Kings Point Ferry – why are citizens paying for it?

Warren County furnishes a barge and Coast-Guard-Certified pilots to transport vehicles across the Yazoo Canal to Kings Point island. It operates 15 hours a day, and costs Warren County taxpayers several hundred thousand dollars every year, money that could perhaps be put to better use in other areas. Why has Warren County agreed to such an arrangement? How many vehicles/people benefit from the operation? Why aren’t island land owners responsible for their own means for crossing the canal? Your opinions invited.

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  1. A private ferry company could do the same and actually contribute to the tax base, not increase it.

  2. Good question. How do we propose a change? How do we get answers to your questions?

  3. the county provides and pays for the ferry service because the roads to the ferry and on the island are public roads, not private except where a road comes out to the main road. The county is mandated to maintain all county roads and provide access to them however necessary….. As a supervisor, I pushed hare to develop a low water access road to the island which would have made the ferry unnecessary. The powers that be determined that the cost of purchase of property, building of the road and maintenance would be too high. That’s why we have a ferry.

  4. Would there be a reason to go to that island for a day trip? What’s even over there on that island? Anything to do there for people that don’t live there? Do the tourist people promote that place?

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