Davenport trial ends in mistrial

The jury could not reach a verdict in the trial of Dane Davenport, the Mississippi Highway Patrolman accused of molesting two boys. A new trial is planned.

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  1. This case is very disturbing, to say the least. The mother of the boys had an uneasy feeling about Davenport for YEARS..as stated in the VP. I find this very unsettling and something just quite not right..I would think as a parent if I felt uneasy about someone around my children it would not take me years to figre out what to do about it..

  2. I agree with JP. If she had an uneasy feeling for years, why didn’t she get the hell out? She is not the one on trial but she is not being portrayed in a good light at all.

  3. The whole thing is unsettling. Regardless of his guilt or innocence he is forever branded. Those children are forever tainted regardless of them being victims of abuse or not. The mother is forever damaged regardless of her action or inaction.

    Pray for the family, keep suspicion of guilt or innocence to yourself until the new trials are complete.

  4. I am a mom who had “uneasy feelings” and suspicions many years ago and DID SAY SOMETHING. Reporting what I thought was going on devastated my life.

    At the time, my daughters would not admit that anything was going on between them and their uncle. I still could not get rid of the doubt and felt strongly about saying something, so I reported my suspicions to my husband. My husband adamantly defended his brother and chastised the girls. My family split over the whole matter and I was immediately branded as being crazy and hypersensitive (some of the same things that have been said about this poor mother).

    My daughters are now grown and their uncle is dead. Four years ago they came to me to tell me that they had been sexually abused and manipulated for over 8 years by him. They are emotionally scarred, unable to sustain a normal relationship and will never get over the devastation of what happened to them. They admit now that their uncle threatened my life if they came forward. He showed them his gun and described how he would kill me if they told anyone. The lengths that a child molester will go to in order to protect himself are sickening.

    Only a monster of a mother would put her children through what these boys are going through. The mother is also in the middle of a living hell. I believe that the accused should be innocent until proven guilty but the victims should be afforded the same rights and respect.

    I agree with praying for the family. Pray for the truth to be revealed and justice to come swiftly.

  5. If you were actually at the trial and not just reading the biased and inaccurate articles that just quoted what the defense attorney stated, then you would know that this mother did ask the sons when she had an “uneasy feeling” because she saw Dane and one of the boys jump apart when she walked in the room. Have you ever had and uneasy feeling about someone but no proof of this feeling? How can you report what you do not see and what is not verified by the child? Look at what this mother and the boys are enduring when she did actually have visual verification of her “uneasy feeling”. I believe these boys and the mother have suffered enough at the hands of Dane Davenport and our justice system that appears to only protect the accused and not the victims. How can any of us feel comfortable reporting abuse when we see what these boys and mother have been through after going through the proper legal channels. I am sure there are many adults out there who were abused as children who never reported the abuse because of fear of exposure, people thinking something was wrong with them, or that others would attack their character. I applaude this mother for having the strength to take action to protect her children and all of the other children here in Vicksburg from child Molesters like Dane Dvenport!

  6. All I know is that there have been rumors about this highway patrolman, Dane Davenport, since he moved back here from Natchez many years ago. I don’t know him but I have always heard that he was a homosexual and that he likes young boys. Ask around, you will hear the same. Mike Outz is a very good friend of his. Connect the dots?!?!?!

  7. In addition, if you had been at the trial, you would know that the defense attorney made a statement about the mother accusing another male in the boys lives of molestation, but the mother never made an accusation. One of the older boys made a statement that ‘daddy grabbed my butt” just so he could avoid seeing his Dad for the weekend. This reporter once again documented what she heard the defense attorney state rather than listening to both sides! This mother took her child to a counselor and had the situation investigated. The counselor called the Dad and said that the child was just avoiding going to his house. She did the same thing in this sitution,She had the situation investigated only this time she actually walked in on the incident of molestation.
    This incident was reported to the Warren County Sherrifs Office who then contacted the Attorney Gerneral’s Office(AGO) because Dane Davenport is a Mississippi Highway Patrol Man. Did you ever think that Dane might have thought he could get away with molesting these boys just because there was an unfounded previous report?

    These boys reported their rape and molestation to the AGO, the Child Advocy Center, DHS and the court appointed Pshcharitrist. All of which confirmed that these boys had been abused! This Mother has been on trial because that is the Defenses only defense to accuse the mother and confuse the jury! This is why some mothers never report!

    • *Whoknows..
      Ill save my time for typing ten pages where and when justice is due and/or an accurate response is needed. I have no problem with opinion. However, when discussing facts, keep it factual and correct! If you had been at the trial…or paid attention..when was the mother on trial once? In other words, the defense’s defense was all but the mother! Feel bad for the mother? Plenty already do im sure! Lets not blame the defense for those who want to believe shes earned a role as a victim!!!

  8. I agree with rumor mill – if every woman that ever had “uneasy feelings” or suspicions about her husbands faithfulness confronted him – there would be a lot higher divorce rate in this country than there is now. We women try to rely on our intuitions but some things are just to horrible to want to believe or accept. I cannot criticize this mother. I don’t know her personally but I know of her character. She is a bright, agreesive business woman who has a large family and is very generous. I cannot believe that she or any other mother would “know” that something was going on and not report it. According to what I have heard she attempted to investigate over the years but could never get confirmation from the boys or any thing else. She finally confirmed her worst nightmare when she walked in on the molestation in Starkville. Be easy on her.

  9. This whole ordeal is just terrible for all involved.I can sympathize with the Mother and certainly not putting blame on her. What a horrible thing to happen to your family.
    He will be tried again and hope justice will prevail. The children are the ones who will carry a heavy burden all their life. I hope and pray they can have peace of mind and find comfort to know they did nothing wrong.
    I hate it was a mistrial because now it will continue on until resolved by the court.

  10. cops having sex with kids is nothing new in warren county.

  11. Accusations and hearsay one way or the other serve no useful purpose other than to make if difficult for a fair trial.

    Keep your thoughts and suspicions to yourself until after the trial is over. Gossip is not evidence. Suspicion is not reason to damn the mother, father or children in this case.

    Let justice run its course.

  12. Who is Mike Outz? Can’t find anything on him.

  13. he did work for Fish and Game, now I believe he is working at one of the schools.

  14. I believe he did it. When accusations of molestation are brought against a Mississippi Highway Patrolman by the state of Mississippi which employs him- that has to tell you something.

  15. I think Mike Outz works across the river in Louisiana – not sure if he works for the Sherrifs Office or other law enforcement agency

  16. I think he still works for the sherrifs office.

  17. hey rumormill-got any info on what brought him to V’burg from Natchez, and where did you hear he liked young boys?

  18. After reading Rumor Mills post I was under the impression that Mike Outz faced similar charges.

  19. Vicksburg loves rumors and gossiping. Now another person is being dragged into the Court of Public opinion.

    Let this case run it’s course. In the mean time stop with the gossip.

    If you know of a crime report it.

  20. whoknows Saidv “One of the older boys made a statement that ‘daddy grabbed my butt” just so he could avoid seeing his Dad for the weekend.”
    And what this happens all the time? Is this normal? This boy sounds like he has problems. How old was the boy when he made the accusation against his real father?

  21. Wait and see what happens in the next trial. please do not blame the children. they are minors , not ADULTS.They have been through enough!!!!

  22. The boys really have been enough pain and suffering throughout their lives and this trial. Why would these boys bring themselves into the public limelight of their hometown if it was not true. You people need to wake up and smell the coffee!! These kids are telling there story and no one is listening to them. Stop getting so wrapped up in talking about Mike Outz and look at the real story. Most children who are molested don’t tell anyone because of this and these kids are extremely brave for having done what they did. Justice will be served and the truth will be revealed when this trial is heard again.

  23. Were they children when this happen the second time? How old were they when the real father was accused? Sounds odd to say the least.

  24. Yes i believe so. The real father was “accused” when the oldest boy was around 10 i think. How does that sound odd to you pseudo? This case has nothing to do with the real father its about Mr. Davenport and what he has done to the younger boys. Do you know any of the facts of this case or are you just viewing the Vicksburg Post and this message board for your information and speaking out of ignorance?

  25. Those involved know the facts truetalkbra. The father and stepfather are accused of sexual abuse. This is odd no? There is more to this case than Mr. Davenport.

  26. Sounds like pseudo was not in the court and does not know the facts. I was there and I have lived through this hell with the kids and their mother.

  27. The kid said “daddy” did this. What the family did not know was the child was calling Dane daddy.

  28. Pseudo, the only thing to this case is Mr. Davenport and what he did. The state of mississippi did an in depth investigation of him, his lifestyle, and every other aspect reguarding this case. The defense raised points, such as the accusations against the real father, to avert the publics attention from what he is on trial for. I believe if children come forth and expose a pedophile like Dane Davenport everyone should be supportive of them reguardless of thier past. You obviously are speaking from the standpoint of an outsider who only takes into consideration the details that YOU think are important. You are not thinking of the victims in any way.

  29. 10-2 vote from those who were in court. One father and one stepther accused of abuse.Hmm. The mother of the boys and brother of Dane Davenport, at separate times, supposedly both walked in on Mr. Davenport while abusing the boys. Neither called the police immediatly. Hmm. No physical evidence of abuse. This is what I’ve read in the Vicksburg Post. Are any of the above statements wrong?

  30. All of the above statements that speculate are wrong.

    What is right is to allow justice to run its course.

    If abuse has occurred, and can be proven then a molester will be put away – for life. If it cannot be proven then a family is still destroyed, a father’s reputation is destroyed and a mothers credibility is destroyed and some young boys will be branded for life.

    Enough Vicksburg, the damage is already done, quit making it worse.

    Small towns have small minds, rise above your pettiness and let justice work.

  31. These are fine, upstanding, christian young men. They have publicly humiliated themselves in order to get a child molester off the streets. We try to surround our children with people we can trust and to keep them away from strangers, only to be kicked in the gut when you find out it is a trusted family member who molested them. We think they are safe with family, baseball coaches, soccer coaches and yes, even sunday school teachers. The truth is they are not safe anywhere with anybody and it is our duty to make sure people like Dane Davenport are put away where they belong. I speak from experience. I was abused as a child by not one, but two family members. I never told my parents, because I did not want to break their hearts. I applaud these boys, their mother and their family and friends for doing what needs to be done to protect other childen.

  32. Just Sayin’ I’m with you on the course of justice. Let the real truth come out.

  33. FedUpMom, I am sorry you had that horrible experience as a youth, it takes away a lot from you, including your ability to trust freely.

    Your perspective is unique, however do you recognize how your situation may not be this situation? If so them please refrain from convicting people before they are tried.

    Those young men may be find young upstanding Christian men, some would say the same of their step-father and father. Either way this is a sad situation, please don’t make it worse, let the justice system do it’s job.

  34. It doesnt matter what kind of person the abuser is or what kind of people the victims are. The fact is this could happen to anyone’s children without them knowing. Pedophiles do not look a certain way or have a certain career they could be your next door neighbor. Pseudo, if you have kids would you want Mr. Davenport to be your next door neighbor, your babysitter, or even your little boys baseball coach?

  35. You see, you have already convicted Mr. Davenport regardless of the courts action.

    This is terrible enough, quit making it worse. Let the justice system run its course.

    • LOL….THAT’S A LAUGH! THERE IS NEVER JUSTICE IN WARREN COUNTY!!!! If you want to commit a crime and get away with it live in Warren County.

  36. truetalkbra that would depend on if he is innocent or guilty.

  37. Can someone please tell me what Mike Outz did? I never heard of him. Why would Mr. Davenport’s friendship with him matter?

  38. If you dont know that you obviously dont know anything about this case.

  39. psuedo and truetalkbra, please, give it a rest. Why would we insist on taking a bad situation and making it worse. The man you mention is not on trial, if he had done something he would be on trial. If you have evidence of wrongdoing report it to the authorities.

    It is nothing more than rumor mongering by small minded people who want to empower themselves with knowledge they have and you don’t…or so they want you to think.

    Gossip serves no one well, it could turn on you next.

    Imagine that.

  40. Just sayin your right..

  41. I was there everyday it just seems funny how a mother could just walk away from seeing it being done to her child. As Mr. Davenports lawyer said “What would a mother cub do if someone was hurting her cubs” I am sorry but I Am a mother and if someone was hurting my children I sure as heck wouldn’t just let it go on for days must least years. The mother of these children is a black belt in karate that should prove she can take on just about anyone no matter what size.

  42. There’s some misplaced anger here. The prosecution allows the mom to be put on trial (in essence) and does nothing to object or fight back? They allow the defendant to walk away from the stand after only 15 minutes of testimony? The judge lets the jury go home after only an afternoon of deliberating? Come on! Those boys went through the ordeal of testifying, and now, since the prosection couldn’t prove the case and the judge let the jury go home after such a short time deliberating, those boys get to go through it all again. Where’s the outrage at what might have been?

  43. Was there, were you listening? When the mom walked in on the abuse is when she notified the authorities. According to you, she should have responded like a mother bear. Since she responded in a rational way, you are finding her at fault! No doubt, had she responded with violence, you would have criticized that and said she should have allowed ‘justice to run its course’. Amazing, just amazing.

  44. advocate, she didn’t notify the authorities immediatly after she claimed to have walked in on them, your not telling the truth.

    saywhat?, your wrong also, the jury deliberated for hours, notified the judge they couldn’t reach a decision and then deliberated for a couple more hours. 10-2 against the young men and their poor mother, who is a black belt. Check it out online, this isn’t some poor defenseless woman. This is a woman that has accused her past two husbands of molesting her sons.

  45. it takes a lifetime to make a reputation but 2 minutes to have it destroyed . Let God and the law take care of this. It is hard on everyone.

  46. they should have payed attention to michael jackson.Thriller is a great album but you can’t touch little kids.Dane Davenport is neither Michael jacksson nor has he ever recorded an album as great as Thriller.He needs to step his game up maybe hang at The Beechwood or go to the recording studio.

  47. get a grip these are peoples lives not some song. This is a terrible situation here either way it goes everybody is hurt by mean people like you take a look at your life before you open your mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. oh and by the way the boys alwayse called him Mr. Dane never “Daddy” he was always Mr. Dane.

  49. I think its funny that some of you think that the mother who isn’t much bigger than a 12 year old could take on Mr. Davenport who is 200+ pounds even if she is a black belt. I’m sure she was in shock b/c she finally saw with her own eyes what her uneasy feeling had been. There are a lot of women out there that haven’t reported anything on their husbands when they suspect something because they LOVE their husband and don’t want to believe it and destroy what they beleive is a great happy family. You can’t walk away from a God ordained marriage because of an uneasy feeling but once you actully see it for your self you can start taking action. And that’s what this mother did.

  50. Good Lord. Stop it.

    If you are truly concerned let the courts sort it out.

    Stop with the petty gossip.

  51. you should read Ms. Business Journal pub. date Oct.17,2005 in there in her own words she stated “I really don’t perceive myself as being small” she is a 3rd degree blackbelt she won the title of state and world champion. I got my facts where is yours. I wouldn’t give a care how big he is if I saw anything I would pounce on him the addrinalin would have kicked in and oh yea have’t you heard that dynomite comes in small packages. so stop defending her she is not so innocent in this.

  52. My god people, listen to yourselves!!!!!!! Have you no compassion?? You think you would know what to do, but you don’t. If you have not been in this situation before, then you need to shut your mouth. You have absolutely no clue what you would do.

    This is exactly why I did not follow through with pressing charges against the person that molested me. When I reported the abuse, I was treated as an outcast, a trouble-maker, a liar and what was worse was hearing that I was just seeking attention and tehn sent to a shrink to be “fixed”. So in self-preservation I had to bury it and let it go. Until you have walked that dark, lonely, frightening walk yourself, you can’t say a D#%@N thing about what you would do in that situation. Stop judging other people and how they handled it. DEEPLY and SERIOUSLY reflect upon yourself and what is more important to you, your kids’ mental health, or your reputation. People talk the talk of supporting the kids if they were faced with something like this but when it comes right down to it you’re blaming these kids? It makes me sick.

    Why would anyone want to speak out when this is the kind of crap that comes from it?

    Stop speculating on something from what you read in the paper, which if you read other topics on this forum you will know the paper is biased!!

    The courts will decide and that is how it should be.

  53. Two fathers accused. Two people, the mother and brother of Mr. Davenport, witnessed the abuse a did nothing. No physical evidence. Just sounds like BS. 10 of 12 on the jury agree with me.

  54. I agree with pseudo with a doctors degree arn’t you supposed to report ANY abuse right away. She is a doctor and so is The brother to Mr. Davenport.I don’t think I would loose my liscence by not telling this is all a bunch of crap I pray that Mr. Davenport gets found not guilty and can start his life over he has other children that she has kept him from they deserve a father and god only knows wht lies she has told them .

  55. BREAKING NEWS: Mistrial declared in Davenport case

    What happen?

  56. The snake in the grass attorney tricked the child to say what was deemed inadmissible and then screamed “Mistrial!” He is slick and full of tricks and has no soul. This hired gun has made a fortune getting scumbags off and destroying abused children.

  57. intheknow. How old is this child you speak of? If he is a child now he must have been what 4 or 5 years old when this supposedly happen.”This hired gun has made a fortune getting scumbags off and destroying abused children”. Do you have information to back this claim up? If so I would like to see it.

  58. Pseudo – if you knew anything and were interested in the truth and not just creating confusion and perpetuating the spin of the defense attorney you would know that the charges in Oktibheha relate to an incident with an adolescent minor a little over a year ago. This incident exposed the whole ugly mess that had been going on for years and the mother now stopped questioning her sanity and knew for fact she was married to a pervert. She then acted responsibly and reported it to authorities. You’re an idiot that just wants to defend a pedophile and your antics perpetuate the abuse!

  59. “This incident exposed the whole ugly mess that had been going on for years,”…”you would know that the charges in Oktibheha relate to an incident with an adolescent minor a little over a year ago.”
    That is why I asked how old the kid was when this incident supposedly happen. You couldn’t answer the second question either. How did you come up with intheknow? I don’t want to defend anyone. I’m not going to convict anyone either. This man or the boys real father.

  60. ok so you think it was the lawyers fault? Well for your info the State could’nt control his witness . This is a big mess on to the next trial

  61. pseudo this adolesent was 15 when this happened ok remember when you was that age ? I knew what was right or wrong. And God knows they have are smart enough to talk

  62. oh I’m sorry I made a mistake he was 14 not 15

  63. oh I’m sorry I made a mistake he was 14 not 15

  64. 14 not 15 my mistake

  65. intheknow…”tricked the CHILD to say what was deemed inadmissible and then screamed “Mistrial!” Sounds like your trying to trick those that read this message board. It usually takes more than one instance for a judge to declare mistrail. So what is the whole story?

  66. trial

  67. It is pointless to discuss this with you. You are either ignorant as to how a child (and an adolescent is a child) thinks and acts, you are purposefully attempting to confuse and obscure the truth, or both (which I suspect is the case). Reading back over your posts you have repeatedly misrepresented the facts – the father was never accused of sexually abusing the child (not both as you state) but she prudently investigated and had professionals assess a troubling/confusing comment by a young child and was relieved that it was a misunderstanding. To state that the mother saw abuse and did nothing is a lie – you know about this and it is in the courts because the mother bravely reported the abuse she saw. There are thousands of people who go to their grave never reporting known abuse, some wait years and you will fault this mother for waiting a week to gather her wits and seek help from the proper authorities to help bring to justice one who swore to protect and serve the weak. You wouldn’t have any hesitation facing what you knew would end your marriage, rock a community and most of all expose your children to unmerciful scrutiny and attacks by the likes of you and your pedophile-protecting friends? Puhlease! They can’t win on the facts so they point fingers at the mother, purposely invite error from the witness knowing that he can trip up a child who is being raped again by a system that gives more rights to a perpetrator than the victim. $100,000 plus to a defense attorney paid by the doctor brother who is possibly next in line against a second rate AG attorney wet behind the ears can get you a “Not Guilty” verdict or a mistrial but it does not prove innocence. Travesty! And Pseudo you’re full of it and I’m done with you – go cuddle up with the perv.

    • *Intheknow
      As if…that should say enough. Id like once again to say opinions are just what they are, but should not be confused with facts. While you are upset because you feel strongly a certain way, it is sad that it is people like you that will take advantage of any opportunity to speak the way you do, putting others down, simply because they disagree, and most definitely call you out! Its a shame that you cant even simply prove a point without being able to control outbursts as perv and such! Always the ones that think they are a know-it-all, or “intheknow” should I say, end up as the ones who look foolish! Most importantly, the true heart of the matter was, and is justice. Whether belonging to Dane or these boys…While the defense attorney works for and supports Dane, does not control the world, or the people in it!!! Obviously it doesnt matter who says or does what. People will form their own opinions regardless. Its sad that you have no knowledge of anything truthful when it comes to the defense attorney. Before you claim someone is full of tricks and have no soul, you may want to actually know them personally, and not go by a few words mouth. I would assume you would not find it fair to be judged in that same light. You have no idea what this person is truly about, what they do, and who they are. Heaven forbid you or one you love ever is misread and misinterpreted, and more importantly in need in the same way! -Karmas inevitable

  68. I was there in Starkville. The Defense actor/attorney asked three questions that he knew that he could not ask. HE asked questions about Vicksburg, not Starkville on three occassions. He knew the answer from the earlier trial. He asked for a mistrial from the start. He is just sapping Dane’s family of money. There were 9 counts in Vicksburg. One was 10-2. Many were closer to conviction of the 9 counts. His days are numbered walking free and justice will be served. This happened as sure as I live and breathe. And yes, his brother is next in line to be tried on similiar charges.

  69. What did the brother do Roger? Have charges been filed? Also, I heard something about an instant message sent to a friend of the accuser. What about you Roger.

  70. Be patient, pseudo. This is far from over.

  71. Be patient about the instant message or charges filed against the brother?

  72. please give it a rest WE are not the jury or the Judge. Mr. Davenport is fighting for himself and his 3 children. Ye who has no faults throw the first stone.

    • Amen

  73. Roger Perry wrote “The Defense actor/attorney asked three questions that he knew that he could not ask.”

    What were the three questions? (specifically)


  75. Who is Mike Outz?

  76. Well, anyone keeping up with the case?

  77. Looks like the trooper has other accusers coming forward now. 2 testified today. One may have been the brother but the other accuser was someone who claims to have been molested by Davenport many years ago. It is interesting that a recent supreme court ruling has opened the door for this type of testimony to be allowed as evidence in the case of child molestation. Now – how can the defense continue to say this is all made up by the mother?

  78. “but the other accuser was someone who claims to have been molested by Davenport many years ago.”
    I heard he wasn’t very credible, not sure why he wasn’t.
    Do you know ML if he was a very good witness?

  79. I was correct, see link.

    Lead defense attorney John Zelbst cross-examined Wood about his history of mental illness, which includes numerous hospitalizations, medication for bipolar and psychotic disorders and instances of “losing touch with reality and being unable to cope.”

    Wood also testified to suffering two brain injuries that affected his memory.

    Also, later defense witnesses refuted his claims that neighborhood children played inside the Davenport house, testifying that they played basketball or volleyball outside and did not play video games.

    They also said they had never seen Wood at the house. One witness who Wood said witnessed the fondling testified that was not true.

  80. Dane Davenport IS guilty and will answer for it one day. He is a trained law enforcement officer who knows how to commit the perfect crime without getting caught. Others are coming forward, upset by the Starkville verdict and hoping to take the stand in the Vicksburg trial and help put him away where he deserves to be. If you want to know about Dane’s “dream team” look at this. This guy Zelbst gets guilty people off everyday. http://www.zelbst.com/

    • I was wondering …how is it that Zelbst gets “guilty” people off everyday? I was wondering one how does that even make sense? is this found out before or after the fact they get off?? where does it even say this??? i guess there are actually people who truly believe that anyone accused is guilty?? there is only guilty until proven guilty?!? well for that matter, i hope in pray you never are falsely accused and are in need of an attorney for your defense! what i find comical is it is true defense attorneys are hired for those guilty and innocent. Tho they choose their cases… whichever, whatever, whomever, they choose, that is their job. However, that is the same with the state and prosecution. Except theres one big difference! Prosecutors must do their job whether the defendant is guilty or not!!

  81. I find it interesting that PSEUDO (which means fake or false) is actually continuing to speak, however idiotic his/her words. Are you aware that 3 out of every five teens are now molested by someone they know before the age of 18. This is because our system does NOT protect them. The personal injury lawyer from OK is just another ambulance-chasing attorney. We all know where OJ is now. I can only pray that the “good ol boy” system of protecting those who swore to “protect and serve” will stop serving to protect pedophiles like Dane. For every underpaid, honest, law-abiding officer…and I believe most are….when someone like this “short-eyed” monster surface, they and their profession are also raped again and again….just as these poor CHILDREN are. Dane used the power of his gun and badge to itimidate and procur sex from kids.
    My question too is this: how many times has he been a volunteer for any kind of children’s activities?? At school? Church? Community? I suspect more than once. Pedophiles go where the kids go…that much is clear.
    While I understand that there are those who think this is money motivated, my research has shown me that this mother has worked hard for HER money, which she had earned long before she met this creep. Not that she really had to…apparently her father was an inventor of the styrofoam egg carton? Money is not her motive you fool.
    This poor tortured mother has done everything she can to protect her children…and if any of you would study the psychology of rape of children, you would learn that ALL child victims try to “tell” in some way…albeit a drawing, withdrawal, bedwetting, depression and YES, even uttering the words: “Daddy touched my butt.” I feel certain the other father was investigated, NOT ACCUSED, because something was going on…and this child was trying to express himself without having to really voice the real truth about the REAL molester. As a cop, I can promise you that Dane used his authority to threaten those kids in some way into not telling. Anything to get attention first to their pain…then the child-hope of some adult caring enough to ask and listen to the truth.
    If you don’t believe in statistics and the strength of an innocent child’s word, then why don’t you send your children or child relatives over to stay with Dane Davenport PSEUDO. Leave them there a few weeks when he thinks things have cooled off. With a hidden videocamera.
    Then gather up his court-singing, Bible thumping fanatical followers and all of you watch those videos.
    I can assure you what you will see.
    Shame on Mississippi.
    And if Tennessee hires back Officer Ronnie Shirley, they too, are being negligent in the worst way. Shirley was caught in several scandals…the latest being that in which he conducted 182 improper background cks on TN residents, over which 3/4s were WOMEN. He looked up their license records (no, not after traffic stops). Their pictures. Their home addresses. Their telephone numbers. All women and people who were not suspected of ANY wrongdoing. It is creepy and smacks again, of intimidation.
    It is time to start believing our abused women and children….they have NO desire to be raped again and again in the justice system…and by so many.
    I, personally, hope Dane gets to go into a house where he can have all the sex he wants creeps just like him.
    I did my homework. Do yours.

    • Too bad this attorney is not just an ambulance chasing attorney!! This attorney is hard for anyone to hire because he has more than enough trials. If you “did your homework” you would know the most notorious trial defense attorney said if he had to hire an attorney for his defense this personal injury ambulance chasing attorney from OK is who hed hire as his lawyer!

  82. “Are you aware that 3 out of every five teens are now molested by someone they know before the age of 18.”
    WOW, over half of the teens in this country are molested and by someone they know. Where did you get that BS?
    “my research has shown me that this mother has worked hard for HER money, which she had earned long before she met this creep.” MORE BS. “In 1996, a year after marrying Dane Davenport, a Mississippi state trooper with three young sons, she founded Good Samaritan Physical Therapy Inc. (GSPT), a comprehensive therapy company.” She then got her clinical doctorate degree, after she founded Good Samaritan. Sure she worked hard for it, but didn’t have before her marriage.
    “Dane used the power of his gun and badge to itimidate and procur sex from kids.” If you have proof of this let us all know, and why weren’t you on the stand?

    “As a cop,” Please…BS.

  83. “This guy Zelbst gets guilty people off everyday.” I didn’t see the tab to click that said guilty go free thanks to us.

  84. Psuedo, you aren’t interested in the truth. You have your head stuck so far up the perv’s butt that you can’t see daylight.

  85. real nice seeker, classy.

  86. I know the younger of the two boys on a extremely personal level. No one puts and gun to their head without something triggering it. Dane Davenport is a molester that will always be out in the world looking for other children’s lives to ruin.

    • I have read all your comments. Most of you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Most of you are making accusations about rumors rather than facts. I sat thru all 4 previous trials. I have seen all the evidence and made my own mind up about his innocence. Mr. Davenport is Innocent. You are Innocent until proven guilty in this nation. The State has NEVER been able to prove his guilt, therefore he is INNOCENT!

      I feel that the state is now wasting our tax dollars by going forward with a 5th Trial. The AG’s office has NEVER been able to prove guilt on ANY of the charges. So why is the AG’s office going forward with a 3rd trial here in Warren County? I feel that in part it has something to do with the special relationship that the mother has with one of the investigator for the AG’s office. He is the one that helped her hideout from being subpeonaed in the last trial. Although she did have the Circuit Clerk texting her from the courtroom all throughtout the trial letting her know all the details about what was going on during the trial.

  87. I have read all your comments. Most of you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Most of you are making accusations about rumors rather than facts. I sat thru all 4 previous trials. I have seen all the evidence and made my own mind up about his innocence. Mr. Davenport is Innocent. You are Innocent until proven guilty in this nation. The State has NEVER been able to prove his guilt, therefore he is INNOCENT!

    I feel that the state is now wasting our tax dollars by going forward with a 5th Trial. The AG’s office has NEVER been able to prove guilt on ANY of the charges. So why is the AG’s office going forward with a 3rd trial here in Warren County? I feel that in part it has something to do with the special relationship that the mother has with one of the investigator for the AG’s office. He is the one that helped her hideout from being subpeonaed in the last trial. Although she did have the Circuit Clerk texting her from the courtroom all throughtout the trial letting her know all the details about what was going on during the trial.

  88. I’m going to leave a comment here for all these people who never got the full story. This is Andrew Thomas Prudhomme. And in 17 days I turn 22 I live by myself and go to college at Msu and even 7 years later this still haunts me. I come here to read the comments of positive reinforcement for my family and I but yet there are these hateful people saying things that should be quiet. Were you there? Did you have a man’s penis penetrate your rectum when you were 9 years old? Did you have to come home from school HOPING you could leave and go to a friends house so that you didn’t have to see the man who would do horrific things to you every night before you went to sleep? Maybe some of you did. But I doubt the ones who did are saying these things. And I don’t hate you for it but I’d like to educate you, this man would is sick in the head. If you have kids STAY AWAY FROM HIM. If you think my mother is the issue and that she lied about these things or that we did?! I will say a prayer for you because you’re just as sick as that man is. Because these things DID HAPPEN TO ME !! I’m a grown man telling you this , I have been diagnosed with major depression , severe anxiety, and PTSD because of the things this man did to me when I was a child. I still deal with it everyday. EVERYDAY, yes I have issues and big ones at that people tell me I’m crazy and that I have anger problems or I get too emotional and its because of how he has scarred my life my self esteem and my personality. I just want to let any parents who have had their kids around him. Please please please don’t let them around him anymore. He will not hesitate to find a way to get to be alone with them and do the exact same thing.

  89. And if you would like to contact me personally with any questions I will gladly exchange telephone numbers and give you occurences in detail so that you all know the truth!!! He is a sick person that has done sick things to ALOT more people than you think!

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