Bare your booty with saggy jeans?

How do you feel about people who allow their underwear to be exposed by loosely fitted pants? Lots of towns and school districts are banning the practice. Here’s the experience of one…

A law that landed a Florida teenager in jail for having sagging jeans that exposed his underwear is unconstitutional, a judge has decided.

The 17-year-old spent a night in jail after police arrested him for exposing 4in (10cm) of boxer shorts in Riviera Beach, south-east Florida.

Town voters backed the law in March after supporters raised a petition.

However, a circuit judge ruled that the law was unconstitutional based on “the limited facts” of the case.

Carol Bickerstaff, defending teenager Julius Hart, had urged Judge Paul Moyle to throw out the law, saying: “Your honour, we now have the fashion police.”

Before making his ruling, Judge Moyle said: “We’re not talking about exposure of buttocks. No. We’re talking about someone who has on pants whose underwear are apparently visible to a police officer who then makes an arrest, and the basis is he’s then held overnight.”

Gaining popularity

Moves to ban baggy or saggy jeans are gaining popularity in several parts of the US.

Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia are among the larger US cities considering similar measures.

However, civil liberties groups say such laws will unfairly target young African-Americans.

The fashion is believed to have originated in prisons, where inmates are given baggy uniform trousers and have their belts removed to prevent hangings and beatings.

The trend made it to gangster rap videos in the 1980s and then spread to skateboarders and high-school hallways.

Should a similar ordinance be made law in Vicksburg?

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  1. Who will head the Fashion Police force?

  2. only fruits wear loose fittin britches i like my pants tight in all the right places if you know what i mean.HELLO LADIES.i like the legs my britches to fit in the top of my boots.i like pants so tight you can count the change in my front pocket.fellers that wear them saggy britches are the ones who mug old women and sell drugs hell they might be responsable for 9/11.i don’t want no saggy britches in my town.a guy with saggy brithces is dating my daughter,now she sags her britches.i’m at my wits end HELP ME

  3. lulz

  4. It does look tacky when they wear their pants so low you can see their vertical smile. At least the kid was wearing boxers and not a thong.

  5. I bet Obama wears saggy jeans.

    • You are just stirring it up ain’t cha girl?

  6. Its a trend it will go away……someday

  7. I thought it meant that you were ready for sex with another inmate.

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