Entergy sued by Attorney General Hood

Attorney General Jim Hood is accusing Entergy of buying electricity and fuel at inflated rates from its sister companies, and then overcharging customers. Entergy, as has been reported before, is refusing Hood’s request for internal company information about fuel prices, and has gone to federal court to block Hood from gaining access to it. Do you suppose Entergy is hiding something?

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  1. About time. That 28% rate hike represented a 70% jump in my electric bill.

    The Attorney General is doing the right thing, what will solve the problem is allowing another utility to provide power. Competition will keep the prices fair, not legal action.

  2. Just got my Entergy bill today – $134 base, $173.80 with fuel adjustment – a 30% fuel charge! Is Entergy cheating us? Darn right they are.

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