Your tax dollars for charity?

Charlie Mitchell’s column in the Monday Vicksburg Post was revealing insight into a practice that has been questioned in this blog before – that of the Board of Supervisors giving our tax dollars to charities of their choice. This year they will “give” $613,700, next year $603,700. Recipients include Red Cross, Haven House, The Initiative, and the Vicksburg Warren Humane Society. The article was unclear as whether the board was giving VWHS a donation in addition to the $125,000 “contract” to handle vicious animals and the $100,000 given in the past to aid in VWHS’ shelter building fund. The board might have given the people a tax-decrease instead of a tax-increase if they had avoided making these donations, though that statement assumes that monies would not have to be spent to replace the functions of the donees (animal control, battered women shelter, etc.). How do you feel about your tax dollars being given to charities?

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  1. That is a lot of money considering the Humane Society only picks up vicious dogs so I was told. less than 10 a month.
    I am not opposed to helping any of the above, but that is excessive..

  2. As long as it is going to those charities, I don’t have a problem with it. I am glad they are donating to those charities because unfortunately there is not a lot of individual people donating any more. Without those charities, we would be in a world of hurt around here.

    As for the large amount of money? Well, I am not going to really complain, yes it is a lot of money but it is for a worthy cause and the helps us, the tax payers if we need them. To ensure that they will be around if we need them, then I am ok with it.

  3. They are buying votes with our money.

    Reduce our tax burden, provide services to city residents and combine services with the city.

  4. Just sayin I would certainly be cost effective.

  5. These are the same “good ole boys” that the public keeps voting in, so I’m assuming the general population doesn’t care what they do with our tax money and they don’t care if they raise our taxes.

    I support charities of my choice. I don’t appreciate that the Supervisors turn around and raise my taxes, soon after they are elected I might add, so they can give more of my money to “their” choices. If they want to support these charities, take it out of their own wallets like the rest of us do. I don’t mind a reasonable figure, but just shy of $614,000. is bit much.

  6. Fed up, Good response. I hope everyone will remember this come next election . The good ole boys need to go…

  7. Tax money should not be given to charities. We can support charities of our choice. I don’t like the fact that the Supervisors can raise my taxes, so they can give money to the charities of their choice .

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