Vicksburg’s best restaurants

It’s been a while since we’ve surveyed Vicksburg’s restaurants, with some disappearing, others opening since the last poll. Which do your recommend? Share your experiences, good and bad.

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  1. We tried to eat at Pearls Oyster Bar last night.

    Horrible, absolutely horrible service.

    Took forever for the waitress to come to the table, when she finally did she said ‘what do you want’.

    We ordered and when she brought out our drinks the glasses were dirty, film covered dirty.

    After waiting a few minutes for her to show back up I went to the bar to get the manager. I was ignored while standing at the bar for 5 minutes or so by many who passed by, including the bartender.

    Finally I got their attention, in a big way.

    Let them know how unhappy we were, how bad the service was and as the ‘manager'(really a cook) was trying to make amends the bartender decided that was a good time to argue with me about how long I waited.

    We left.

    I understand they are new and need some time to get their program together. Their program will never come together if they keep uncaring rude employees. Uncaring rude employees will kill that business regardless of how pretty it is or how good the food is. There was no manager anywhere near until we were steaming out, then he got up from a table and asked if I had a minute. He gave me his card and as he asked me what happened another 3 managers came out of nowhere. Where were they when we needed them?

  2. I still say Mainstreet Market and Anchuca are the place to eat! Best service and best food! They tie! Glad they are so close in case one is too packed so we can go to the other. Excellent service, people, food, atmosphere….

  3. mcdonalds has great shakes and a dollar menu.keep it hood

  4. Daddio’s opened yesterday at the corner of Belmont and Drummond. 1101 Belmont at the back of Education Station. They have Panini’s. It’s great. The man who is running it is from Texas and is really nice.

  5. panini’s that sound like food that fruits that smoke pot what the owner is from texas i bet his pants aren’t as tight as ole lady make a mean tater salad.u should come by my house some time’cold beer good brisket and big fine the hell out the beechwood.

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