Speed Street apartments vacated – will it reduce crime?

The old Speed Street School building, located at 901 Speed Street, and long ago renovated for apartment dwelling, has been declared unfit for habitation. Thirty residents have been given thirty days to vacate their apartments. The area around these apartments has been the scene of numerous crimes over the past year or more, though no resident (to our knowledge) of the apartments has been accused of any crimes. Will the crime rate in the area be affected by the dislocations? What’s your opinion?

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  1. What will partially reduce crime is giving individuals in this area some form of recreation. We should have a community center with an outlet for the kids to play sports or gather in a supervised atmosphere.

    Our emphasis has been on beautifying the city, and it is working. Now we need to work on having things for the kids to do in our city.

    When I was young we had all kinds of activities available to us, provided by the city. These included sports and competitive leagues. The children in our city have very little in that respect and are left to their own devices. Where is the PAL club, where is the Boys and Girls club?

    Part of our duty as leaders is to represent all the people of our community, that includes the children. I would like to see the next bond issue be to create facilities and areas to provide activities for our less economically blessed citizens.

    A beautiful city is more than landscaping, a city needs beautiful people too.

  2. I agree, Just Sayin, except for the bond issue. We don’t need more debt. Compared to 15 years ago, this city is rolling in cash. Cut back some of the unnecessary programs, and use the savings for facilities.

  3. Which programs would you cut back?

  4. Not being privy to the details of the city’s expenditures, I’d have a hard time saying. But if I could look at what was spent on various programs 15 years ago versus now, I’d have a darn good idea.

  5. JS, great idea.

    Malcolm, isnt that public information that you can research?

  6. Possibly, if you could get the city to cooperate. But it’s not really necessary. The mere fact that the city is spending twice as much now as it did 15 years ago leaves it obvious that there is plenty of room to cut back. Add to that 2 big bond issues that have been utilized by the Leyen’s administration for capital projects, and it’s even more obvious. If they want to provide activities for the youth, they can find the money. Hell, all they have to do is put off buying a dozen new cars this year, and the money would be there.

  7. Amen. It’s about time that old school building was addressed. People having been living in filth. It should be razed ASAP. There are serveral other building which need to be razed. One is at the corner of Speed and Washington where a junk car and truck have been parked for several years. The windows are broken and now has profanity painted on it. Historic buildings should be preserved but if the owner doesn’t take care of them then get rid of the eyesores.

  8. I must say I didn’t expect to see a piece like Speed Street apartments vacated – will it reduce crime? | VICKSBURG SPEAKS today. Very impressive. Reminds me of something I learned about port the other day.

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