Sarah Palin: Rockstar?

Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin delivered a superb speech Wednesday night, highlighting her accomplishments and record versus those of Barack Obama, and generally attacking the Democrats on several issues. What was your impression of her?

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  1. For those that missed her speech, here is a link where you can read what she said:

    I like her. She is an everyday woman and I feel that she really knows what everyday citizens want.

  2. I like her! She is tough enough to lead this country should anything happen to McCain. She doesn’t double talk. She says exactly what she thinks…very rare in politics these days. I would like to see more concern for the environment from her, but with the shape this country is in, we have larger problems that are more pressing right now.

    I don’t think she can be intimidated which many politicians try to do and neither she nor McCain are interested in the Washington “elite” parties which I thought was a great plus. That means they won’t play the “good buddy” game and for that, I am grateful. We have too much of that in Warren County!

    So there.

  4. i dont think shes a rockstar because that would require the talent to actually play something exceptionally. Actress may be the more appropriate word here. I dont really care for her but I respect her accomplishments.

  5. Would you rather Obama and Biden, smokepotworshipsatan?

  6. Last night, a political savior may have arrived. Read a good article about her here:

  7. Awesome speech. Media liberals are running around trying to figure out how to get rid of her because she is shaking up their world. She won’t play their games. I love it.

  8. In the past few months, can’t remember exactly when, I was walking through the kitchen and heard a female voice testifying on TV. . .seems like a governor’s meeting or perhaps before Congress. .. the voice and information were compelling enough that I stopped in my tracks and listened to her speak on energy. It was Gov. Sarah Palin. .. I was impressed then, and am more impressed today.

  9. i cant post as smokepotworshipsatan anymore because it was offensive and i dont really care. whoever sent the emails to Vicksburg Speaks needs to make themselves known. that was weak. your a coward. your going to hell.

    I dont support Obama or McCain. They are both scum and i think the government needs a reform because it isnt working from what i can tell.

  10. im an anarchist at heart.

  11. What emails and what are you talking about, crack fight??

  12. the ones where someone was offended by my previous user name. real weak.

  13. I dont think I could muster an ounce of support for Palin after the disturbing video i saw today.

    I am pro all life, not just unborn fetuses. I don’t understand people who say they are pro-life, but then support unnecessary wars and the disgusting slaughter of animals for sport. I respect people’s freedom of religion, but I absolutely abhor hypocrites. Which brings me to this horrific video of cowardly bastards in airplanes, shooting wolves for so-called ‘sport,’ and the hypocritical politician [referring to Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin] [she’s supposed to be pro-life, remember], who allows this cowardly act to take place in her state.

    “I know lots of people who hunt, and I enjoy shooting at my local gun range, but I don’t know, nor would I want to know, anyone who gets pleasure from this disgraceful behaviour. God/nature has created a beautiful earth, and populated it with beautiful creatures, and I believe that all life is miraculous.
    Why do politicians [royals included] enjoy killing so much, and treating those miracles with such contempt?”

    double standards are a mofo my friends.

  14. am i allowed to post anything with profanity in it here? I wrote an email to a freind earlier and id like to share it with you all. Its a few creative swear words to stress my point but its not anything thats overly offensive or that adults shouldnt be able to handle.

    Its in regards to Palins speech.

  15. Communist News Net work aka CNN is working hard to dig up some good dirt on Palin. Campbell Brown and CNN are presenting the most biased news I have ever watched.

  16. She is a breath of fresh air, and she has a lot to like: pro-life, pro-hunting, pro-gun, pro-balanced budget, the trouble is we are not voting for her as the top of the ticket and McCain is suspect on most of those issues.

  17. Awesome J I am confused. You just compared a human life to a wild animal. Are you saying that a human life is equal to a wild animals?

    Putting aside the issue of that type of hunting, what kind of logic would think that abortion rights are equal to animal rights?

    You said you abhor hypocrites then made one of the most hypocritical statement I have ever seen.


  18. i dont know, i just think wolves are awesome. It seems my best bet is just to keep my opions to myself and conform to what the rest of the crowd thinks. AMERICA!

  19. Lets all vote for the prom queen.

  20. Speaking on news biases lump in MSNBC and leftie talk show host Ed Schultz as well. Beware where you throw your stones. There’s a double standard at work and that needs to be erased permently. By the way Drudge Report caught Oprey Winfrey over the Palin issue. She tried deny that Palin wasn’t schelduled but her staff wanted her and not to mention email requests. The story is circulating crazy around the net and Opray who is an Obama supporter is going to feel a backlash against the media which has already started. What happens when celebritiies to mornonic things like this? Thier fanbase turns on them. That’s reality of it.

  21. Awesome J you are welcome to your opinions. Why won’t you back them up?

    Posting inflammatory items and them avoiding a discussion to support them is a rather tired tactic don’t you think?

    Address the issue. Why do you think animal rights are equal to human rights?

  22. Awesome Jay aka crack smoking worship satan and another name he created are all the smae person. Enough said.

  23. i think she’s great, a breath of freah air, in a cigar filled back room deal making government

  24. i said they were all me. I was asked to change my name so as not to offend bible thumpers and flaghumpers. i did to be a nice guy. Nuff said.

  25. So what if she hunts animals.It helps keep the animal population from overbreeding and starving to death from scarce food supplies.That’s why the state regulates hunting,to keep a balance between the number of animals and the availability of foodstuffs for their survival.Vote for obama and he will probably want to take your guns or make you register them so he can take them in the future.Palin’s wasilla church has a website.At least she believes in God which is more than some of those two faced politicians do,(except at election time,sigh)

  26. i hunt too but not wolves you dumb hick.

  27. 1st debate on friday the 26th,
    starksville,mississippi should be great,
    anyone know where the VP debate is gonna be held?
    awesome J you could always use %#*&^% gets the point across…

  28. in that case %#*&%

  29. Awesome J, why do you think animal rights are equal to human rights?

  30. I think Mcain just picked her just because her daughter was pregnant just for the publicity. Though some negative, it states a strong woman to stand and admit her teenage daughter is pregnant and not married. Even though it states a strong woman it is not a good example for one of our leader’s daughter to be promoting teen pregnancy. I could care less who win the presidency because if there is anyway the Republicans can steal it they will! I work hard to provide for my chi;dren and I have a eighteen year old daughter that I preach to constantly about sex and now to have a woman standing proud on television promoting her seveenteen year old daughter pregnancy is not the latest trend of fashion and people will forget in the next trend. (but of course that’s the reason he chose her)

  31. She is not promoting her daughter being pregnant. She said some joys brings challenges. speaking about her daughter. I think as a mother she will stand by her daughter through this time and has accepted it.

    Your statement “I think Mcain just picked her just because her daughter was pregnant just for the publicity.

    Is the lamest thing I have heard in a very long time.

  32. As far as I’m Concerned,McCain did a smart strategic move. Senator Obama had his chance with Senator Clinton and Barack blew it. History was made thise past two weeks.

  33. here’s a strong woman…(hockey mom)
    her daugter’s boyfriend/fiancee was standing right beside her daughter…
    now that’s an example vicksburg could and should follow… with all the pregnancy here and where’s the dads of these babies and support financial and otherwise for them.
    no where does SP promote teeage pregnancy but rather, parental responsibilty… that’s both parents of the child being equally and fully committed and responsible…
    if you’re old enough to play you’re old enough to pay, not just financially but in all ways…

  34. should be a great tv interview…
    why wouldn’t, Mississippi Queen ‘O’ want her on?,

  35. Queen O has chosen Obamam for her leader. She says or I have read that she will have Palin on after the election.
    I agree with you Mark n adino.. well said..!!

  36. Right again Chuck…..

  37. On the way home today i saw a small racoon in the middle of washington street during the rain. the little fella had been run over and it appeared that he was struggling and confused trying to make his way to safety. I stopped my car and got out to help the creature. I took a trash can off the side of the street and scooped him up out of the busy rush hour traffic and carried him across the street to a weeded hillside. I sat with him and looked into his eyes for a few minutes and prayed that he would be able to limp away back into the woods down the hill by the railroad. His leg was obviously broken and i could sense that he was in a great amount of pain. I walked to the front door of the house id taken the can from to let them know what i had done but it appeared as though no one was currently living in this house. I went to cut my car off and walked back to the tiny animal in the can. When i leaned back down i noticed him writhing in agony and clawing at his broken and twisted leg. I saw him spit out blood. It made me think of my Grandmother and how i hope that she doesnt die in pain. I thought about how when she dies i will almost certainly be by her side or be the one to find her dead. The rain was pouring down over my body and wetting me through my clothing. I stared at the creature for a few more minutes hoping he would quickly take his final breath. He began to spit out bile and his eyes were changing for death. I felt terrible knowing what had to be done. He was in serious pain dying a slow and miserable death. I walked over behind a building and picked up a large 2X4 board and walked back to him slowly. I prayed that i would be able to end his life in one fail swioop. I hesitated but then i lifted the board over my head and quickly prayed again to end his life all at once. I swung as hard as i could and i felt his warm blood spray across my face. When i opened my eyes i looked over him and observed his body flopping in agony at my feet. I swung the board again at his skull with all my might and i felt his blood spew across the hairs on my legs. I swung over and again a dozen or more times until i saw his tiny skull crushed as flat as a sheet of notebook paper and his eyes pop up out of his head like a crawfish. I paused and felt the rain fall over my head and face and I was all anger. Angry that I had to be the one to destroy him. Angry that I myself may one day die in such pain or have to be killed in an act of mercy. Angry because i couldnt decide if i had done a good thing or a bad thing. I felt my throat tighten and swallowed the lump of sadness down as I shrugged away the feeling that i might tear up. I looked at his smashed carcass for another minute and rolled him off the hill down into some bushes. I threw the board as hard as i could over the side of the kudzu and turned my head up to the sky. I looked up to the heavens and imagined the beauty of life and death. I would have done the same to any other human or animal that was suffering and had no chance to live.

    I have nothing to explain. I dont feel like animals deserve more rights than humans but i dont feel as if they deserve any worse treatment because they are animals.

    thats just who i am.

  38. McCain and Palin can not come close to Obama in delivering a speech not to mention writing one. They are only actors, saying and doing what they are told. Obama makes the final decisions in his campaign and he writes his own speeches (no acting). Also, everything Palin stand for is a contradiction to what she is saying: from no ear-marks, to no lobbyist control, to energy independence, to cutting taxes just one contradiction after another. Can we just be truthful about politics and politicians for ounce or must we all become lairs like Bush and Chaney?

  39. she just seems like strategy to get McCain in office. McCain and Obama both deter me from voting this one but a vote for Ron Paul would be a waste.

  40. Awsome, I’ve had similar experiences with wild animals, and it hurts to the core. I’m afraid I have more sympathy for animals than I do for people, primarily because people can take care of themselves, whilst animals are at the mercy of sometimes-cruel people. You did the right thing with the raccoon, however much pain it caused you. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  41. Nice story Awesome J.

    So why do you think animals have the same rights as humans?

    You were the one who made the comparison of abortion to animal rights. Defend it.

  42. We have wildlife rescuers here in Vicksburg. So if anyone needs to call them I am sure the moderator will give the info..There are people who care abnout animals.. here in vicksburg..

  43. Animals dont have the same rights as humans. i never said they did. All i had to say was that someone is pro life for unborn fetuses but throws our brothers and sisters into unecessary wars and then to top it off allows the slaughter of wolves in her state for sport. Then i said im not against hunting for a means to provide a resource of food. I seriously doubt they eat wolf steak in Alaska but I could be wrong. Since you seem to know everything maybe you can explain that one because the video i saw the men were in helipcoters flying over the forrest and shooting wolves. To my knowledge these men were not prosecuted and they were laughing like they were high on rock.

  44. That’s good question. But it was the Drudge Report that forced Opray Winfrey to respond. Already a group of Republican Woman in Orlando,Florida,and thier Oprah Viewers have started a boycott. Thier members have canceled O magazine. They’ve network across the country too. Smart move.
    Oprah has put herself in embarrassing corner I might add. Her producer donated money to the Obama campaign.

  45. “On September 5, 2008 at 5:01 pm Awesome J said: I am pro all life, not just unborn fetuses. I don’t understand people who say they are pro-life, but then support unnecessary wars and the disgusting slaughter of animals for sport. I respect people’s freedom of religion, but I absolutely abhor hypocrites.”

    A hypocrite is one who says one thing but practices the opposite. The hypocrite statement above implies that one who is pro-life must be pro animal rights, by your assessment.

    “On September 10, 2008 at 6:28 pm Awesome J Said:

    Animals dont have the same rights as humans. i never said they did.”

    No, you didn’t use those exact words, you implied that thought and reinforced it by calling her a hypocrite.

  46. the statement implies nothing. Let me imply something. By the way your stalking out my posts and trying to find contradictions to discredit me I have implied that you are in fact a dork with nothing better to do than chase me around.

    just sayin tho.

  47. You’re the one that made insane statements and then couldn’t back em up. Don’t make stupid statements and you won’t be hung out like the village idiot.

  48. Im also the one who your daughters go wild for when i rub her legs with my dirty greasy hands. Your just an old chump with nothing better to do than try to argue somebody down on the internet. I think its great that i get you all worked up like this is some kinda sport. competitive debating of personal beliefs!

    seriously though. talk is cheap via the internet. call me an idiot to my face. im not hard to find. just look in the places where the 20 something female members of your family hang out. Im the one there who doesnt care what you think.

  49. LOL

    Internet tough guy.

  50. Lol. dude. lol.

  51. JS you make A-J sound like the intelligent one in this argument. You sound like a total ASS in this argument JS.

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