Will foreigners elect Obama?

Baarack H. Obama’s campaign contributions have amounted to many millions. The source of much of that money has not been revealed (the Obama camp refuses to identify donors), and much has apparently come from foreigners. Read more on the revelations here:




Who will YOU vote for?

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  1. I will vote for McCain

  2. i will vote for paul barrett.or either that b rock guy.i don’t really know john mccain isn’t he the guy from die hard,i love that movie.that how i want to deal with terrorism.so i guess i will vote john mcclain.

  3. In reading numerous articles on Obama, one thng that disturbs me the most is that for someone who has done charity work all of his younger life and yet went to the finest and most expensive universities while he admittedly experimented with all kinds of drugs, which aren’t cheap, made a world trip in between his college years, and did more charity work afterward….where did the money come from for those expensive colleges, the drugs and the world trip? Neither his mother or father had money. Where did the money come from to buy over a million dollar house after getting out of college? He won’t disclose donors of his campaign money which is in the millions….where is the money coming from?

    Does this bother anyone? Who does he owe? What favors does he have to return? His wife, Michelle, claims most of the campaign money comes from the people in small donations….I don’t buy that, not into the millions of dollars.

    McCain’s wife is a millionaire, so he isn’t obligated to anyone and no favors have to be returned.

    Obama never answers the money questions. He is a great talker and a has nice smile…but who does he owe allegiance to?

  4. Both McTweedle Dee and OTweedle Dum are part of the problem. McTweedle has been at it a bit longer but OTweedle has been a quick study of how to “kill the goose that laid the golden egg.”
    If you believe half of what either of them have said, you can almost feel your wallet getting lighter. Orwell was right. His vision of the future was “a boot stepping on the face of humanity… forever.” All platitudes aside, it is pick your poison time this November the 4th. Either way we are in for more war, more intrusion, more taxes, more spending, and an even larger national debt.
    It does not seem right or responsible that the very people and parties which have gotten us in this mess, are the very ones which our electorate will select to run this country, and all on their vague promises of a brighter future and their vacuous prattle about real change. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” It seems that we are going to “get fooled again”, with apologies to The Who.

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