Do you know where your money is?

In this time of financial crisis, many have had their savings ravaged in the stock market. What has been your experience, and where do you recommend placing your savings now for future growth?

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  1. On 9-15-08 I closed my last stock market account after seeing it had dropped over 10% in value since last year. Earlier this year I had cashed in my other stock market accounts all of which had less than satisfactory performance. Looking at the stock market plunges over the last few days, I am so glad I have gotten out of the market. I have shifted most of my money into short term CDs spread around 5 banks to stay under the FDIC insured limits. Interest is next to nothing but at least my money is parked safely for the time being. These are scary times watching an economic Pearl Harbor. I hope this Recession does not turn into a Depression.

  2. Yeah, with gold down $75 as we speak, what the hell is going on???

  3. Bert: Check Rozeff’s article today. He has a plausible explanation.

  4. I read the article, Rev., and I agree with Rozeff’s conclusions. He does not mention the deflationary effects of the loss of trillions of dollars in the market, which I think also negatively affects gold price. But it would seem that in these times of turmoil that gold would fly regardless.

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