Will the city and Entergy pass along the natural gas savings?

Natural gas is $6.73/mbtu on the open market as of today, 10/14/08. That’s a far cry from the $16 – $18/mbtu level when Entergy began charging its 28% “rate increase,” and when the city raised its “adjustment” to the highest levels in our history. The City of Vicksburg today charges us approximately $19/mbtu, while Entergy bases its fuel adjustment charge for the most part on the price of natural gas. Will the city and Entergy pass along the natural gas savings to us?

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  1. And lose their profits? Doubt it very seriously. Unless of course enough people complain to the right people.

  2. The only profit in the gas system for the city is when they charge back there own departments for gas and water. They have to pay for a lot more than the actual gas, theres a few (many) miles of pipe that must be maintained, employees, trucks, the billing center, etc.

    My suggestion has been to sell the damn gas and water service and get it out of there hair. Lets see how the residents of Vicksburg like buying there gas and water on the “open market”. And don’t think there wouldn’t be hundreds of companies just jumping to make that purchase.

  3. After examining this month’s bill, we have concluded that Entergy is continuing to add the 27% fuel adjustment to its bills, even though natural gas prices are less than half what they were when the huge increase was placed in effect.

  4. If you wish to complain to the Mississippi Public Service Commission about any aspect of your electric bill, go here:


  5. Looks like Entergy will continue raping the public, at least through December, after which they plan to reduce rates by 14%. Wonder how much in “windfall profits” they made during the time they imposed the 27% rate increase? Wonder if the City will continue raping us at $20/mcf, even though natural gas is only $6.60/mcf on the open market?

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