apart from God unless he repents and believes the gospel.

    When the church takes a stance that emphasizes political activism and social moralizing, it always diverts energy and resources away from evangelization. Such an antagonistic position toward the established secular culture invariably leads believers to feel hostile not only to unsaved government leaders with whom they disagree, but also antagonistic toward the unsaved residents of that culture—neighbors and fellow citizens they ought to love, pray for, and share the gospel with. To me it is unthinkable that we become enemies of the very people we seek to win to Christ, our potential brothers and sisters in the Lord.

    Author John Seel pens words that apply in principle to Christians everywhere and summarize well the believer’s perspective on political involvement:

    A politicized faith not only blurs our priorities, but weakens our loyalties. Our primary citizenship is not on earth but in heaven. … Though few evangelicals would deny this truth in theory, the language of our spiritual citizenship frequently gets wrapped in the red, white and blue. Rather than acting as resident aliens of a heavenly kingdom, too often we sound [and act] like resident apologists for a Christian America. … Unless we reject the false reliance on the illusion of Christian America, evangelicalism will continue to distort the gospel and thwart a genuine biblical identity…..

    American evangelicalism is now covered by layers and layers of historically shaped attitudes that obscure our original biblical core. (The Evangelical Pulpit [Grand Rapids: Baker, 1993], 106-7)

  10. By means of faithful preaching and godly living, believers are to be the conscience of whatever nation they reside in. You can confront the culture not with the political and social activism of man’s wisdom, but with the spiritual power of God’s Word. Using temporal methods to promote legislative and judicial change, and resorting to external efforts of lobbying and intimidation to achieve some sort of “Christian morality” in society is not our calling—and has no eternal value. Only the gospel rescues sinners from sin, death, and hell.

    You Rev. Dabney if you are a pastor of a church you are a stumbling block to many Christians…shame on you. I will pray that the Lord will open your eyes and convict your heart for the racist comments that so many have now read…these very comments are what I hear so many people say is why they don’t want to go to church any more. Again…shame, shame on you…you will be held accountable. (even more so since you claim to be a “shepard”

  11. By the way…that was an article from “Pulpit Magazine”

  12. Redneck Woman for a Christian you sure have a lot of hate.

    I think it is people who hate who are a stumbling block for Christianity.

    On the above comments about Barack Obama and his heritage there is a real discussion on that topic. Launching ad hominem attacks does little to change the discussion. It does change ones view of you. The whole discussion could be put to rest if he produced a birth certificate.

    Sorry to hear you are ashamed about living in Vicksburg, I am proud to live in Vicksburg, even with the redneck women.

  13. he has produced one you idiot. The court just ruled within the last week.

  14. the only “hate” that I have seen is from this blog…you, JP, Mr. Dabney (he is NOT a pastor of any church) Malcolm,Chuck and a few other “regulars” from the cast of characters. I have been been passing along comments from the archives and your thoughts and comments are spreading like wild fire. Why do you think that Dr. Tinsdale wrote in on the article “is Obama the Anti-Christ”..on October 15th, 2008 at 4:32pm? Go read it! He says he DISASSOCIATES himself from the looney rumor, he didn’t write what was written as a head-liner on ‘YOUR” forum. Hmmmm….maybe the national media has caught wind (with a little help) and are investigating. Go ahead, so called “Christians” spread racist lies. And the saddest part…you claim to do it in the name of Christ… God sees the true heart. Shame on you

  15. Actually, I am an ordained minister. I wish you would point exactly what my racist comments were. You have swerved all over the map and as E.M. Bounds once noted “the devil lies concealed in many words.” You have spewed forth with a confusing assortments of doctrine which speak more to your liberalism than the disingenuous moniker you are hiding behind. Please read my comments verbatim for they mean what they say.

  16. you may be and “ordained” minister….so was Rev. Wright. So are a pastor of a church now?

  17. maybe you, Mr. Dabney need go go back and reread all you have posted in the past…I have and thanks to the internet…everyone else in cyber space is or will be soon.

  18. Redneck woman, show us what he wrote.

  19. you spend YOUR time going back to ALL the archives and look…read as I have….I have read EVERY article (as members of the press are now doing) It reeks of racism. Such a sad day for Vicksburg.

  20. BTW Mr. Dabney, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson,and Jim Jones (along with many other cult leaders) were “ordained” minister.

  21. You’re out of your mind lady.

  22. Yo dawg, in your eagerness to chime in your support, you have added yourself to the list of other insane cast of characters on this site. Sounds like a novel in the making…I mean makin’
    These clowns continue to promote and propagate lies, hatred, prejudice, slander, deception and much ignorance….all in the name of God and country. American democracy is suppose to be about the freedom for any American to run for office or vote for any candidate that one chooses regardless of gender, race, religion, creed or color. Why anyone, but especially those who call themselves Christians, would try to discredit, slander, lie and tear down any candidate is beyond comprehension and certainly not keeping with the values that Christ taught. If folks want to vote for McCain or Obama it is their American right to do so but again I ask why the need for such lies and nonsense like…Obama’s not a US citizen, he is a terrorist, a Muslim, an Arab, a Socialist, a communist, the anti-Christ or some how un-American. All of these “labels” (and more) appear in the archives of this forum. Just because someone looks or believes differently than we, does not justify such vile behavior. This forum started out as a venue to discuss concerns of Vicksburg and Warren County citizens however it has developed into a breeding ground for lunatics looking to spread their personal fanatical lies and deception to tear down someone whom they have never met or bothered to truly get to know factually. This forum unfortunately gives credence to the stereotypical view that many Americans hold of southerners. Please do us citizens of Vicksburg a favor by stopping the lies, hatred, prejudice, slander, deception and ignorance or change the name to something other than “Vicksburg Speaks, A Forum for Citizens of Vicksburg and Warren County”. You have brought shame to our city, state, county and country.

  23. I would suppose Malcolm, that last comment means NO to the question at the top, but I would not want to wager a guess.

  24. rightttttttttt, because a “minister” would not gamble.
    And the answer is yes….he was born in Hawaii.

  25. The Truth About Barack’s Birth Certificate

    Smears claiming Barack Obama doesn’t have a birth certificate aren’t actually about that piece of paper — they’re about manipulating people into thinking Barack is not an American citizen.

    The truth is, Barack Obama was born in the state of Hawaii in 1961, a native citizen of the United States of America.

  26. I’m sure Bryan Dabney that you will say the proof offered above is a fake. I would never attack your character by accusing you of being a child molester and that the reason you spend so much time on the internet in stead of working on your sermons (since you are an “ordained minister”) is because you like to look at porn. I’m sure that you would agree that asking you to prove wrong such character assassination would be absurd and ludicrous. Yet, this is the EXACT type of slander and character assassination that you have participated in on Sen. Obama. Obama has produced his birth certificate I have not asked for your criminal record because such non-sense would be WRONG.

  27. thank you “Redneck Woman” for speaking up for so many of us in Vicksburg. So many of us have stopped looking at this web-site because of the hatred and insensitivity it shows. I received a phone call today and a friend suggested I come take a look. You are the talk of the town! I love what you have written and I agree with all that you said. Praise God that this forum represents one a few of Vicksburg. I do wish they would take their racist “discussions” to the coffee shop. And I agree, they should change the name. It is very embarrassing to have name Vicksburg associated with this garbage. May God bless you.

  28. Thank you InChrist4ever (great name, by the way)

    I have prayed about this and have great peace about all that I have written. I’m sure the “good ole’ boys” will be relieved to know that I will not be revisiting this web-site…I’ve got better things to do. Like going out and spreading the gospel. Join me in praying for them.

    He Reigns!(aren’t you glad we know the end of the story)

  29. PS My brother-in-law is an attorney with the US Department of Justice. He has promised me to watch over this web-site…we all have a right to free speech…but one can cross the line. And also know that the media is also on to this web-site, which is why when questioned by the media, Dr. John Tisdale dissociated himself from it. And most importantly…God is watching and the day will come when ALL will have to be accountable.

  30. Redneck woman – “you are my hero!” THANK YOU!!!!! Please help me to ask the people listed on this Blog Roll as “supporters(?)” why their links are listed on this site. Do they believe and support Malcolm Alred and his beliefs? The few I have contacted are questioning why their company is associated with this site. Please contact them and ask them all if they support his beliefs!

  31. Right On, I agree. I will start calling tomorrow. However skip the ones that are affilated with antiques. Malcolm Allred is a “treasure-hunter” and I am sure he has ties with most, if not all the antique sites listed on the “Blog Roll” I will tell my friends to start calling also. This web-site is a disgrace. I have received several calls myself and everyone that I know is embarrasesd that it “appears” to be an “offical” Vicksburg city/county web-site. And I agree with Redneck woman. SHAME SHAME on you mister (not minister and sure NOT REVEREND) Dabney. You indeed are a stumbling block. Matthew 7:21

  32. I think the crazies are gone……Is it safe to come back yet?

  33. How did I miss this!?

    The Birth issue could have been put to rest easily if Sen. Obama simply produced a birth certificate. The one you cited above has been challenged as a forgery (google it). This raises some real questions on what should have been a dead issue long ago. My view was the ‘Birth Issue’ was created by the right to scare those loyal to the right into action. The issue was allowed to linger by Sen. Obama and it gave the appearance of having something to hide.

    The recent ruling on the birth certificate you spoke of above was a technicality issue(something about the standing of the attorney), not a ruling on the certificate itself. Hopefully the Supreme Court will hear the issue before the election so that this nonsense can be put to bed.

    Redneck Woman please don’t attack me for stating the facts of the situation. I respect your right to express your point of view. As a proclaimed Christian keep in mind the ‘love each other’ command given to us by Jesus.

  34. I find this entire web site to be offensive. I thought the “old-South” had moved forward. Is this for real? “Vicksburg Speaks”. I grew up in Warren county, graduated from the University of Mississippi and must tell you that this web site does not speak for me. Vote for who ever you want, but leave the racist, ugly comments to yourself. This web site does NOT speak for the citizens of Vicksburg and Warren County.

    • This web site is very ugly. I will never come back to it. It is racist. It is not of God. God is not racist. He is of love. I will pray for the citizens of Vicksburg.

  35. And as much as it pains me to say, (I am a McCain supporter) I agree with what Redneck Woman wrote. The very idea, given the racial tension in this election that Mr. Dabney ( is he really a minister?) would openly and proudly write “Hussein Obama” is terrible. And David, I am sure that there are many people of authority (you can bet McCain’s campaign) have looked into Obama’s birth certificate and if it were not real it would have been made known by now. Let’s do all Republicans proud and stick to real issues and stop this junk. It makes us all look stupid and desperate.

  36. and please understand that I went back and read some of the archives and saw what “Rev” Dabney said “amen” to. And I was also wondering what church he is affiliated with? Does anyone know?

  37. Twas the Night Before Elections . . .

    Twas the night before elections
    And all through the town
    Tempers were flaring
    Emotions all up and down!

    I, in my bathrobe
    With a cat in my lap
    Had cut off the TV
    Tired of political crap.

    When all of a sudden
    There arose such a noise
    I peered out of my window
    Saw Obama and his boys

    They had come for my wallet*
    They wanted my pay*
    To give to the others*
    Who had not worked a day!*

    He snatched up my money
    And quick as a wink
    Jumped back on his bandwagon
    As I gagged from the stink

    He then rallied his henchmen
    Who were pulling his cart
    I could tell they were out
    To tear my country apart!

    On Fannie, on Freddie,
    On Biden and Ayers!
    On Acorn, On Pelosi’
    He screamed at the pairs!

    They took off for his cause
    And as he flew out of sight
    I heard him laugh at the nation
    Who wouldn’t stand up and fight!

    So I leave you to think
    On this one final note-

  38. That is one of the most beautiful poems ever written.

  39. Lol
    It does not surprise me, adawg, that this is the most beautiful poem that you think has ever been written.
    Do us a favor; tell people you are voting for Obama. You really do bring shame to those of us that are intelligent in the Republican Party. It is this type of stupidity (along with McCain’s choice of running mate) that is going to cost us the House & Senate.

  40. I’m sure “Bert” didn’t consider food stamps a socialistic program when he and members of his family and friends have had to use them during a difficult time. No, it was considered a “helping-hand” then. It amazes me how hypocritical people are . The difference for so many depends upon who is receiving the help. If it is them or their family and friends, it is a “helping-hand” but, if it’s someone else, it is a “hand-out” and a socialistic program. Let me see you turn down Social Security and VA benefits. And no thank you Lucy, he belongs to your party!!!

  41. Pray tell, Lucy S, why are you of such foul mouth? Didn’t your mother teach you that if you can’t say something constructive, you just keep quiet? Only uneducated dumbbells will vote for Obama, and adawg, who appreciates great poetry, obviously is not of that class. By the way, adawg, I can’t take credit for the poem – it arrived via email.

  42. ps..tuck your tail and RUN dawg. You have yet to say anything intelligent. Only one liners.

  43. I will be laughing as I cancel your vote Bert. As I will when the election returns come in. You are the uneducated idiot. Come next Wednesday morning, you can join dawg in the dog house and eat each others vomit.

  44. Bert,
    You can call me Doctor Lucy. I received my M.D. from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and trained in Psychiatry at the Payne Witney Clinic of the New York Hospital were I was Chief Resident for a number of years. Maybe you should come see me, I think you may need to be on medications or at least have the ones you are on adjusted.

  45. Ruth, or Lucy S, or Redneck Woman, whatever your real name is (you’re all one and the same), please keep your nasty comments in Hawaii, wherein you reside. Thank God such trash has not emanated from the fair city of Vicksburg. You are typical of the type of uneducated ignoramus who will vote for Obama.

  46. LOL you are correct. I have retired and have a home in Hawaii and Mississippi. Have I stepped on your paws?

  47. Go back to digging for treasures where you “talent” is appreciated.

  48. Thanks Malcolm and bravo!!

    Great poem, Bert.

    Deo Vindice!!!!

  49. As for my one-liners, Ruth, I just enjoy being a spectator and stoking the fire a little bit. I have an opinion on the election just as everyone else does, but nothing anyone could say on here would change my mind and I feel that everyone else is pretty set in their decision, so why try. I do, however, find you, Lucy and redneck woman(who thinks we’re terrorists) are all rude, vile and possibly in need of some medication to calm you all down. It’s just a website.

  50. I’ve reading this one as a specator. Real interesting responses on both sides.

  51. I really cannot believe I have wasted my valuable time on this web-site. I actually found it a bit amusing at first, until I realized what a great disservice these idiots were to the Republican Party. As I stated above I am a retired Medical Doctor who happens to own a GREAT deal of real estate in Warren, Hinds. Madison, Monroe and Chickasaw county.
    I have several farms and horse ranches which produce some of the finest horses ever to come out of the state of Mississippi. My children and other relatives manage these properties for us. My husband and I worked HARD our entire life and are now retired. We come from a long line of farmers, ranchers, doctors and lawyers all from Mississippi. We have been very blessed and own property in Hawaii and Colorado.( Which several former and current Governors frequent) Yes, I am a proud Republican. Several of my grown children share different political views and it makes for some interesting conversations at our homes. However, we speak of policies, taxes, experience, etc. Not once in our family discussions has the issue of who is the anti-Christ, a terrorist, an Arab, anti-American, un-American etc. been brought up in our homes. And I really do believe that it is this type of nonsense along with, McCain’s choice of running mate that will cost us seats in the House and Senate.
    My daughter had been telling me for weeks about this forum and had asked that I take a look at it. I have found this web-site to be offensive on many different levels. Free speech, right? Or has it sometimes crossed the line? Just a thought. I proudly claim several family members that have commented on this web site, even though they are PROUD Democrats. As proud educated Mississippians they have stated their opinions, and then been assaulted with name calling.
    Which brings me to this….be sure Malcolm A, since you appear to be the “moderator” or in with the “moderator” that you do not “bite off more than you can chew” You truly do not know who you are “talking” to. You may find yourself “barking up the wrong tree”.
    Be sure that you dot every i and cross every t. And by the way, adawg…you finally have something of substance to say. Good for you! However, not once have you read that I have called anyone a terrorist. And I thought you deserved what Ruth wrote, as you stated you do “stoke the fires a bit” so if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. I can’t claim Ruth as a relative, but did find her comments not only funny but right on target. Looks like she may have ruffled a few feathers.
    Deo Vindice!!! Yes He will, yes He will!!!!

  52. Malcolm, let me recap for you. Conform or face the consequences.

    It’s a shame but it appears that if one questions Obama on any level then one must be a racist.

    How about this:

    Barack Hussein Obama provide a birth document that proves you are eligible to be President. The one referenced above has been proven a forgery.

    It’s that simple.

    Should I now expect the Justice Department to investigate me because my free speech doesn’t conform?

    Just Sayin…

  53. My point to Malcolm was in regard to the
    ” You may comment using an anonymous name; your email address will never be shared.” I think he “gets” my point.

  54. Your email address has never been exposed, Lucy, only your blatant and vulgar disregard for other people and their opinions.

    Thanks for the point, Just Sayin. It’s still a free country – at least until Obama is elected.

  55. U know malcom on some forum boards the moderator can ban those who use vulger language and harrass members. Moderators inforce the rule of netiquette.

  56. If that were the case, Malcolm would have to ban and excuse himself from this site and give us ALL peace!

  57. Chuck, it;s

    Malcolm not Malcom
    Vulgar not vulger
    Harass not harrass
    enforce not inforce

  58. Malcolm, what happened to you focusing on your building on Clay Street that needs attention? What productive do you do? It certainly isn’t this web-site. Does it somehow help you fuel your hatred towards yourself? Tell everyone why you left your previous employer and how they bought you out to get rid of you.

  59. Bertha, that is so hateful. This forum was begun to give the people of Vicksburg and Warren County a voice – a voice they don’t have anywhere else. It has done that. I have very seldom banned anyone from this site, preferring to honor that great American freedom – freedom of speech. Unfortunately, it’s also given voice to hate mongers like yourself and Redneck Woman. I suspect I need to take Chuck’s advice and eliminate people like you so that discussions can concentrate on issues rather than being sidetracked by petty, vulgar, hateful remarks.
    In regards to my previous employer, I’d like to hear all about them buying me out, etc. Have you got the guts to email me directly with the details?

  60. I am all for anyones opinion, but this has gone to far. Bertha and redneck woman should removed from this list..
    Constructive critism is one thing but the hateful post are another. If they do not go I am!!!!!
    I hope the moderator will consider doing this. I have enjoyed Vicksburg Speaks and the opinions of my fellow citizens..

  61. I agree. They (the multiple personalities of one person) have made a number of unfounded assertions and did not supply on iota of support for their charges. It is as if the Obama Hit Crowd had come to the internet with a weapon of mass distraction so as to deflect attention away from this important constitutional issue: whether or not Senator Barrack Hussein Obama is a native-born U.S. citizen.

    I am for all decent opinions expressed. That is what I so enjoyed about this website. But when the ad hominem attacks begin because the intellectual ammunition of some has run out, then it is time to censor them or remove them. The First Amendment was designed to maintain free and open debate but never lies and falsehoods.

  62. Don’t remove them, that would be playing into their hand.

    Let them continue to expose their hatred for opposing views in any embarrassing way they see fit.

    While we may differ in opinion hopefully we agree the right to express those differences remains unhindered.

  63. They’re also entertaining…..let em stay.

  64. Here’s a video on the law suit requesting Obama produce his birth certificate:

  65. Moderator,,Please remove them. Such hate and unkindness is not entertaining, but pathetic.I do not know how people harbor such hatred. It only goes to show that THEY, somehow feel bigger in thier own skin by doing so..which is very very sad.. Total waste of time and life..
    This blog would be better served with out this type of upset..
    Moderator please consider…

  66. Frankly personal attacks don’t serve no purpose and they don’t get no anywhere. Nor push an arguement forward.

  67. Chuck, it’s

    serve ANY purpose


    get no ONE anywhere

    ARGUMENT not arguement

    “It’s not a personal attack. It’s help for you and an expression of my free speech.”

  68. Well folks I am voting for McCain!!!! I do not agree with Obama’s beliefs and do not feel he is ready to lead this country..I am pro life, he is not.I am definitely not for partial birth abortions. I am not for spreading the wealth around and he is..I am a christian and believe strongly in my faith. I am not sure exctly what his faith is when he sat in Rev Wrights church for 20 long years… I believe in the constitution and I am not sure he understands it. since he is wanting to stray from what our founding fathers established this country on..
    There are too many unknowns and not enough answers about Obama His associations with Ayers, Rev Wright to mention a few I find deeply troubling.
    Do I feel he can handle a terrorist attack if one should occur if he is elected to office, No I do not.
    Spreading the wealth around may sound great to some, socialized medical care may sound great also. but without our national defense we are nothing. Nothing will matter if we are defenseless.
    I do not want to live in a socialized world, I want my freedom and liberties.. I am afraid Obama may not see it that way..He is a smoothe talker and promising the great change but it is a change I personally do not want. Mccain Palin all the way!!!!

    11/04/08 LET’S GET IT

  70. For the time being, no one will be prevented from posting. However, further vulgarity or personal attacks will result in removal of the offender from the blog.

  71. Does this include you, Malcolm, as well?

  72. Wee from Bertha’s response it looks like it is not going to stop.. Shame on you.
    Why not lets discuss the election that is 3 days away and focus on the issues at hand. Seems to me it would be better to do so..

  73. Just reported on the news Obama’s grandmother is living here in the USA illegally.. What is next on this man and his family and associations..
    You would think he would help his grandmother or you would expect he would. guess it is going to be like he plans to help non fmaily members. citizens of America.. he will not..

  74. No, JP-aka-CHUCK, it was his Aunt. Not his Grandmother. It is his Aunt living in Boston. Not his Grandmother. Recheck your information because you are wrong.

  75. ….. besides, what does that have to do with anything? What about the rest of the illegals in this country? Did you notice all the ones working on the church building on Walnut Street this weekend so the city inspectors and code enforcement wouldnt catch them. They even worked at night. Why arent local issued being addressed on this site? What about the 49 year old may that’s dating and inpregnated the 16 year old girl that boldly walks her around old town?

  76. You are right it is his AUNT . but still a family member.. nontheless…
    Don’t know anything about he 49 year old and the youngster..
    Maybe you should call and complain about the people working on the church. Are you sure they are here illegally, maybe it should be looked into..

  77. Good point. You are going from something “someone” said. Are you sure Obama’s Aunt is here illegally? Did you see the proof? Do you take responsability for what your extended family members do? What about for what your kids do?

  78. Yes I help my family without a doubt. yes I am sure she is here illegally, reported on the news and backed up with proof..
    My family is not in question here. because i am not running for Presidient of the USA. But Yes Bertha I am a responsible parent and have always been. I was blessed to have the wonderful gift of an adopted child.

  79. Out of respect to the Obama family, let’s end this conversation. God bless his family and accept his grandmother into heaven.

  80. Dear Malcolm,
    I am so sorry, I have been too busy working to keep up with everything lately. You know how I love some great discussions. Don’t ban the crazy ones! We are southern, we like to dress them up and parade them up and down the street. Keep up the good work!

  81. L.H.W. – Did you hear this fat woman singing “O happy day” last night? If you did it would have reminded you of our days in New Orleans drinking in the streets. LOL

  82. Dear Bertha, I missed the woman singing. If you were with me in NOLA, then I know where we were and it wasn’t on the streets-it was at a specific bar-FYI, I have never used the “W”-which makes me wonder who you are-you obviously know how to find me if you want to reveal yourself.

  83. As of Tuesday night there is an elephant in this room.

  84. Apparently, the matter of Obama’s eligibility to be president is coming to a head. The Supreme Court is examining the matter:

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