What do Vicksburg Gas and Entergy have in common?

Answer: The cost of natural gas significantly affects the amount of your bill each month. And since the cost of natural gas has plummeted to roughly HALF what it cost at its peak a few months ago, your monthly bill should see a SIGNIFICANT decrease. Will it happen? What’s your opinion?

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  1. Will the city gas costs decrease? I doubt it because the city doesn’t buy gas on an “as-you-use-it” basis. They have to commit to large purchases a few times a year. We could be locked in at a higher rate. As far as Entergy goes, my “fuel surcharge” was almost as much as my usage total.

  2. yep, mine too.

    What do Vicksburg Gas and Entergy have in common?
    They both rape the public.

    It’s a conspiracy! 🙂

  3. No, because the City of Vicksburg is not interested in affordable living in Vicksburg. No matter what the Administration says, they do make a profit in their utilities. This is where the $3 million came from in the city’s 2009 budget. Mr. Kilroy, you are right about no significant reduction in your bill but wrong about how the city purchases natural gas. They use to purchase natural gas twice a year (August and February) when prices are at their lowest. Now, the Administration purchases natural gas monthly because they do not have the cash reserve to purchase in bulk for future delivery. This also explains, why we had the consecutive increases in gas prices the previous months.

  4. News broke today that Entergy is going to face an investigation from the AG’s office

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